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13 Best Crab Pokemon That Exist in Pokemon History 

Pokemon consists of a variety of different creatures, each with unique appearances and abilities. Among them, there are some particularly special or interesting Pokemon, especially the “crab” category. A comprehensive list of the best crab Pokemon out there can help any trainer decide if they want to add one to their team.

This article examines 13 of the most powerful and popular crab Pokemon throughout the entire series, as well as their capabilities and use in battle situations.

Read on to learn more about each of these amazing creatures and make an informed decision as to which ones will be part of your ultimate squad. With this list, you’ll soon be crushing your opponents’ teams with confidence:


13. Crawdaunt


Crawdaunt is one of the more interesting Pokemon creatures. It has an intimidating stature, a powerful set of claws, and an aggressive outlook on life. From its vibrant blue colouring and muscular design, it’s clear that Crawdaunt means business.

It’s Water/Dark typing is an effective offensive combination to take down foes. This makes Crawdaunt effectively useful in the water as well as on land.

One of Crawdaunt’s most unique qualities is its ability to adapt quickly and can create strategies for whatever situation arises. With this Pokemon, you’ll never worry about finding yourself in a surprise battle – because Crawdaunt can handle anything that comes its the way.

12. Kabuto


Kabuto is an incredibly unique Pokemon that deserves its own special recognition. This ancient creature, introduced in Generation I of the Pokemon series, is a rock/water type that has an incredible shell with a distinctive fossilized spiral design.

Not only is Kabuto’s design impressive, but its backstory is also incredibly interesting. A petrified creature found inside the Dome Fossil and then restored in the Cinnabar Lab through science, Kabuto was brought back to life and able to eventually be obtained by a collector or trainer.

With abilities like Weak Armor and Swift Swim, Kabuto was definitely powerful for its time in spite of its frailty. It’s also notable for being able to Mega Evolve into a more powerful form in later generations.

11. Clauncher


Clauncher is one of the most interesting and underrated Crab Pokemon around. This resilient water-type Pokemon has a powerful claw able to outmatch some of the toughest opponents with its signature attack, Sharpedodo Cannon.

With its excellent adaptability, Clauncher can switch fluidly between defensive and offensive strategies – making this Pokemon an essential part of any trainer’s arsenal.

It also has exclusive “Water Compaction” moves designed exclusively for this Pokémon, and it allows it to take hits better than many other water-type Pokemon and gives them more accuracy when attacking. While Clauncher may look intimidating, she actually has quite a meek personality.

10. Corphish


Corphish is a crab-like Water pokemon that evolves into Crawdaunt and is first discovered during the Hoenn region. Known for its unique physique, Corphish has a red body with white spots along the back and large blue pincers, which it uses to defend itself from predators in aquatic environments.

It is normally found living in warm oceans and lakes, although it can survive anywhere with enough water. Despite its small size, Corphish possesses incredible strength – enough to enable it to pull oversized objects out of water.

Training this powerful Pokemon can be difficult and often require patients as they become agitated easily and sometimes disobey commands. Its natural abilities in battle make Corphish a formidable opponent, both on land and at sea, able to Skitter across any terrain while using its Water-type attacks effectively.

9. Kingler


When it comes to water Pokémon, Kingler is the king of them all. This hulking crab pokemon towers above its peers with a giant claw that it uses to snatch prey from the sea. The Kinglier’s large size and incredible strength make it an impressive force on land as well as in the ocean.

Not only can they crush and pierce objects with ease, but they are also incredibly agile and quick. Their hard outer shell not only serves as protection but also helps them retain moisture.

As a result, this powerful Pokemon is able to stay underwater for long periods of time to search for food or perform other tasks. With razor-sharp claws and strong defence mechanisms, Kingler is one of the most fearsome creatures around.

8. Clawitzer


Crab Pokemon “Clawitzer” is a Water-type Pocket Monster from the Kalos region of the Pokemon universe. It’s a large hermit crab-looking creature with two large claws, blue eyes, and whisker-like appendages on its face. Clawitzer has incredible offensive capabilities, being able to deal huge amounts of damage due to its unique ability Mega Launcher.

This ability increases the power of Clawitzer’s water-type moves, allowing it to take down its opponents with ease. Excellent defences and good support stats like Speed and Special Defense, coupled with its devastating attacks, make Clawitzer a formidable opponent in battle.

However, its low endurance could leave it vulnerable if an opponent gets multiple rounds off before being defeated; as such, players should focus on quick strikes with its water-type moves to take down their opponents.

7. Crabominable


Crabominable, one of the most recognizable Pokemon from the Alola region, is an Ice/Fighting-type Pokemon. This crustacean has a fierce-looking visage; its body is covered in icy armour with two giant pincers, and its face consists of an extremely powerful horn-like snout.

However, Crabominable’s intimidating features only serve to hide its true demeanour – beneath this brutally-looking exterior lies a heart of gold and an unswerving dedication to helping others.

In addition to using its powerful claws and icy armour to fight off foes, Crabominable is also capable of using its signature move, Icy Snow, which can instantly freeze an opponent or slow them down if they get too close.

Furthermore, because it’s often found in cold environments around mountains during wintertime, it has gained immense popularity among avid outdoors Pokemon trainers.

6. Dwebble


Dwebble is a small, crustacean Pokemon that is primarily orange and red in colour. It has two claws and two antennae, along with two black eyes. Dwebble lives in the crevices of rocks and boulders in seashores or mountain trails in all regions of the world. 

With its sharp claws, it can easily carve holes into boulders and make them it’s home. It also enjoys eating moss, lichen and other plants that cling to rocks.

If a person finds one of these Pokemon in their backyard, they may need to take extra precautions to keep it safe – because although Dwebble is considered docile by nature, they can become aggressive if provoked.

In the battle against other Pokemon, Dwebble relies on their hard shells to protect them from attacks. They are also capable of using powerful moves like X-Scissor Attack, which can easily decimate opponents.

5. Crabrawler


Crabrawler is a Crab Pokemon that first appeared in Generation 7 and is notable for its hard shell and strong pincers. It lives in berry trees, and as it spots an intruder or any form of danger, it defends itself by swinging its arm claws fiercely.

In the Alola region, Crabrawler makes its nest at the base of berry trees and is known to thrive based on the number of berries human inhabitants pick from these trees.

What’s more, this Pokemon evolves into a huge white-armoured creature called  Makuhita – hinting at a much more powerful transformation in store. A Crabrawler can be summoned in battle through various techniques, which can be learned as one progresses further in their Pokedex journeys.

4. Krabby


Krabby is a crustacean-like water-type Pokemon with pincers as powerful as steel. It lives in the sea, where it digs holes in the ocean floor to build its nests.

While it may look harmless and cute, Krabby can be very dangerous in battle. Its pincers have enough strength to shatter boulders, making them formidable weapons for opponents. Furthermore, Krabby has several abilities that make it quite powerful in the water.

These include Hyper Cutter, an ability which negates all power-reducing effects from opposing attacks; Shell Armor, an ability that nullifies critical hits inflicted by opponents; and Sheer Force which boosts the power of moves with extra effects when used together with other damaging moves.

3. Crustle


Crustle, a Pokemon which looks like a big crab, has been gaining immense popularity lately. This interesting bug-type Pokemon is native to Unova and excels at Defense thanks to its thick shell. With powerful moves such as X-Scissor and Rock Slide, Trainers can make the most of this armoured crustacean.

What sets Crustle apart from other Pokemon is its signature move: Shell Smash! This attack not only boosts all the stats of Crustle but also increases its incredible Speed stat.

The goal is to use Shell Smash and then follow it up with fast, powerful attacks while hoping that opposing Trainers cannot mount a good enough retaliation before your own defences have crumbled.

2. Paras


Paras is one of the original 151 Pokemon, a member of the Bug and Grass type from the Kanto region. It has a crab-like appearance, with two large pincers and fungi growing on its back. This fascinating creature can be encountered in various locations, including tall grass and caves.

In fact, Paras can learn a variety of moves like Scratch, Fury Swipes, and Spore that are useful in battle or exploration.

Additionally, Paras boasts great defensive capabilities too; not only does it keep its opponent at bay with effective use of barriers like Harden or Leech Life, but it also possesses the unique ability to evolve into Parasect–a much more powerful form boasting superior strength and higher HP.

1. Parasect


This Bug/Grass type pocket monster is one of the most versatile grass types available, with an impressive deep move set and a wide range of attacking capabilities.

Due to its easily-activated ability for Dry Skin, it also fills a defensive plasticity niche as well. Its low HP makes up for its second ability: Effect Spore, which gives Parasect access to paralysis and toxic statuses that can put opponents on the slow burn or fast-track them out of battle.

All in all, Parasect is a deceptively strong creature accessible to most players thanks to its abundance of wild encounters – making it an ideal candidate for any strategic team.


After much deliberation, the conclusion of this article arrives. From classic favourites to unseen legends, the 13 crab Pokemon featured here demonstrate why these crustaceans remain a pop culture staple in the world of pocket monsters.

From sharp claws and powerful moveset to creative designs and scales only found amongst these aquatic creatures, each of them brings something unique to their teams.

Whether you’re adventuring across the Kanto Region on your Pokemon journey or are looking for a companion for your real-life aquarium – one of these fantastic water-type creatures is bound to be right up your alley. With so many powerful crab Pokemon available today, everyone can have their own “king” of the sea.


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