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13 Best Card Game Anime Series Ever: You’ll Learn the Master Tricks

Anime series based on card games have been around for quite some time, and for a good reason. Much like their real-life counterparts, these shows bring a thrilling atmosphere of strategy and competition that are sure to get any viewers heart racing. 

If you’re looking for a great selection of the best anime series based on card games to binge-watch, look no further than this ultimate guide! The 13 best card game anime series of all time are sure to provide endless entertainment and suspense. 

From trading cards with mystical powers to using luck and logic in battles, each anime offers its own unique take on the genre, so viewers can settle in for hours of captivating gameplay action. So grab your deck, shuffle your cards, and discover what made these anime titles stand out above the rest:


13. Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island

Hunter x Hunter_ Greed Island

Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island is an incredibly popular card game anime series. It follows all the beloved characters from the original manga, plus it adds some exciting new gameplay that gives an interesting twist to the story. 

The characters explore an in-game virtual reality world filled with monsters and non-player characters, which can all be fought using a variety of playing cards called Greed Island Cards. Every card contains unique abilities or items that can be used to progress through the levels. 

With its jaw-dropping visuals and compelling plotline, Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island keeps viewers engaged throughout every one of its episodes. It’sIt’s no wonder why many fans consider the show to be a must-watch anime series.

12. Weiss Survive

Weiss Survive

Weiss Survive is an entertaining card game and anime series that is perfect for any fan of the genre. Based on the popular card battle anime franchise, Weiss Survive follows hotshot player Max as he embarks on a journey to become the very best. 

With every opponent, Max gradually studies each character’s every tactic, and soon enough, he starts to piece together how these strategies work to become unbeatable. In this series, battles often shift in their favor due to clever maneuvering and skillful use of cards. 

As such, Weiss Survive offers plenty of opportunities for strategy and planning. Every episode is filled with exciting matches and thrilling showdowns that constantly keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

11. Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is an anime series based on the manga of the same name by CLAMP. The story follows Sakura Kinomoto, a young girl who discovers that she has magical powers and must use them to collect mysterious cards known as Clow Cards. 

The series features memorable characters and an engaging storyline, making it one of the most popular magical girl anime series of all time. Cardcaptor Sakura has inspired cosplay, fanart, and a number of official video games and movies. 

It also has a very large online presence – with various websites offering detailed episode guides as well as game reviews, artwork, merchandise, and discussions about the series.

10. Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is an exciting card game anime series that captures the imaginations of viewers everywhere. It features dynamic battles between powerful monsters, fast-paced duels, and fun characters with interesting development arcs. 

The plot centers around Dan Kuso and his friends as they attempt to become the greatest Bakugan brawlers in the universe. Unlike traditional card games, Bakugan challenges players to use strategy and tactical thinking to create a superior battling force on their journey through strategic dimensions. 

Fans of this battle anime love its constant twists and surprises—challenging even veteran players from all over the world. As an incentive for beginner players to get started, there are websites that provide tips and resources for participants to master the gameplay mechanics quickly and join in on the thrilling action.

9. Selector Infected WIXOSS

Selector Infected WIXOSS

Selector Infected WIXOSS is a popular Japanese card game anime series. It follows the lives of teen girls as they play the card game WIXOSS, an intricate and magical battle of fate and will. 

The main character, Ruko Kominato, discovers that she has been chosen to be a Selector – players in the game who must use their destiny cards to fight with one another for powerful wishes. 

As she delves deeper into the rules of the game, Ruko soon discovers that there are dark secrets hidden within this unusual card game, secrets which promise incredible rewards but also threaten to bring disaster if they are not discovered. 

With her friends by her side, Ruko must go on an epic adventure filled with mystery and intrigue while finding out who is trying to manipulate them all. 

With its thrilling battles, magical artifacts, and intricate backstories, Selector Infected WIXOSS offers viewers a truly enthralling experience that blends suspenseful story elements with exciting fight sequences.

8. Battle Spirits

Battle Spirits

Battle Spirits is a card game anime series that has continuously been popular since it first aired in 2009. The show follows Shunta, a young boy who goes on an epic journey to collect special battle stones that are essential to becoming a spiritual warrior. 

Along with his friends, he will battle against villains and monsters while learning the importance of friendship and courage. Many children enjoy learning to play this card game and following along on Shunta’s journey of discovery. 

With its exciting battles, talented characters, and profound themes, Battle Spirits is an anime series that stands out from the rest. It’s easy-to-follow rules make it enjoyable for gamers of all ages! Battle Spirits offers countless possibilities to create unique strategies depending on your playing style—from defensive tactics to powerful summons.

7. Yu-Gi-Oh!


Yu-Gi-Oh! is an incredibly popular card game anime series that has been running for decades. With intense plotlines, a huge cast of characters, and flashy dueling scenes between protagonists and antagonists, Yu-Gi-Oh!” has built up a loyal fan base spanning generations. 

Duels take center stage in the plot — the winner of these epic showdowns gains various powers and benefits while the loser meets grisly ends. 

Duelists battle with cards that possess magical abilities derived from ancient Egyptian lore, adding to the mysterious charm of this card game anime universe. Today, there’s never been more ways to get into Yugioh! Such as through manga, video games, and card games.

6. Chihayafuru


The Anime series “Chihayafuru” is an exceptional, captivating story that has all the right elements to become a fan favorite. It showcases incredibly likable characters so viewers can really connect with them and follow their struggles. This heartwarming anime series follows Chihaya Ayase, a young girl who dreams of becoming a karate champion. 

Karuta is a card game originating from Japan, and it plays an essential role in Chihayafuru’s plot. The compelling drama and character evolution in this anime will keep viewers watching from beginning to end. 

Moving between intense moments of competition and times of friendship, Chihayafuru strikes the perfect balance between sincerity, excitement, and even some comedy is thrown into the mix. 

Not to mention its stunning visuals as well as its beautiful music that fits perfectly for each scene; this anime has certainly captivated millions of fans around the world.

5. Fantasista Doll

Fantasista Doll

The card game anime series Fantasista Doll has won the heart of viewers worldwide with its unique and exciting storyline. The series revolves around a young girl, Uzume, who receives a mysterious item called the “Fantasista Doll” and embarks on an amazing adventure full of battles, friendship, and memories. 

By playing special cards with her Fantasista Dolls, Uzume can defeat evil robots that threaten her world. Although the series is considered a children’s  show, it has a great appeal for adults too. 

The characters are compelling, and their motivations believable and relatable – traits that make it not only enjoyable to watch but also easy to identify with. Moreover, the animation quality is top-notch and breathtakingly beautiful – making every scene even more delightful and captivating.

4. Duel Masters

Duel Masters

With its high-stakes card-battling scenes, Duel Masters is an immensely popular anime series among fans of the genre. Combining classic animation with thrilling storytelling, it follows the journey of young protagonist Shobu Kirifuda as he attempts to become a master duelist. 

His signature creature – the wise and powerful “Boulder Rush Dragon” – helps him comply with different dangerous missions and proceed in his quest. As he attempts to become the leader of all duellists by competing in numerous tournaments and mastering how to play the hobby game, dueling dilemmas never cease on Shobu’s quest for glory. 

Introducing children (as well as adults) to the enchanting and complex world of strategy card games, Duel Masters has become so successful that four seasons have been broadcasted for it, plus several manga adaptations and spinoffs have also been produced.

3. Aikatsu!


Aikatsu! is an anime series featuring a card game style of play where players collect and use cards to complete different tasks. 

It follows the story of Ichigo Hoshimiya, a girl from a small town who wants to become an idol. She enrolls in Starlight Academy, an academy that specializes in teaching students how to use Aikatsu Cards to perform on stage. 

As she progresses through the program, she meets numerous unique characters like her rival Mizuki Kanzaki and her rival-turned-friend Ran Shibuki. Along with playing Aikatsu Card games, Ichigo also forms friendships with other students at the academy. 

The show is filled with bright, colorful animation and catchy music that appeals to viewers, young and old alike. Aikatsu! has been critically acclaimed for its engaging storyline and characters, as well as the deep strategic gameplay of its card games.

2. Cardfight!! Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard is an immensely popular Japanese anime series based on the trading card game of the same name. The heart of this anime revolves around card battles with battles consisting of life-and-death situations that require all of the strategy and guts one can muster. 

At the center of it all stands Aichi Sendou, a timid junior high school student with a hidden talent for cards. As he begins to use his unique skills to battle other fighters, he slowly comes out of his shell and gains powerful friends to join him on his quest towards becoming a true master in Cardfight!! Vanguard. 

With card-to-card combat as intriguing as its personalities, it’s no wonder why Cardfight!! Vanguard has become one of Japan’sJapan’s most beloved anime series over the years.

1. Z/X: Ignition

Z_X_ Ignition

Have you ever heard of the card game anime series “Z/X: Ignition”? Featuring five different AI-controlled interdimensional civilizations battling for dominance, this magical saga has beautiful battles and dazzling plot twists. 

It’sIt’s set in a post-apocalyptic world in which people have set up five fortresses called Sacred Houses aimed at keeping out long-dormant Earth Invaders while they seek resources to survive. 

The show follows protagonist Azuma Kazuki as he battles foes and dangerous creatures while trying to protect the real world from a calamitous fate brought on by the Earth Invaders. Viewers get immersed into never before seen realms and explore different rifts opened up by the cards being activated. 

With landscapes extending across time and space, every episode is packed with excitement as viewers jump head-first into perilous melees filled with suspenseful strategy as players use special combination techniques to activate powerful cards.


The anime genre has had some of the best figures, stories, and tales that have been featured in the world of card gaming. We’ve rounded up a list of 13 series. Every series on this list is guaranteed to provide intense gaming action, suspenseful narrative arcs, and interesting characters. 

Fans of the battling card game should give any of these series a watch; they’re sure to keep you engaged every single minute! In conclusion, each anime provides its own entertaining take on the card game genre, making it an enjoyable ride for viewers regardless of age or fandom. 

So whether you’re a fan of classic card games or just interested in seeing something new and exciting, this list has something for everyone – so get watching.

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