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Top 38 Best BL Manhwa – Korean Style List

Looking for the best BL manhwa of all time? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 38 amazing titles you should check out. Each entry is sure to present you with exciting plotlines, lovable characters, and an emotional journey like nothing else.

Browse our expansive selection for time-honoured classics or lesser-known gems that have been carefully curated to give you an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the bubbling emotion that is unique to BL manhwas, where ordinary boys can find their extraordinary love within. Without further ado, indulge yourself in these 38 Best BL Manhwa of All Time to put your heart through a rollercoaster of endearment and sorrow.


38. A Guy Like You

A Guy Like You

Boys love a genre of manga and anime that focuses on romantic relationships between two male characters. It’s becoming increasingly popular in the US as readers look for content featuring LGBTQIA characters.

A Guy Like You by Sarah Zucker is one such story that captures all the joys of young love and celebrates masculine beauty in an engaging way.

This coming-of-age tale follows Jonathan, a third-year high schooler who thinks his time for romance is over – until he meets Mac, an attractive transfer student who might just turn his heart around.

With its mix of heartwarming moments and unrequited desire, this fresh manga flips the conventional narrative around boys’ love to create something wholly unique.

37. Escape into Oblivion

Escape into Oblivion

Escape into Oblivion is an exciting romantic movie set in a dystopian future. It follows two lovers, Aron and Lamar, who are forced to make a daring escape from a cruel and oppressive regime. 

This gripping story of forbidden love leaves no heart untouched as the pair share intimate moments and become wholly devoted to each other despite the huge barriers faced.

Every frame is a statement of emotion that celebrates boys’ love instead of censoring it, providing both uplifting scenes of beauty as well as fearless moments filled with sorrow.

Escape into Oblivion allows viewers to discover their own journey and chart their emotional response to the love story offscreen by breaking many genre clichés and conventions related to LGBTQ+ representation in film.

36. Never Understand

Never Understand

Never Understand is a fantasy Boys’ Love story that takes you on a journey of understanding the deeper meaning of Love. Through the eyes of our protagonist, Kuan Yin, we dive into the underlying reasons behind why some people seem completely unreachable and closed off.

We experience Love from both its beautiful and painful aspects, which illuminates readers’ own inner conflicts. Never Understand’s stunning artwork and thought-provoking dialogue, combined with its slow burn of insight, have skyrocketed it to become one of the top-rated BL manga around.

As Yin gets closer to unlocking the hidden emotions in his mysterious crush, your heart will only swell with compassion for characters who just can’t seem to express themselves outwardly.

So if you’re looking to dive into an engrossing Boys Love story that touches upon questions of human connection and what lies beneath never changing expressions, then Never Understand is definitely worth picking up today.

35. My Pet Bat

My Pet Bat

My pet bat is a great companion for any young boy or man. He’s always been a loyal friend, his big ears and wide eyes piercing the darkness.

It was a manhwa that introduced me to my pet bat, and since then, we’ve become inseparable. Manhwa can be an amazing source of love and friendship as they often depict interesting characters with exciting stories.

My pet bat was an especially sweet protagonist; he was brave, kind, and ready to face any challenge head-on. His adventure with me had us encountering many different kinds of people along the way and discovering important life lessons such as teamwork and resilience.

I’m sure all guys who have read manhwa can agree that these meaningful stories provide us with not only companionship but also invaluable moral support in times of hardship.

34. Painter of the Night

Painter of the Night

Painter of the Night is captivating and romantic. Boys love Webtoon (“manhwa”), which has been taking the internet by storm. The story follows protagonist Jihyun, who is an aspiring young artist struggling to make a name for himself in the world of art.

As his journey takes him through the vibrant night scenes of Seoul, he meets Heeyeong – an enigmatic and powerful figure who may be closer than Jihyun thinks.

 Despite its dark themes, Painter of the Night radiates with optimism and tenderness, providing readers with unforgettable moments of true love between Jihyun and Heeyeong.

Even though Painter of the Night might be labelled as “boys’ love,” this Webtoon stands out as a unique reading experience regardless of your sexuality.

33. False Memories

False Memories

Boys Love Manhwa is a genre of manga specifically designed for a young male audience, although it can be enjoyed by audiences of all genders and ages. False Memories is about a boy who loves Manhwa about two boys dealing with complex feelings towards one another.

The story takes place in 2057 when high-tech memory alteration technology allows people to rewrite their life stories for a fee, leading our protagonists to an emotional journey as they navigate between fantasy and reality.

In this powerful coming-of-age story, the characters are thrown into a world where the truth and lies become indistinguishable, forcing them to make difficult decisions about trust, identity and relationships.

As they discover more details about each other’s lives and pasts, they realize that all memories are not equal and that some are foggy or altogether untrue – making False Memories an interesting read with eye-opening commentary on how easily memories can be manipulated by external forces.

32. Let Dai

Let Dai

LET Dai is an incredibly popular boys’ love manhwa, perfect for anyone looking to delve into this anime-style subgenre. It follows Dai, a young boy who is ostracized by society due to his ‘difficult’ attitude.

In spite of the difficulties he faces, he never allows himself to be swayed by destructive attitudes and instead finds solace in support of a group of like-minded friends.

The manhwa explores a range of topics, such as loneliness, identity, and trust in each other, with Dai quickly becoming recognized as an inspiring and iconic character throughout the genre.

LET Dai has recently been adapted into an animated series on streaming platforms where its story can be enjoyed by even more people around the world.

31. My Dictator Boyfriend

My Dictator Boyfriend

If romance and intrigue are your cups of tea, then be sure to check out ‘My Dictator Boyfriend’! This captivating boys’ love manhwa focuses on the tumultuous relationship between Gilsang and Gaon, set in the Joseon dynasty with a contemporary spin.

Through 24 chapters, watch as this electrifying pair of rebels discover more about each other’s past and learn what it really means to love one another, despite their contrasting upbringings.

Join them in battle as they take on corruption from citizens who are devoid of power, as well as attacking schemes from those who want it all for themselves.

30. Innocent Sin

Innocent Sin

Innocent Sin is a popular boys’ love manhwa that has captivated readers for years. It tells the story of two young men, both dealing with personal struggles, who are united by their shared understanding of one another.

Throughout the series, readers follow the couple as they work through various conflicts and build a strong bond based on understanding and unconditional acceptance.

Each character’s growth as they become more comfortable with themselves is portrayed with great detail and nuance. Innocent Sin is an excellent choice for readers looking to explore topics around gender, identity, and love.

It features intimate moments between characters that are guaranteed to make your heart flutter while simultaneously teaching lessons about accepting yourself and others.

With its mature themes and thought-provoking plot twists, this manhwa packs an emotional punch sure to leave those who read it wanting more.

29. Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmer

Castle Swimmer is amazing boys love manhwa that everyone should check out! It features a riveting story of two young pilots, Ace and Jack, who are as different from each other as night and day.

As their friendship grows throughout the story, they discover hidden secrets about themselves, secrets that could potentially change the world around them.

With intense moments of drama and emotion, Castle Swimmer presents a unique take on classic tropes within the boy’s love manhwa genre.

Readers will find themselves drawn into the immersive art style and exciting plot twists that keep you guessing at every turn.

Written by Y.K., this intriguing manga presents a captivating journey through a world full of danger, betrayal and budding romance that all readers can enjoy.

Armed with stellar artwork and great storytelling, Castle Swimmer is a must-read for anyone looking for an amazing boys’ love manhwa.

28. Then At The End Of The Road

Then At The End Of The Road

This heart-wrenching and truly beautiful piece of art follow two young men as they explore the complex changes in their lives and relationship – a journey which will take them in unexpected directions.

Its uplifting messages about courage, self-acceptance, honesty and commitment make it perfect for anyone considering taking the leap into boys’ love manhwa.

From its gripping storyline to gorgeous artwork, Then At The End Of The Road is a must-read for manga fans looking for something fresh yet familiar – with all the ingredients of a classic romance that could inspire readers for years to come.

Its relatable characters and poignant moments will have you engrossed from start to finish; this story is sure to remain lodged in your memories well after reading.

27. Moritat


A young boy’s life is changed irrevocably when he is flung into a mysterious world of moral turmoil. Moritat, one of the newest manhwa series to appear in the boy’s love scene, demands readers’ attention! Hoping to escape from his past, the protagonist sets off on a journey of discovering truth and self-growth.

Among his many challenges, he must grapple with feelings for an older man who appears to be his saviour and decide whether or not their bond can withstand treacherous twists in their relationship. 

The narrative composition of Moritat grants a level of psychological depth usually absent in boys’ love manhwa and helps to bring intricate themes like tragedy and romance together in stunning visual detail.

With carefully made character arcs based amidst this unique setting and artwork that highlights anguish and joy, Moritat provides readers with an unforgettable adventure into love, loss and heartache wrapped up in a captivating tale sure to please fans far and wide.

26. Oh! My Assistant!

Oh! My Assistant!

For all BL manga fans out there, “Oh! My Assistant!” is not one to pass up. This manhwa has everything readers could want – a forbidden love story between two men with a little bit of comedy sprinkled in to make it that much more interesting.

It follows the story of Cha Chung-Kyung, a young and naive upcoming webtoon artist who has one unlikely assistant: Kwon Ha-sun, an idol singer contracted to look after him for six months due to various disagreements between their families.

As the days pass, Ha-sun’s cold demeanour softens, and he slowly learns what true love is from Chung-Kyung. Through fun comedic moments and wonderful art, “Oh! My Assistant!” will make sure you fall in love with both its storyline and characters.

25. The Croaking

The Croaking

Developed by G‌Imbi and published on Tapas, “The Croaking” is a popular boys’ love manhwa series taking readers to the fantasy world of Yong Sul, where humans and zombies coexist.

Through the main character Kang Joon-Oh’s journey, readers will explore this journey of trust, love and self-growth. His encounters with various people he meets on his adventure reveal moments of heartache and joy.

“The Croaking” cleverly interweaves comedy, sweet love stories as well as thoughtful themes about society, which makes it a must-read for every manga lover.

With several awards like the Webtoon Daejeon International Manga Festival (ID Awards) Series award under its belt, it is no surprise that “The Croaking” constantly takes over readers’ hearts around the world.

Whether you are a fan searching for a new eight-queen couple or someone who appreciates social commentary in a story – don’t miss out on “The Croaking”, – an exciting must-try title from this rising genre.

24. The Warehouse

The Warehouse

If you’re looking for the best in boys’ love manhwa, your search ends at The Warehouse. Not only do they provide a wide variety of titles, but they also offer amazing deals and competitive prices.

In addition to manhwa dedicated exclusively to BL, they also feature comic books and graphic novels by some of the world’s leading creators.

These authors are renowned for producing captivating stories and unparalleled art that successfully keeps readers engaged for hours on end.

Plus, if explicitly erotic material is your thing, The Warehouse provides content above and beyond the conventional standard of BL with its selection of mature manga specifically crafted for an adult audience.

As one of the most trusted sources for authentic BL manhwa, you can depend on The Warehouse to fulfil any cravings for thrilling stories about star-crossed lovers or enlightening tales about queer identity struggles.

23. December Rain

December Rain

December Rain is a captivating boy’s love manhwa that tells the story of two star-crossed lovers. After two years apart, Fu and Eu reunite on a cold, snowy day in December. Intense emotions are stirred as the pair navigates their bitter-sweet past.

With Fu overcoming his complicated heart issues and Eu’s struggles to remain level-headed, readers will be captivated by this dramatic love story about two individuals searching for their place in life and in each other’s hearts. Despite all the obstacles they must face, their strong bond helps them discover what true love really means.

This romantic tale by creator Kim Dong Won is one of the most beloved boys’ love manhwa and has been published in tankōbon volumes since 2013. 

Fans can’t get enough of the unique art style and intricate storylines; this is an absolute must-read for anyone who loves BL manga.

22. Life Outside the Circle

Life Outside the Circle

Life Outside the Circle is BL manhwa that has gained critical and popular acclaim for its exploration of modern romance across many different cultures.

Protagonists Kevin and Aarif explore their connection with each other as they come from vastly different cultural backgrounds, showing readers how meaningful relationships extend outside traditional bounds.

With a thrilling mix of adventure and romantic intrigue, Life Outside the Circle sits at the forefront of the BL genre, offering exciting and thought-provoking moments throughout its narrative. Whether you’re looking for something fun or something deeper, this manhwa is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

21. Fools


‘Fool’s’ is exciting boys love manhwa that fans are sure to enjoy. Written by a talented creator, this engaging story follows two star-crossed lovers who battle their emotions and physical attraction as they try to make their relationship work in spite of the barriers that stand between them.

From heartfelt moments shared between characters to thrilling scenes of action and drama, ‘Fool’s’ is everything a reader could want from a manhwa.

Each character has their own charming personality, which adds an extra level of depth and multiplies the potential outcomes every time a plot point comes into play. Even long after the last page has been read, you can still feel the impact these characters have on one another.

20. Captivated

Totally Captivated

For fans of Boys Love content, the manga-inspired manhwa Captivated offers an exhilarating and captivating read with diverse characters and unique twists.

The story follows Sheerie, an ambitious 20-year-old who dreams of becoming a successful author despite a dark secret she carries on her back. As she delves deeper into her work, she stumbles upon curiously attractive model Soonyoung and is quickly swept off her feet.

As they continue to explore their chemistry while facing numerous obstacles along the way, readers of the webtoon can expect plenty of thrilling drama as they follow this passionate couple’s journey into romance.

With stunning art contrasting against disparate settings, Captivated can provide readers not just with unforgettable moments but also insightful explorations into LGBTQ+ relationships unencumbered by cultural prejudice or expectations.

19. H&H Roman Company

H_H Roman Company

H&H Roman Company is a Tokyo-based publishing house that specializes in Boys Love (BL) manhwa, one of the most popular genres of Korean comic books in East Asia.

The company was founded by manga editor Yuuya Hizawa and art director Katsunori Honda in 2011 with the goal of creating quality BL manga for fans around the world to enjoy.

Since its inception, H&H Roman has been widely acclaimed for its unique and original stories about young men navigating their way through love, life, and dating.

From fantasy storylines set in ancient times to emotional stories based on real-life relationships, readers will always find something new with every volume released. And that’s just a glimpse of the broad collection offered by H&H Roman.

18. Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle is a popular boys’ love manhwa that has been beloved by fans all over the world. This story tells an emotional, heart-warming love story between two college students as they clash and then overcome their differences.

The young heroes must grow and learn to coexist with one another until they eventually find true happiness together. Love Shuttle has been rated highly for its charming storyline, beautiful artwork, and realistic characterization of its main characters.

Fans of BL manhwa who are looking for a sweet romance that doesn’t hit too hard but still makes them feel something will appreciate this series immensely.

From the intense school life drama to the dynamic faces of its characters, there is something for everyone in Love Shuttle to enjoy. If you want a romantic tale full of laughs and tears without getting too sappy, Love Shuttle is definitely worth checking out.

17. Here you are

Here you are

If you’re looking for the perfect boys’ love manhwa to add to your library, Here You Are is a must-have. This heartfelt romantic manga series follows two high school boys who find themselves in an unexpected relationship. 

The ongoing series dives into themes of falling in love, self-acceptance and coming out – mirroring the experiences of many young adults.

Readers admire the strong story, which brings unique perspectives on modern relationships through stunningly beautiful artwork. From its relatable struggles to its heartwarming moments, Here You Are continues to be enjoyed by fans around the world.

16. Check, Please!

Check, please !

“Check, Please!” is an award-winning manhwa consisting of over 1100 comic strips featuring hockey player Eric Bittle. Boys love fans around the world are now enjoying this series, which was first released in 2013.

It follows Eric’s journey as a former figure skating prodigy who begins playing collegiate hockey and finds that the team accepts him for his figure skating background instead of making him feel out of place.

Bitty’s story focuses on acceptance, friendship and self-discovery, all within the context of a boy’s love romance with his teammate Jack Zimmermann.

Not only does this series celebrate the love between two men, but it also encourages readers to accept themselves regardless of gender expression or identity.

With its strong LGBTQ representation, “Check, Please!” is an exciting read for all readers who want to experience something different when it comes to boys’ love manhwa.

15. Sign


Following the story of two young men, Seo Jun and Moon Young take us through all the ups and downs of their romantic journey.

As they try to make sense of their complicated emotions for each other, Sign reveals how newfound love makes life more vibrant, even in moments of pain.

The artwork is the highlight of this series as its expressive panelling brings each scene to life with vibrant colours and dynamic line work.

It’s this careful attention to detail that has made Sign such influential boys love the manga for both longtime fans and those just discovering its charm.

Sign’s widespread appeal shows that truly unique stories can capture readers around the world without relying on tired tropes found in other works in the genre.

14. Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Blood Bank is a popular manhwa series that has been capturing the hearts of readers for years, and it’s virtually no surprise as to why. The plot focuses on powerful high-school boy Lee Geon, who makes a deal with vampire lord Dracula that allows him to access Dracula’s blood bank.

Every drop of blood has incredible power, but can it really help Lee Geon reach his goals? That’s what we want to find out! The beloved manga has an array of colourful characters and a fantastic storyline that never ceases to entertain. Every page leaves you wanting more as you travel through this dark and exciting world.

So if you’re looking for a gripping teen drama set in a mysterious fantasy world, then Blood Bank is the manga series for you.

 Not only does it offer plenty of action and suspense, but it also delivers a powerful message about the strength of camaraderie and friendship through dire circumstances. With its captivating story and characters, Blood Bank offers just the thrilling ride anime fans are always looking for.

13. Oh, my assistant!

Oh! My Assistant!

Oh, My Assistant! is a wonderful manhwa that should not be missed by fans of the boy’s love genre. Following the story of two assistants – Ryu Kaizaki and Kaeun Lee – readers are treated to a delightful tale of romance and understanding between these two protagonists.

As they get to know each other better, their connection grows deeper until they eventually fall in love. Oh, My Assistant! Stands apart from other BL manhwas with its art style—the illustrations are crisp, detailed and alive with vibrant energy. The characters are charming and relatable, making it easy for readers to sympathize with them easily.

Besides just being enjoyable to read, the manhwa offers meaningful messages about acceptance and self-discovery, making it an all-around great choice for those looking for an entertaining yet thought-provoking experience.

With its smart writing, gorgeous visuals and heartfelt themes, Oh My Assistant! is a definite must-read for anyone who loves boys’ love stories.

12. It’s Not Love

Its Not Love

Boys love (BL) manhwa is incredibly exciting and heart-pounding, and perhaps one of the best examples of this genre is “It’s Not Love”.

This Korean comic follows the story of Yongha, a nerdy and introverted high schooler whose life changes drastically when he meets Kangsu, a confident and vivacious transfer student.

When Yongha falls in love with Kangsu, a whole new world opens up for him. But as the two explore their relationship together and gain a deeper understanding of each other’s feelings, both must face their fears about opening their hearts to true love.

This BL manhwa presents an interesting narrative that highlights the power of self-discovery, acceptance and courage. The vivid animation style perfectly reflects the intense emotions behind every moment, making “It’s Not Love” unsurpassable in its captivating storytelling.

11. The Baker On the First Floor

The Baker On the First Floor

The Baker on the First Floor is a lively and humorous boy who loves manhwa from Korea. This particular series features two boys that find themselves living together in a bakery.

Despite this being a romantic comedy, the story dives into deeper topics such as family dynamics and societal expectations for modern young people.

With its diverse characters and realistically portrayed relationship between the two leads, The Baker on the First Floor is highly popular among fans of all ages.

Whether you are a long-time enthusiast of BL manhwa or are just getting into this particular genre, this manhwa has something unique to offer with its honest yet lighthearted stories. If you’re interested in discovering more about boys’ love manhwa, then the Baker On the First Floor is an excellent place to start.

10. BL Motel

BL Motel

If you’re looking to indulge in a wide selection of boys’ love manhwa, BL Motel is a perfect choice. Boasting one of the largest collections on the Internet, this innovative digital space brings BL manhwa from all around the world together in one place.

Stop wasting time searching around webpages for your favourite BL comics and instead enjoy being able to receive curated content for yourself.

Not only does BL Motel offer up-to-date content, but it also gives readers the opportunity to rate, discuss, and share stories with other fans.

With new stories added daily and easy-to-use digital navigation, be sure to check out the latest releases at BL Motel and join the worldwide community of admirers.

9. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Manhwa featuring romantic stories of Love between two men, known as Boys Love (BL) stories, are becoming increasingly popular in the manga and anime community. 

The winter season may be over, but blossoming Love is still alive. Cherry Blossoms After Winter is a genre-defying BL manhwa which follows the passionate romance of two men – the older Wookjin and the younger Neukdae.

The story fully immerses readers in an emotional rollercoaster of relationships and complex issues such as loyalty and morality. Readers of this poignant work can look forward to fully exploring themes such as acceptance, identity and LGBTQ+ rights.

Packed with intricate plotlines, diverse characters and an unparalleled level of detail, Cherry Blossoms After Winter radiates explosive yet tender romance for which fans have come to know and Love manhwa works like this one.

 With the ever-increasing popularity of Boys Love gifs on social media platforms, it’s no wonder that Cherry Blossoms After Winter has become reignited by a new wave of readers!

8. Make Me Bark

Make Me Bark

Make Me Bark is perfect for readers looking to dive into the world of boys’ love manhwa. Centring around college freshman Choi Ji Woo and his clumsy first encounter with upperclassman Baek Seung Soo, this lighthearted and humorous romance story follows their relationship as it progresses.

Make Me Bark is sure to make readers laugh out loud and can even serve as a gateway into other works of boys’ love manhwa in the current market.

Set in an urban high school environment, modern-day themes and issues are explored within its pages while its characters fight through personal struggles that appeal to a diverse range of audiences.

Fun artwork, memorable characters and a beautiful story come together to make Make Me Bark an enjoyable read that ultimately speaks to all types of readers alike, is they are veterans or newcomers to the genre. If you’re looking for great quality boys who love manhwa stories, give Make Me Bark a try.

7. Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking is an intense and thrilling boys’ love manga series. Written by Koogi, it follows the story of aggressive stalker Yoon Bum and his obsession with army soldier Sangwoo.

The psychological thriller takes readers on a spine-tingling journey as they watch Bum gradually unravel Sangwoo’s twisted past while struggling to keep up with his own damning secrets.

It quickly became one of the most popular manhwas within the BL genre, not only due to its terrifying plot but also because of its thought-provoking themes regarding violence, lust, and mental health issues.

Killing Stalking showcases complicated characters who audiences can relate to and root for. With stunning artwork and raw emotions, this gripping series will keep readers flipping pages until the very end.

6. Out of Control

Out of Control

Out of Control is the perfect boys’ love manhwa for those seeking an exciting queer romance story with unexpected twists. The plot follows two trepidatious young men, Wi and So, who are trying to find their way in the world as they form a bond that blossoms into something more than friendship.

Out of Control effortlessly captures the complexities of first-time love while exploring both Wi and So’s awakening sexualities.

From clumsy double dates to telling secrets, this light yet meaningful romance tale will have readers invested in what kind of future our young protagonists will have.

The artwork is beautiful and dynamic, further complimenting the captivating narrative with its intense expressiveness in conveying emotion that only lands every feeling even deeper.

Whether you’re keen on LGBTQ+ stories or not, Out of Control is a must-read for anyone looking for a gripping boys’ love experience.

5. love is an ilusion

Love is an illusion.

Love is an Illusion, a popular manhwa series published by Daum Webtoons revolves around the story of two seemingly worlds apart people who are connected by fate.

Our unlikely protagonist Pyung Ho is an eccentric and suave salaryman who unexpectedly finds himself married to a magical fox spirit – our strong-willed female lead Chae Soo Bin.

Together they go through familial journeys and romantic misadventures as we follow their developing feelings for each other in this unique urban fantasy world filled with whimsical excitement, heartwarming endearment, and unparalleled hilarity.

The manhwa series has gained high praise for its unique artwork that blends classic style with modern aesthetics. To top it off, the distinct musical score echoes with lively soundtracks that perfectly match the vibrant visuals displayed in each chapter.

4. To Take an Enemy’s Heart

To Take an Enemy's Heart

“To Take an Enemy’s Heart” is a captivating manhwa about finding love in unexpected places. The story follows two childhood friends, Ji Shin and Hak Do, who come from rival families on the brink of war. All the while, a mysterious force threads them together and brings them closer with each new challenge they face.

Even as they work to escape their families’ constricting expectations and stand up for what they believe in, they find themselves becoming powerfully drawn to one another. Greatly detailed art and passionate storytelling create a relationship that viewers can easily fall in love with.

The suspense builds as we witness these boys strive to navigate the politics of their families while ultimately learning to trust and respect one another despite it all. Remarkably, this amazing boy’s love manhwa will have readers captivated until the very last page.

3. Window to Window

Window to Window

Window to Window is a captivating and thought-provoking boys’ love manhwa that follows the story of two teenage boys, Yoon and Doy.

 It is an admirable journey about friendship, acceptance, identity, and growth. Written by Eum A Ji, this manhwa offers readers of all interests plenty to explore within its pages.

 As the boys go through their individual struggles, they must also come together to support one another as they reconcile their feelings. 

Along with vibrant art and inviting illustrations that reflect the characters’ honest emotions and bonds, Window to Window displays diverse perspectives while inspiring readers to accept themselves—and others—for who they are.

This marvellous read will capture readers’ interest through both endearing characters and a compelling plot full of meaningful lessons that can be applied both in life as well as in love.

2. Wolf in The House

Wolf in The House

Wolf in The House is a manhwa series sure to capture anyone’s attention. Centred around the lives of Miyo and Ji-heon, this addictive story follows the pair as they build an unlikely relationship.

After a simple twist of fate, Ji-heon has become part wolf due to a mysterious experiment – his supernatural powers remain a mystery throughout the series and cause chaos in unexpected ways.

Transported into modern-day South Korea, Miyo discovers Ji-heon living near her home and takes him in as her ward without knowing why he cannot be trusted not to hurt those around them.

This romance story unfolds with every page; surprises abound as Jasmine discovers forbidden secrets about her new family life and embarks on a mission to save Ji-heon from whatever force is lurking in the shadows of everyday Korean life.

With its beautifully crafted art, pulse-pounding drama, and bittersweet romance, Wolf in The House is sure to leave readers spellbound for hours on end.

1. BJ Alex

BJ Alex

“BJ Alex” is a popular boys’ love manhwa that centres around the charming high school student and pâtissier Alex. After successfully entering an elite French culinary school, Alex finds himself overwhelmed by the competitive atmosphere and his own inexperience.

With the help of a mysterious stranger named Xavier, who seems to know him from somewhere, Alex discovers that it’s not just his cooking skills he needs to regain in this new environment; it’s also self-confidence.

He gradually realizes that he has been suppressing certain feelings ever since his father left him, and through his experiences with Xavier, he begins to accept himself again and understand why people like being around him.

Factors such as heartfelt storylines, vivid art styles, and relatable characters make this series a must-read amongst fans of boys’ love manhwa.


Since the beginning, BL manhwa has taken the world by storm. This genre of manga has inspired many readers through its tales of relationships between men, as well as providing unique and creative stories for everyone to enjoy.

Whether it be a full-on romance or a bromance, these 38 amazingly crafted stories have something for everyone. Pick up any one of these titles for an exceptional story time experience like no other. 


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