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Top 17 Best B.L. Manga (Unforgettable Boys Love)

Are you looking for some of the best Boys Love Manga to hold your attention? From classic gems to heart-warming must-reads, this list of 17 BL manga recommendations has something that is sure to suit everyone’s tastes.

With a balance between romance and adventure, get ready to take a deep dive into these intriguing stories. Each BL manga chosen brings its own unique flair and story for analyzing and knowing whether it is worth investing time in or not. Keep reading to find out which ones made our top 17 must-read list:


17. Dramatical Murder

DRAMAtical Murder

Set on a futuristic version of the island Izumisano, the story of “Dramatical Murder” follows the everyday life of its protagonist Aoba Seragaki and his friends. Along with his Allmate “Ren,” Aoba finds himself caught up in mysteries surrounding his home.

Unfortunately, though, confronting these dangers put him at odds with powerful societal forces wanting to keep the status quo. As he battles against these powers, readers will follow Aoba on an emotional journey through love, friendship and loyalty.

With delightful characters and great artwork, “Dramatical Murder” is sure to capture manga fans’ hearts everywhere. Not only is it visually appealing, but its genuinely touching story, as well as meaningful lessons, make it a perfect choice for anyone that loves boys love manga.

16. The Greatest First Love

The Worlds Greatest First Love

Boys Love Manga is becoming increasingly popular as a genre, and The Greatest First Love is one of its leading titles. Filled with stunning artwork, an exciting plot and compelling characters, this manga has captured readers’ attention from the very beginning.

The narrative follows two high school boys in Tokyo as they fall in love despite the odds stacked against them. As their relationship progresses and they confront various obstacles, they grow more determined to be together despite any fear or societal pressure trying to keep them apart.

This heartfelt story of strong devotion and passionate feelings makes it perfect for boys who love manga fans and are ready for something inspiring.

15. Gravitation


Gravitation, the classic Boys Love Manga by Maki Murakami, has been engraved in the hearts of many fans since it was first serialized in Japan’s LaLa Magazine in 1996.

It follows the story of Shuichi Shindou, an aspiring musician and songwriter whose life takes a turn when he meets Eiri Yuki, a renowned novelist.

As a comedic romance with angst-filled moments, Gravitation is full of exciting turns and intriguing characters. It has inspired various adaptations including novels, art books, soundtracks and even anime series and OVAs.

In addition to its compelling narrative and dynamic characters, Gravitation also appeals to fans due to its fascinatingly detailed art style that captures each character and moment splendidly.

14. I Hear the Sunspot

I Hear the Sunspot

“I Hear the Sunspot” is an award-winning Boys Love manga series that has gained immense popularity in the last few years.

Written by Yuki Fumino, it is a warm, emotional tale of two college students struggling to find their place in the world and what it truly means to love someone.

After its release in Japan, this shonen-ai story was quickly embraced by readers from all around the world who connected with its poignant themes of vulnerability, acceptance and understanding.

Through its touching moments and beautiful artwork, this BL manga shows readers how beauty can be found even when faced with life’s greatest challenges.

13. Togainu no Chi

Togainu no Chi

Boys love manga, or shounen ai, has been gaining immense popularity across the world in recent years. One title that has been incredibly influential is the dark and mature fantasy manga “Togainu no Chi ” by Nitro+CHiRAL.

It features Akira, an exiled fugitive from a destroyed city, as he journeys through a post-apocalyptic dystopia of Japan to prove his innocence as he takes part in a vicious survival game.

This complex tale follows Akira’s path as he meets new allies, discovers secrets about his past and makes difficult choices about his future.

Alongside its captivating story, the artwork of Togainu no Chi adds atmosphere and mood which draws the reader further into this fantasy world littered with violence, injustice and hope.

12. Classmates: Dou kyu sei

Classmates_ Dou kyu sei

The Japanese shōnen-ai manga “Classmates: Dou kyu sei” tells the story of Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou, two teenage boys from very different backgrounds.

They start off as acquaintances in school, but soon their relationship develops into something more. This emotionally complex series shines a light on the many nuances of teenage romance, with its heartbreaking moments balanced by moments of joy.

Hikaru and Rihito come to terms with not only the complexities of their own feelings for each other but also the discrimination against young LGBT couples that is still present in modern society.

11. Uragiri is Boku no Namae Wo Shitteiru

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Boy’s love manga “Uragiri is Boku no Namae Wo Shitteiru” written by Yuuho Ashibe, is considered a fascinating supernatural mystery. It revolves around an orphan who possesses the mysterious ability to sense anyone’s darkness and inner secrets.

The novel tells a story of friendship, action and adventure between the characters as each one tries to reveal a long-hidden secret life. With its striking visual impact, thrilling storyline and unexpected plot twists, the manga captivated many fans worldwide.

The intricate relationship between Yuki-san and several other characters brings much empathy to readers.

This work provides examples of typical BL themes such as themes of unrequited love, class differences and moral struggles that explicate how male complexity can be addressed in an entertaining way.

Overall, Uragiri is Boku no Namae Wo Shitteiruis, an emotionally captivating story that subtly conveys the importance of understanding each other and the struggles faced during adolescence.

10. 10 Dance

10 Dance

Boys Love Manga, or BL, is a subgenre of manga specifically designed for male audiences. Dancing openly and playfully with themes of blurred gender roles, forbidden love, and more, Boys Love Manga has become quite popular with its readers.

One of the most popular titles in this genre is “Dance”, an epic tale about a computer genius named Tengu Kyoji and his quest to figure out why someone who shouldn’t even exist knows his every move.

With humour, heart and plenty of longing stares, Dance captivates its audience from beginning to end.

Full of exciting plot twists and vivid characters, this manga series will appeal to both existing fans of Boys Love Manga as well as newcomers interested in getting into this genre.

9. Yuri!!! On Ice

Yuri!!! On Ice

“Yuri!!! On Ice” is a Japanese sports anime which follows the story of Yuri Katsuki – a figure skater who finds himself at an impasse in his own personal skating career. At this time, Yuri finds himself inspired by a rising star, Victor Nikiforov.

After Victor offers to be his coach, Yuri embarks on an incredible journey towards becoming the best figure skater in the world.

Through intense and well-animated scenes, “Yuri!!! On Ice” captures the beauty of figure skating and inspires viewers, young and old alike, with its great characters and dynamic relationships between them.

It’s no wonder why “Yuri!!! On Ice” is such popular boys love manga– as it demonstrates how much trust, dedication, and perseverance goes into competing in competitive figure skating.

As with any other competitive sport or activity, this anime truly conveys that to succeed; you must work hard– no matter the obstacles you face.

8. Stray Bullet Baby

Stray Bullet Baby

Stray Bullet Baby is an exciting and popular Boys’ Love Manga series loved by readers of all ages, genders, and interests. It follows the story of high school student Nano as he navigates a complicated world filled with love, betrayal, and thrilling adventure.

The manga focuses on exploring LGBTQ+ relationships within nanotechnology, offering readers an inventive and captivating look into the power of queer love.

With its sharply drawn artwork, heartfelt dialogue, and unexpected plot twists and turns, Stray Bullet Baby stands apart from other BL manga when it comes to gripping storytelling.

Readers will find themselves compelled to suffer heartbreak alongside Nano as he struggles through his unique journey that resonates with love in unexpected ways.

7. Jackass!


“Jackass!” is a popular boys’ love manga series full of drama and suspense. Following the story of protagonist Jingyi and his mischievous but adorable crew of “jackasses,” the manga blends comedy, romance, and friendship perfectly.

Fans can’t help but grow fond of the characters, laughing along with them while they scheme and try to outwit one another.

Although it has its more serious moments too, “Jackass!” never takes itself too seriously as we watch our hero Jingyi try to make sense of his confusing feelings for best friend Zhibin.

With intricate art styles, dynamic scenes, and a detailed storyline that holds your attention, these fantasy-filled boys’ love Manga is sure to keep readers entertained long after they’ve finished reading.

6. Candy Color Paradox

Candy Color Paradox

Candy Color Paradox is an enjoyable Boys’ Love manga that follows Kengo Akechi and Shouta Azuma.

The non-conventional high schoolers embark on a fun-filled and daring journey of self-discovery together. Through multiple plot twists and budding relationships, the pair tries to find out where they fit in with each other and as individuals.

With its captivating story, bold art style and solid character development, readers can expect a unique experience from Candy Color Paradox.

Written by visual novel creator Hisato Murasaki, the well-crafted narrative unfolds the tale of Akechi’s inner turmoil – ultimately leading him to understand his emotional connections to Azuma.

This new kind of love opens up paths for Akechi to get over his issues while Azuma helps him along their shared journey of finding hope.

5. Escape Journey

Escape Journey

Boys Love Manga “Escape Journey” is a popular anime and manga series that follows the journey of Ippei, an average Japanese teenager who dreams of escaping the daily grind.

Through his journeying, Ippei finds himself in a world populated by strange creatures, and he must learn to fight for survival.

Along the way, he meets new friends and allies as well as powerful opponents, all while developing his own powers and mastering different fighting forms.

As readers follow Ippei’s story of discovery, they can’t help but be captivated by the intense action and unpredictable plot twists that await him.

Not only is Escape Journey noteworthy for its well-crafted storytelling, the artwork also stands out with a lush color palette and meticulous line work that will leave readers in awe.

4. Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica

Junjou Romantica is a wildly popular manga series in the Boy’s Love genre that has graced readers with its unique take on love, relationships, and everyday life.

While it follows three pairs of male couples, each story arc is filled with romance and hilarity, leaving readers eager for more. The main couple follows college student Misaki who unknowingly enters into an engagement with rich businessman Usami Akihiko.

As they grow to depend on each other and find solace in one another, Misaki runs into his old childhood friend, new teacher Takaba Takahiro.

As the boys navigate their own love story, Usami works to improve relations between himself and Misaki’s brother Atsuya who makes a surprise appearance later in the series.

With over twelve volumes printed and still ongoing, JunjouRomantica continues to captivate fans of all genders around the world, making it a smash-hit manga series renowned by both critics and readers alike.

3. Do It! Nakamura!

Go For It, Nakamura!

“Do It! Nakamura!” is a Boys Love manga that follows the story of the high school student Satoshi Nakamura as he navigates through his complicated love life.

The series was created by mangaka Youko Kinutani and published in Tsubaki magazine in 2000. Often compared to other popular Boys Love titles such as “Gravitation” and “Loveless,” this emotional rollercoaster will make readers laugh, cry, and root for the main character in his journey.

Throughout the three volumes of this manga, Nakamura realizes that sometimes accepting one’s feelings and expressing them boldly can lead to true happiness.

With its stunning artwork and wholesome messages, it’s no wonder why “Do It! Nakamura!” stands out from other Boys Love titles.

2. Love the Stage!!

Love Stage!!

If you’re looking for an exciting boys love manga to fall in love with, then you’ll certainly want to take a look at “Love the Stage!!”

This charming manga was written and illustrated by Sakurako Sasaki and followed the story of two men joined by their joint love for theatre.

It’s packed with drama as Shusei, a small-town theatre actor, falls in love with Senri, an agent working on setting up a new theatrical group.

Along the way, there’s plenty of comedy, emotion and romance to enjoy as they navigate the ups and downs of putting together a show.

“Love the Stage!!” is an excellent comedy-style manga with heartfelt characters that will capture your heart.

With its unique storylines, compelling characters, and beautiful artwork that draws readers into each page, this series is sure to stand out among all other manga offerings.

Whether you want something lighthearted or one that dives deeper into relationships between its male leads, this one will meet all your needs.

1. Loveless


Loveless is Japanese boy’s love manga series by Yun Kōga that has been praised for its unique characters and art style.

Loveless follows Ritsuka Aoyagi, an 11-year-old student who has recently transferred to a new school. After waking up from a dream, he discovers that he has lost the actual memories of his past, along with the cat ears he used to have as a child.

With help from Soubi, an enigmatic and attractive fighter, Ritsuka begins to meet other mysterious people while uncovering the truth about himself and his family’s dark secrets.

Loveless’ captivating storyline has fans eagerly awaiting every new volume. Richly detailed artwork by Yun Kōga heightens the drama of each chapter, creating an irresistible combination for fans of Boys Love Manga.

Whether you’re pulled in by Ritsuka’s search to reclaim his memories or Soubi’s complex relationship with him, there is something special here that will draw you in and leave you wanting more.


Boys’ Love manga is an incredibly popular genre with a rich and diverse range of stories and art styles. As such, it can be difficult to know where to start looking for the best stories.

The list in this article has given you 17 recommendations of some of the top BL manga currently out there. We hope this selection will let readers find what they are looking for within this genre and enjoy the talented work these authors have created. Pick one today and let the story take you away.

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