You are currently viewing 28 Top Assassin Anime Recommendations: Smooth Killers list

28 Top Assassin Anime Recommendations: Smooth Killers list

If you’re a fan of lesbian comics, you’ve come to the right place. Reading webtoons and graphic novels is a great way to take a break from your day-to-day life while getting an insight into characters and stories that don’t fit the norm. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the 25 best GL Webtoons/lesbian comics of all time.

Whether you’re looking for heartfelt romance, hilarious comedy, or heartfelt dramas about tough issues like accepting gender identity, this list has it all. So go ahead—kick back, relax, and enjoy some quality queer art:


28. City Hunter

city hunter

City Hunter is an action-packed, classic anime series that brings viewers on a thrilling roller coaster ride to explore the darker side of justice. Set in Tokyo, Japan, in the 1980s, this gripping anime follows Ryotsu “Ryo” Saeba as he tries to navigate through the corrupt underbelly of the city and fight for his own brand of justice.

For those looking for a unique kind of psychological battle of wits, City Hunter is a must-see; it keeps viewers at the edge of their seats with its dramatic and suspenseful plot lines. Featuring dynamic characters and amazing fight scenes, fans are guaranteed to be hooked on every episode.

From well-crafted stories involving political corruption to thrilling gunfights that never fail to entertain, City Hunter offers viewers unforgettable moments that will keep them coming back time and time again.

27. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin is an iconic anime series that follows the story of a master swordsman, also known as “Hitokiri Battōsai”, from the Meiji era. The main protagonist, Himura Kenshin, embarks on a journey of redemption and non-violence by vowing never to take another life again.

As the travelling swordsman faces numerous struggles to hold true to his vow, the audience watches with anticipation as each new adventure brings exciting twists and turns.

Known for its amazing blend of historical accuracy and thrilling sword fights, Rurouni Kenshin quickly became one of the most popular anime series of all time. Fans will enjoy watching Himura’s growth in strength, courage, and morality as he discovers faith in himself and those around him in this inspiring tale.

26. Black Jack 21

Black Jack 21

Black Jack 21 is an assassin anime featuring a semi-fictionalized version of the world-renowned surgeon, Dr Black Jack. The story follows Black Jack as he finds himself unparalleled in his abilities among surgeons and sets out on a mission to stop those that threaten mankind with his unmatchable skill and his powerful arsenal of weapons.

Backed by a cast of skilled assassins, all operating at the highest level of expertise, both medical and martial, Black Jack must find ways to defeat every adversary that comes his way. Intense battles are long and finely crafted with unexpected twists throughout each episode for maximum entertainment value and edge-of-your-seat moments throughout the series.

With fans from around the world praising this work for its thrilling narrative structure, great character development, and intense, action-packed scenes, Black Jack 21 is no doubt one of the most popular anime titles in recent years and one worthy enough for a mention among the top war-focused anime shows today.

25. Coppelion


Coppelion is a popular anime series among lovers of action-packed adventure stories. Based in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, this gripping anime follows three girls – Ibara Naruse, Aoi Fukasaku, and Taeko Nomura – who are the only survivors of Coppelion, an elite unit of high school students created with special abilities to carry out missions in radioactive cities such as Tokyo.

These girls enter the barren city while taking on impossible tasks like searching for survivors and restoring order to Tokyo.

Navigating through dark alleys and abandoned buildings, they are aided by their superhuman capabilities while fighting against threatened organizations and bizarre mutants and trying to survive chaotic battles within an inhospitable environment.

24. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

“Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens” is an incredibly exciting and captivating assassin anime that captures audiences’ attention around the globe. In this thrilling series, set in the fictional city of Fukuoka, mysterious cases of murder draw the attention of its inhabitants.

The story follows a professional killer named Lin Xianming and his employers from the shadowy Hakata ‘Kuroneko’ Union, who take on various jobs involving murder for a fee.

Despite his profession as an assassin, despite not being of noble birth or renowned skill, he remains loyal to his code of honour which casts him in a sympathetic light as he rises up against shady organizations.

23. Kill Me Baby

Kill Me Baby

For all the fans of assassin anime, “Kill Me Baby” is a gem. This four-panel manga-style manga, which was further adapted into an anime series by J.C.Staff, follows the antics of two unlikely friends: Sonya, a seemingly innocent schoolgirl who also happens to be trained in the art of assassination, and Agiri, her lovable yet temperamental ninja sidekick.

The show quickly grabs the hearts of viewers through its hilarious sequences and endearing characters, as well as its offbeat take on assassins and ninjas: we find Sonya casually walking around the town with a BB gun in hand despite being wanted for murder.

Set in a vibrant world where swordsmanship, chivalry and deceit reign supreme, “Kill Me Baby” is an entertaining thrill ride for anyone looking for plenty of laughs and great anime action.

22. Coyote Ragtime Show

Coyote Ragtime Show

Coyote Ragtime Show is a fantastic assassin anime which follows the misadventures of Mister, a gunslinging space pirate. As he attempts to reclaim his beloved coyote Frankie, who was cruelly taken away from him, he soon finds himself caught up in a web of crime and intrigue.

Featuring an all-star cast of characters – including the coffee-drinking cyborg Bishop, the android soldier Chelsea, and the con artist Angelica – it’s an exciting adventure that’ll take Mister through the deepest depths of outer space.

With its thrilling action sequences and immersive world-building, Coyote Ragtime Show is sure to captivate viewers with its unique blend of comedy and suspense. Packed with plenty of high-octane thrills and plenty of twists along the way, this is one assassin anime you won’t want to miss.

21. Princess Principal

Princess Principal

Princess Principal is an associate anime series full of magical mystery and thrilling action. The show follows five girls, Ange, Dorothy, Chise, Princess and Beatrice, as they find themselves caught in a mission to retrieve the Crown Stones for their isolated kingdom of Albion.

Each episode marks a gripping experience for these spy princesses as they infiltrate undercover operations with grace and excellence.

Furthermore, it showcases the incredible teamwork between them, showcasing how the bond among ladies triumphs over everything else. Without giving away too many spoilers, it remains a highly recommended watch by fans of the genre due to its unpredictable storyline combined with excellent visual effects.

20. Madlax


Assassination and mystery come together in the thrilling series Madlax. A quiet yet skilled assassin, Madlax is also an ordinary high school student. Her everyday life unravels an even greater mystery that calls her to a distant land; the adventure begins as she tries to unravel secrets of her past while still completing assignments.

With incredible fight scenes that rival those of master martial artists, viewers get to watch Madlax take down enemies with impressive agility.

As this anime progresses with its exciting plot twists and unexpected turns, viewers can’t help but become fascinated by the dense backdrop of political cover-ups and hidden conspiracies. The gripping score gives a push for each scene, from gentle to frenetic, within split seconds, enhancing both suspense and surprise excitement.

19. Canaan


An assassin’s mission or quest for the truth can be seen through the TV series “Canaan”, an anime that offers suspense, mystery and action all in one. In this anime, we follow Canaan, a gifted assassin with special abilities, as she takes on missions to stop terrorism and protect her loved ones.

The story is set in Shanghai yet plays out on a global scale exploring themes of political strife and conspiracy. For fans of the shounen genre (“young people”) anime, “Canaan” is definitely worth checking out as it includes some unique elements that set it apart from other shounen anime.

The animation is well done, too, recreating the Chinese metropolis in great detail along with exciting fight sequences full of energy and drama sure to keep any viewer enthralled.

18. Lupin III Island of Assassins

Lupin III Island of Assassins

Hit the ground running with “Lupin III Island of Assassins”, the latest instalment in Monkey Punch’s amazing anime series. Crafted with meticulous detail and intricate suspense, this thrilling adventure follows master thief Lupin III as he travels to the floating island of Andalusia, seeking revenge.

Unexpectedly, he discovers an ancient conspiracy lurking beneath the deceptively tranquil surface. Will Lupin succeed in his mission. Join him to find out. The exciting plot twists when a femme fatale appears on the scene courtesy of none other than Fujiko Mine and her underhanded security firm.

With a masterfully constructed story interwoven with gorgeous animation and captivating music, “Lupin III Island of Assassins” is sure to be an instant classic loved by fans around the world.

17. 009- 1

009- 1

Assassin anime 009-1 is an exciting story about a female cyborg spy from the Future, set in an alternate version of 1969. The protagonist, Mylene Hoffman, works for the mysterious Number Zero organization as an agent known as “009-1”. Mylene is given assignments to take out the enemies of her employers using her sleek cybernetics and combat skills.

As she embarks on her mission, she discovers secrets that threaten to uncover Number Zero’s dark secrets. From its intriguing conspiracy plot to its visually stunning art style, Assassin Anime 009-1 is a must-watch for any fan of sci-fi adventure.

Full of thrilling action sequences and complex characters, this anime is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With its unique setting, immersive visuals and captivating story, it has even been mentioned as one of the best series in its genre and is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something new and exciting.

16. Moribito Moribito Guardian of the Spirit

Moribito Moribito Guardian of the Spirit

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit is a classic assassin anime series which will forever be remembered as one of the most outstanding animes of its time. The series follows protagonist Balsa, an experienced bodyguard, whose job is to protect little prince Chagum from malicious shamans and political schemes.

Along her journey, she meets Touya, a warrior guide; Shuga, a powerful water spirit; Torogai, an old witch; and various other intriguing characters. Together they work toward restoring the lost balance in their world and protecting Chagum from harm.

Complex character dynamics and thoroughly developed storylines are only two aspects that make this series special – its themes often become deep reflections on culture and human nature, making for an engaging watch for both young and older audiences alike.

15. Golgo 13: Queen Bee

Golgo 13_ Queen Bee

“Golgo 13: Queen Bee” is an enthralling assassin anime that follows the adventures of a proficient gunman. Golgo 13 has appeared in various manga, video games, and media throughout the years, making it a classic series within its genre. In this 2020 animated feature, an assassination assignment takes our protagonist to Italy and puts him on a collision course with treacherous adversaries.

The action is intense and captivating as he uses his exceptional shooting abilities to take down one daunting opponent after another in thrilling battles.

What sets Golgo 13 apart from other assassin anime are its phenomenal visuals, accompanied by rousing music that adds a lot of excitement during fight scenes. Our hero has been charged with uncovering a hidden fortune amidst mysterious dealings and sabotage, but will he succeed or be ensnared by his enemies.

14. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal, produced by Studio Bee Train and directed by Koichi Mashimo, is regarded as one of the best assassin anime to ever exist. The show beautifully combines breathtaking animation with a compelling storyline and thrilling fight scenes.

In this classic samurai story from Japan, the main protagonist Manji is cursed with immortality, which he uses to exact his revenge against the Shogunate for killing his beloved sister. Along with Rin, an enterprising young girl who seeks to avenge betrayed family members, Manji embarks on a journey in search of revenge.

With such a great blend of artistry and storytelling, Blade of the Immortal will keep you on the edge of your seat while you watch Manji fight through his opponents using his mastery over sword combat. 

From epic villain battles to touching moments between the two protagonists, this series stands out among its competitors not just in terms of action but also in emotionally gripping narrative arcs.

13. Noir


Noir is an action-packed anime series about two powerful female assassins, Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yuumura. Set in the early twenty-first-century Spanish town of Les Anges, their thrilling journey takes them around the world in search of answers to a mysterious past that both heroines share.

As they hunt down criminals and fight other tough opponents, they discover dark secrets connecting to themselves and their origins. Featuring gripping action scenes and well-developed characters, Noir quickly gained popularity among fans of the genre.

This remarkable anime also offers viewers knowledge about international politics as it explores moral issues like loyalty, justice, crime, sacrifice and betrayal. If you are looking for an assassin anime with a captivating storyline, Noir is definitely worth a watch.

12. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill is one of the most popular anime series around the world, and it’s no surprise why. This show combines style, humour, and intense battles to create a fast-paced, action-packed anime that keeps viewers coming back for more. 

With strong characters and a unique storyline based on revenge and justice, Kill la Kill is sure to keep you glued to its captivating plot.

It follows Ryuko Matoi on her mission to find her father’s killer by using the powerful uniform called Senketsu. Along with her talking sailor uniform, she embarks on an epic journey to fight an evil elite force known as the “Elite Four” in order to take down the anti-government organization Honnouji Academy.

As she fights her way through these enemies with cool transformation sequences and pulsing battle music, viewers will understand how serious Ryuko’s mission becomes – all while having a good laugh at some of Ryuko’s wisecracks and mispronunciations.

11. Chaika – The Coffin Princess

Chaika -- The Coffin Princess

“Chaika — The Coffin Princess” is an action-packed anime series following the lives of two adoptive siblings who happen to be saboteurs. Along the way, they uncover clues about Chaika, a mysterious young girl and magical corporatized being carrying a coffin, who appears to be on a mission to gather components of her late father’s remains.

As they strive to help her complete her mission, they face numerous obstacles in a world plagued by war and strife. With its creative character designs, thrilling action sequences and captivating story, Chaika – The Coffin Princess is sure to keep viewers entertained.

From magical battles with powerful enemies to unexpected plot twists and encounters with charismatic supporting characters, the anime series captures all the right elements that make for a remarkable experience.

10. Danganronpa


Written by Japanese game developer Spike Chunsoft, Danganronpa is a popular visual novel and video game series that follows a group of high schoolers as they face off against an evil mastermind. The unique concept, showcased in its foundation of thrilling turnarounds and psychological gameplay, has had fans hooked for years.

With thematic elements such as chaos, despair, and even death explored with stunning animation and storytelling; it continues to captivate audiences across the globe.

Danganronpa’s characters are unorthodox, even by anime standards—from the serial con artist Monokuma to Ultimate Lucky Student Chiaki Nanami—and each surprise will keep you on the edge of your seat. Additionally, the variety of areas available for exploration gives the game an impressive replay value.

9. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl, an anime series based on the light novel by Yu Aida, is a favourite among fans of action-packed shows. The plot focuses on Henrietta, a cyborg assassin for an Italian agency tasked with neutralizing terrorists.

Her actions seem cold and calculated at first glance, but she begins to form an attachment to her handler, Jean Croce, developing a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

Each episode follows Henrietta and her team as they take on missions with emotionally charged themes such as revenge and redemption. The show has intense fight scenes filled with spectacular gunfights as well as wistful moments that leave viewers pondering their own life decisions.

8. Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki, also known as Future Diary, is an anime series like no other. Produced by Asread and directed by Naoto Hosada, the 20-episode horror mystery follows Yukiteru Amano as he becomes embroiled in a deadly battle of wits with 11 other diary holders who possess diaries that can predict the Future.

Mirai Nikki pits contestants against each other in a race to see who can survive the longest and ultimately ascend to become the god of time and space.

The suspenseful 26-episode series build on thrills and action, making it an adrenaline-filled adventure for its audience.

7. Riddle Story of Devil

Riddle Story of Devil

The anime’ Riddle Story of Devil’ is an intense, thrilling and gripping Japanese animation that centres around twelve female assassins on a mission to defeat their enemy. The characters are all persistent and blossom with a variety of mysterious backgrounds as the story progresses, giving subtle hints to the audience throughout.

With an action-packed storyline and star-studded cast, the anime’s cult-like following continues to grow. Viewers have commended its creativity and attention to detail, while its emotionally charged scenes have tugged at their heartstrings.

In addition to the creative plots, exciting fight scenes, and extensive worldbuilding, Riddle Story of Devil appeals heavily to viewers through expertly crafted characters and dialogues between them. Furthermore, it plays up on suspenseful sequences that keep audiences hooked well beyond the airing of each episode.

6. Black Cat

Black Cat

Black Cat is an anime series that follows the journey of a young assassin, Train Heartnet. Set in a futuristic world, this series offers a thrilling ride that resonates with viewers both old and new.

Train finds himself caught up in a cat-and-mouse game between two powerful organizations as he learns to face his past, confront dangerous foes and rediscover his true nature.

With high-stakes action scenes, endearing characters, a solid narrative and genuinely unexpected plot twists, Black Cat is a show that revitalized the assassin anime genre.

5. Code: Breaker

Code_ Breaker

Code: Breaker is a popular anime that follows the story of Sakurakouji Sakura, a high school student who discovers her classmate’s secret double life. 

She learns that he is an assassin known as the “Code: Breaker,” a special type of government-sponsored assassin that the government uses to execute those deemed unwilling or unable to be judged through established law.

Sakura joins forces with Code: Breaker to help him fight against evil forces and protect others from becoming targets as well. With action-packed scenes, heartwarming moments, and unique characters, Code: Breaker has been captivating viewers all over the world.

As a shounen anime, it explores themes like justice, moral ambiguity, and friendship, set in an exciting storyline. For fans looking for thrilling suspense and compelling characters, Code: Breaker is sure to enthral viewers from start to finish.

4. Darker than Black

Darker than Black

Darker than Black is an enthralling Japanese anime series which tells the story of Hei, a talented assassin or “Contractor” with supernatural powers. In order for Contractors to use their powers, they must pay the price by making strange deals as a toll for each power bestowed upon them.

In Hei’s case, he has exchanged his memories and emotions for the power to manipulate electricity and complete powerful missions such as espionage and assassination. As Hei embarks on his mission to unravel the secrets of Hell’s Gate, he encounters numerous characters along the way who are entangled in a vast conspiracy theory.

Through thick and thin, these unique characters all fight against the formidable forces of evil threatening their home city. The anime is an awe-inspiring narrative which combines thrilling action sequences with captivating plot lines that keep viewers hooked until the very end.

3. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Phantom_ Requiem for the Phantom

“Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom” is an intriguing anime that has captivated audiences through exciting assassination-based stories. Set in modern-day America, the show follows a young man who experiences amnesia and is taken in and trained by a mysterious organization for hire as an assassin.

Along the way, he meets a female assassin known as Ein, who helps him come to terms with his identity and uncover secrets of the past. Based on a novel series written by Ichiro Kume, “Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom” appeals to fans of all ages with its immersive storylines and realistic animation.

Furthermore, its gripping action sequences will get any viewer hooked on the series. Characters are well-developed throughout each episode, giving viewers a chance to piece together clues as they follow along with the story.

2. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!

An anime that is hailed for its gripping storyline and thrilling fights, “Akame ga Kill!” has been garnering much attention from the anime world. It is set in a fictitious empire under the tyrannical rule of Prime Minister Honest.

This leads to a group of unstoppable assassins known as “Night Raid” who fight to restore peace and justice by killing those who oppose them.

Following an exciting plot, this anime showcases epic fight sequences and gory killings between good and evil. Akame herself is an incredibly strong character with mystical powers; her nature to take risks and her overall heroism landed her several victories.

The anime creates a dark narrative where the situations get intense at every twist and turn while exploring themes such as morality and choices, along with tackling some serious social issues such as poverty and class struggle.

1. The Assassination Classroom

The Assassination Classroom

The Assassination Classroom” is an anime series that follows a class of junior high students who enter a strange, newfound school – with their teacher being an alien in the shape of a yellow octopus. As part of their curriculum, each student is given a target to assassinate and practice hero skills to become top assassins.

The humour throughout the show makes it an exciting watch for viewers as they watch the students attempt off-the-wall assassination techniques on their alien teacher.

This anime offers more than just action, though – there are also heartfelt moments where you’ll find out more about each individual character and how they develop over time. It’s no wonder why The Assassination Classroom has won multiple awards for its charm and comedy, positioning itself as one of the best anime series in recent years.


After having explored the 25 best GL webtoons/lesbian comics of all time, it is clear to see how far the genre has come and evolved over the last several decades.

From touching romances to heart-stopping horror, GL webcomics contain a thrilling range of genres with stories that both captivate and challenge conventional gender dynamics.

However, there are still many stories remaining untold in the world of GL webtoons – an exciting prospect as manga expands further into unknown corners of society around the globe. We hope this list serves as an introduction that prompts you to dive headfirst into this incredibly diverse world filled with amazing GL webcomics.


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