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Top 50 Best Anime With Nudity That Will Make Your Heart Pound Fast

Are you in search of the best anime with nudity? Look no further! Our comprehensive article lists the top fifty-rated series that incorporate adult themes.

No matter your taste, the titles provide captivating storytelling alongside larger-than-life characters, leaving no stone unturned regarding nudity.

Whether you’re after sensual ecchi or explicit harem scenes, the content you seek is now only a few clicks away. So don’t delay – begin your thrill-filled exploration today!


50. Ladies Versus Butlers!

Ladies Versus Butlers!

Ladies Versus Butlers (LVB) is an anime series with a lot of nudity that’s sure to raise eyebrows and satisfy fans of the genre. It follows a group of privileged students at the prestigious students-only academy, Hakureiryou Academy.

The school is dedicated exclusively to teaching these wealthy students about discipline and etiquette, befitting their high social class.

While all seems proper on the surface, beneath lurks devilishly devious carnal desires from nearly all characters involved in this story.

With plenty of naughty humour and heaps of fan service to go around, Ladies Versus Butlers offers up a unique spin on the naughty side of classic anime.

Each episode is filled with boisterous comedy combined with some strategic large-breasted fan service that anyone can enjoy.

With its voluptuous femme fatales, testosterone-fueled opposite-sex relations, and explicit scenes of nudity delivered with the gusto that will intrigue anime fans around the world.

49. The Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero

The Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero

Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero (Hagure Yuusha no Estetika) is a unique anime that is gaining attention for its impressive animation, suspense-filled action scenes, and comedic moments. But, some people may choose to avoid this series because there is significant nudity involved.

The story involves an alternate world where elves and other creatures, in addition to humans, exist. The premise is an interesting adventure through this world full of danger, as every decision has consequences.

What makes this show stand out from other anime with nudity is that it does not rely on fanservice as a major source of entertainment but instead focuses on the plot and character development which allows viewers to still enjoy a great story while accepting the more risque elements.

The main draw to the series may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are looking to indulge in something new and mature, then Aesthetica of the Rogue Hero should definitely be added to your queue.

48. Sekirei


Sekirei is an anime series with a unique story that has been immensely popular among romance, adventure and science fiction enthusiasts since it was first released in 2008.

The story revolves around a young man named Minato Sahashi who builds relationships with mysterious girls known as Sekirei.

Unlike other romance-based anime shows, this one takes the genre to a deeper level, where some of the episodes include nudity, making it unsuitable for younger viewers.

Despite the presence of explicit scenes, Sekirei remains popular as devotees consider it to be an up-close exploration of human relationships.

This classic anime is incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking; even after years have passed, it continues to be recommended by anime fans worldwide.

47. Kanokon


Kanokon is a hit Japanese anime series that is gaining popularity for its naughty and humorous take on traditional fantasy art.

The story follows Kouta Oyamada, a naive freshman high school student who moves to the country and finds himself surrounded by fox girls, snake girls and various other half-human-half-animal hybrids.

These mythical creatures are eager to get close to Kouta, but he soon learns that not all of their intentions are pure! As Kouta struggles with his feelings, he discovers that these animals have supernatural abilities involving magic, fox spirits and erotic teasing.

Kanokon mostly stands out due to the abundance of fanservice in it—from fan service humour to mature content such as full nudity and sensual massage scenes.

Still, underneath the provocative exterior lies an entertaining setting filled with lighthearted comedy, amusing characters and a surprisingly heartfelt story.

46. It’s the Testament Of Sister New Devil

ItGÇÖs the Testament Of Sister New Devil

This popular anime series features steamy sexual antics and plenty of nudity, making it the perfect experience for viewers who are seeking both a story-rich anime and some provocative visuals.

The series is full of high-quality animation and an interesting plot, centred on two sisters – one an embodiment of pure good, while the other holds sinful power.

With great humour and character development as well as action-packed sequences, this show provides great entertainment from start to finish, whether you’re looking for just some mild fan service or plenty of naughty scenes.

Even better, the show has all sorts of ethical debates regarding witches and other magical creatures that add depth to its already engaging storyline.

It’s the Testament Of Sister New Devil is truly a unique anime series that offers fans much more than mere nudity. It will surely become a favourite among those who appreciate more than just eye candy in their viewing selections.

45. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven is an anime series that has developed a cult following due to its unique blend of fantasy, action, and adult themes.

An offshoot of the supernatural genre, the show follows Arata Kasuga – a teenager who enrols in the Royal Biblia Academy after his world is destroyed by a “Breakdown Phenomenon.”

The majority of the series focuses on Arata’s attempts to understand and control his new magical powers at school, but it also periodically delves into mature storylines that involve nudity.

Fans of fantasy-based and adult-themed entertainment will find a lot to love about Trinity Seven, thanks to its captivating story arcs and attention to detail.

Its juicy plotlines are sure to keep viewers guessing until the very end. Those who appreciate hentai will also find something special here – Trinity Seven takes the art form of manga-style comic books and combines it with traditional anime techniques – creating an experience that’s thrilling yet full of depth.

With plenty of romance, search parties, resourceful characters and powerful magic to explore, this series offers a greater level of intrigue than most harem anime.

44. High School DxD

High School DxD anime

High School DxD, an anime that offers plenty of skin-bearing scenes, fans of nudity and adult-oriented comedy will soon be struck with the realization that there’s something more to this show than meets the eye.

Set in a world full of devils and angels, High School DxD follows the story of Issei Hyoudou, a perverted high school student who is killed on his first date, only to be brought back to life as a devil by Rias Gremory.

Along his path to becoming a High-Class Devil and one of Rias’ loyal subjects, Issei embarks upon numerous comedic adventures, all while developing both strength and resolve, not just as a fighter but also in dealing with the plethora of relationships with beautiful women he builds along the way.

With fanservice elements such as nudity and adult jokes sprinkled throughout the show, there is still plenty here for those looking for character development and symbolism -all delivered through some amazing animation work.

43. Battle Vixens: Ikki Tousen

Battle Vixens_ Ikki Tousen

“Battle Vixens: Ikki Tousen” is an exciting Japanese anime series filled with heroic fights and plenty of nudity. Set in a modern-day version of ancient China’s Three Kingdoms, the story focuses on seven prep school students who are reincarnations of mighty warriors called ‘Toushi’ who participate in various tournaments.

The main character, Hakufu Sonsaku, aspires to unify Japan using her martial arts skills, setting off explosive battles between rival schools.

While the action takes centre stage in Battle Vixens, there’s no doubt that fans are also drawn to its abundance of alluring ecchi scenes.

With suggestive poses and plenty of skin on show from both male and female characters alike, those in search of anime with nudity will definitely find what they’re looking for here.

42. Freezing (2011)

Freezing (2011)

Freezing is an anime series filled with action, adventure and a bit of suspense. It takes place in a future world where alien invaders called the “Nova” are threatening humanity’s existence.

Two genetically-enhanced students, Satellizer el Bridget and Kazuya Aoi are chosen to pilot robotic “Valkyries” to fight against the Nova menace.

While Freezing has been praised for its visuals and exciting storyline, its plot isn’t the only thing that makes it stand out from other anime: Freezing also contains some surprisingly explicit nudity. This nudity ranges from suggestive poses to full-frontal shots of male and female characters alike.

Though this may cause some viewers to pass on the show, those looking for more risqué episodes of anime should definitely give Freezing a try.

With an epic battle between alien invaders and humanity on the brink of extinction, there’s truly something here for every type of viewer – even those who don’t mind a few scenes involving nude characters.

41. Seven Mortal Sins

Seven Mortal Sins

Seven Mortal Sins” is an anime series about beautiful angels who are not as innocent and pure as they appear. Sins including pride, gluttony and envy reveal the darker side of these allegedly holy creatures.

Dark themes aside, “Seven Mortal Sins” also includes explicit sexual content and nudity which many viewers found appealing.

Besides being highly entertaining, recent research has suggested that watching anime with nudity may have certain health benefits, such as reducing stress levels. Become part of this intriguing story by streaming or downloading “Seven Mortal Sins”.

40. Girls, Bravo!

Girls Bravo!

Girls, Bravo! is a popular anime series that centres around four high school friends and their wacky hijinks. It’s a classic “slice-of-life” style anime beloved by viewers from all walks of life, but it has a distinct feature that sets it apart: its depictions of nudity.

By adding this element of naughty humour in an otherwise innocuous series, Girls, Bravo! It truly epitomizes the idea of getting some “titillation with your television.”

From its fan service segments to occasional streaking scenes, Girls, Bravo! It offers its audience plenty of comedic material without sacrificing tastefulness. It’s these unique characteristics that make the anime so renowned and entertaining in equal measure.

39. Bikini Warriors

Bikini Warriors

Bikini Warriors is a Japanese anime series centred around a group of adventurers seeking quests and treasures. Despite its simple external design, this anime packs a range of overlooked elements that make it truly unique.

Firstly, the art style stands out from the traditional anime look and provides viewers with an interesting visual experience. In addition to its visuals, this anime also has some edgier elements with no shortage of scenes featuring nudity and intense violence.

While these two combine to provide mature content for viewers looking for more than just adventure, they are also fully rated according to strict industry standards and regulations.

38. Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao is an iconic anime series with adult themes and suggestive content. Taking place in a modern-day world, the main character, Sai Akuto, embarks on a journey to become the possessor of awesome magical abilities while also facing slander from his peers and schoolmates as they fear him due to his incredible potential. 

With plenty of nudity, this anime series fans can expect a dynamic cast of characters whose growth follows exciting arcs. Eroticism reigns supreme, with both fanservice and sensuality sprinkled throughout the show.

Demon King Daimao will entertain adult audiences with its cutting-edge animation and thrilling storyline. Despite not being for kids or minors due to its explicit content, older viewers can thoroughly enjoy this sexually charged take on a fantasy adventure that spans 12 episodes.

37. The Qwaser of Stigmata

The Qwaser of Stigmata

The Qwaser of Stigmata is an anime like no other. It follows the thrilling adventures of a man gifted with mysterious powers and his struggles to protect the girl he loves.

Set in a world that can only be described as surreal, viewers will appreciate the unique visual style and attention to detail that this show provides.

The world also contains plenty of nudity, which enhances its dark fantasy atmosphere. There are scenes unravelling in every episode with both explicit and implicit sexual content throughout the series, so there’s never a dull moment while watching this show.

However, it should be known that these moments of adult material are restricted because they are not suitable for younger viewers.

Therefore, The Qwaser of Stigmata may only be recommended to mature audiences who can handle such risque content within reason.

36. Kiss x Sis (2010)

Kiss x Sis (2010)

“Kiss x Sis (2010)” is perhaps the most entertaining and naughty anime about two step-siblings with an incestuous relationship.

Considered a cult classic, this popular anime series follows the story of Keita, his twin stepsisters Ako and Riko, and their complicated romantic entanglements.

With plenty of raunchy humour and sexual innuendo, it’s easy to see why Kiss x Sis (2010) is such a fan favourite. While there are moments of romance in the show, most of it centres around its bold exploration of taboo subject matter.

Challenging conventions and pushing boundaries, particularly in terms of nudity, “Kiss x Sis (2010)” gives viewers a unique mixture of action, comedy, drama, and suspense, all wrapped up into one exciting package.

35. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive_ Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is an anime with some seriously amazing nudity. The series follows a young girl who finds herself on a secret island known as “Lundvahl”, in which the inhabitants all have the strange ability to transform their bodies into weapons when exposed to arousal.

This series exemplifies how the presence of nudity and ecchi can be used effectively to tell an engaging story. With captivating visuals and energetic fight scenes, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid displays a beautiful world in which both sides struggle for power.

The characters are brought together by intrigue, adventure, love, and desire as they battle each other and try to unravel the secrets of Lundvahl. It allows viewers to watch battles that are portrayed not only with emotion but also with dramatic intensity.

34. Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet (2018)

Amai Choubatsu_ Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet (2018)

This post-apocalyptic sexism satire draws viewers in with its unique blend of action, comedy, and thrilling moments. The main character Yuriko is an android with artificial intelligence that is tasked with punishing rule breakers in a sexually objectifying way, leading many viewers to become invested in her journey.

An exciting animation style further engages audiences who are looking for something new in the genre. Despite its heavy subject matter, this series never failed to deliver gulps of light moments that leave viewers wanting more.

With its powerful commentary on how the future may be shaped by the current problems in society, Amai Choubatsu is sure to remain relevant and entertaining for years to come.

33. Prisma Illya/kaleid liner Fate

Prisma Illya kaleid liner Fate

Can you handle a TV series that contains both animals and adult themes together? The Japanese anime “Prisma Illya/kaleid liner Fate” has been drawing attention for its unique combination of humour and violence, as well as its mature content.

This anime shows us glimpses of the magical world of mahou shoujos (magical girls) and their mundane activities, such as attending school or hanging out with friends. What sets it apart from more traditional anime is its depiction of nudity.

From minor details like a dangling thong beneath a skirt to risque shots that border on the explicit, there’s no denying that this show pushes some boundaries regarding ecchi-ness.

32. Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls (2010)

Hyakka Ryouran_ Samurai Girls (2010)

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls is an anime series that combines beauty, action and a touch of ecchi! Set in a period-styled alternate world, one of the major themes of the show is extreme brawling between samurai girls.

Although it includes nudity, it still strives to maintain balance by balancing its storytelling with equal parts of comedy and characters’ development.

The main plot follows Muneakira Yagyu as he commands members of his household to fight each other (and various other enemies) until they can bring out the full power hidden within their bodies by invoking Super Samurai Mode.

As the plot progresses, relationships between characters become closer and more detailed, creating tension between double crosses and political interests.

Hyakka Ryouran features vibrant visuals, spectacular action scenes with stylized sword fights, and deep characters with strong personalities directed by Akiyuki Shinbo (Madoka Magica), this series stands out from other nudie anime due to its unique blend of genres and stories.

31. Teacher, why are you even here?

Teacher, why are you even here

Anime with nudity, such as “Teacher, why are you even here?” has become extremely popular for its entertaining plots, gripping storylines and intriguing characters.

Whether it’s Shuichi, the male lead of the series, or Takami Sensei, his teacher, viewers have grown attached to these characters and are invested in their growth.

What makes this anime stand out from the rest is its accessibility to all ages and its mature themes, which go beyond generic love stories.

For starters, this title includes explicit nudity and sexualized violence, which can be uncomfortable to watch but adds a level of realism to the already intense plot.

To help mitigate the discomfort associated with watching R-rated anime, some viewers opt for film version over television show — although both options pack quite a punch.

Despite these concerns, many anime fans still flock to “Teacher, why are you even here?” because they know that despite its shocking and graphic scenes, it still provides an emotionally engaging narrative unlike any other.

30. Strike the Blood (2013)

Strike the Blood (2013)

Strike the Blood (2013) is an anime TV series that draws viewers in with both its explosive action moments and lighthearted comedy.

It follows Kojou Akatsuki, a high school student who discovers he’s the Fourth Progenitor—one of the World’s most powerful vampires known as a Boogeyman.

He soon finds himself thrown into a world of magic and secrets that include other deadly past Progenitors. The show nails the balance between excitement and humour while also adding elements of mature themes with its inclusion of nudity and sexual references.

All-in-all, each episode feels like one bold dive into a completely startling new world as we follow Kojou through this thrilling tale filled with otherworldly creatures.

While its content can be risque at points, it’s all part of building up the more giant fantasy backdrop fans can’t seem to get enough of. That being said, Strike the Blood is for sure not for kids, so be aware if you plan on giving it a try.

29. Prison School

Prison School

Prison School is an anime series that follows the misadventures of a group of boys who are forced to attend an all-girls school after enrolling in a much stricter prison-like program.

This ecchi/nudity-filled anime follows the student’s striving to escape from the relentless punishments handed down by the All-Female Student Council (in particular, Underground Student Council President Meiko Shiraki).

The twist? If they are caught trying to escape, their sentences will be doubled. A wild ride with lots of fan service, Prison School is an exciting and funny look at life on the wrong side of school obedience.

With stellar production values and an energetic soundtrack, this unique anime will surely capture your attention. Don’t let its nudity fool you, and there’s much more beneath the surface than meets the eye.

28. Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (2018)

Yuragi sou no Yuuna san

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san is a unique anime series from 2018 that delves into the issue of nudity. The series chronicles the adventures of high school student Kogarashi, who moves into a spooky old inn for rent called Yuragi-sou.

Once he arrives, he discovers several attractive female spirits haunting the premise – and all dealing with their own issues surrounding nudity.

This quirky anime follows Kogarashi as he helps each spirit deal with their personal struggles and eventually chooses which one to leave behind in the afterlife.

Of course, each paranormal visitor has their own personal appeal to attract viewers, as many feature daring sex scenes and fan service moments.

Despite its overt focus on nudity, Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san still manages to tell an engaging story with a twist which you won’t expect until the very end.

27. Manyuu Hiken-chou

Manyuu Hikenchou

For fanatics of Japanese animation, the series Manyuu Hiken-chou presents a unique but seductive opportunity to follow the adventures of an intergalactic warrior.

Released in 2011, it details the journey of Chifusa Manyuu as she travels through feudal Japan with the goal of reclaiming hidden swords that imbue her with superpowers.

Throughout her mission, she faces violent battles with ruthless enemies and often uses nudity as a last-ditch weapon against them.

With intense cartoon violence laced with humorous scenes and crude sexual innuendos involving nudity, this anime provides an unexpected combination of comedy and drama for adult viewers enticed by its provocative content.

As events, progress and new characters appear on screen, introducing romantic elements into the plot, this number-one targeted show in Japan entices its audience by combining fantasy storylines with suggestive elements sure to pique anyone’s interest.

26. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! (2011)

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! (2011)

“Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!” (also known as Majikoi!) is a romantic comedy anime series first released in 2011. It tells the story of five childhood friends-the protagonist Yamato, his three female friends and their childhood friend Kawakami Momoyo—who are now high school students.

While the plot starts off as a lighthearted show about navigating love and friendships, it quickly switches to an action-filled story around halfway through its run.

The distinguishing feature of this anime is the surprising display of nudity—specifically, the exaggeratedly ‘bouncy’ size and movements of female characters’ chests.

Given this explicit content, fans expecting a fun and cheery show should approach it cautiously despite its lighthearted start. At the same time, acknowledging that it might not be family-friendly, Majikoi.

25. Maken-Ki!


Maken-Ki is an anime series with a unique blend of comedy and fan service. Based on the popular manga by Hiromitsu Takeda, the show follows the adventures of Takeru and his friends as they attend a special academy whose curriculum includes supernatural battling skills.

Although this particular series has attracted considerable attention for its nudity – something that may be seen by some as inappropriate – it delivers comedic moments and belly laughs throughout each episode while exploring moral, ethical and character development between the various characters.

With this blend, viewers will see moments of lighthearted comedic pleasure juxtaposed against some heartfelt moments as friendships are formed, characters’ full backstories take form and love blooms among those in attendance.

24. Shinmai Maou no Testament (2015)

Shinmai Maou no Testament (2015)

Shinmai Maou no Testament is an anime with nudity that several viewers recommend. It is a series based around the character Basara who finds out his deceased father’s secret of having two new step-sisters by his side.

He soon discovers that these two sisters present both an advantage and a danger his life has never seen before. However, as Basara struggles to accept his newfound family, they battle demons threatening the world.

This fantasy-filled anime delves into many thought-provoking topics while offering fanservice with plenty of fanservice scenes featuring nudity and attractive visuals.

The animation style is colourful and vivid, and the vibrant action scenes are sure to please every audience member.

Shinmai Maou no Testament offers something for everyone – whether you’re looking for sexual content or looking to explore mature themes – making it an ideal anime for all types of viewers.

23. Yuuna, the Haunted Hot Springs

Yuuna, the Haunted Hot Springs

Adapted from the popular manga series Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san, the 2019 anime adaptation Yuuna, the Haunted Hot Springs is a hilarious romantic comedy that follows the adventures of a young spirit medium named Kogarashi Fuyuzora.

In this unique anime full of fan service and plenty of nudity, Kogarashi leases an abandoned hot springs inn to live in and immediately starts experiencing supernatural events.

He soon discovers that his new home is filled with numerous charming female spirits that are living off of remaining energy sources in an attempt to remain close to the human world.

To help them restore their strength and return to the afterlife, Kogarashi and his fellow roommates use uncanny ways to generate power for these situations.

Despite some risqué content, fans will enjoy this delightful spin on classic ghost stories as it has earned many favourable ratings for its comedic elements and solid character development.

22. To Love Ru (2008)

To Love Ru

To Love Ru is a classic anime series that originally aired in 2008, providing viewers with an eye-catching storyline and laughter-inducing comedy. The show focuses on high school student Rito Yuuki, who is surrounded by an array of overbearing female admirers.

As the series progresses, fans become increasingly captivated as nudity, and risque humour plays a prominent role throughout the television series. When it comes to anime with nudity, To Love Ru stands out as a fan favourite.

An abundance of enjoyable characters contains plenty of entertainment to keep viewers satisfied. Complex story arcs, plentiful moments of nudity, lighthearted comedy, and above all else – adventure guaranteed plenty of enjoyment for its passionate audience during its initial 2008 release.

Still popular today despite airing over ten years ago, To Love Ru is unarguably considered one of the best anime containing nudity by many longtime otaku fans.

21. Cat Planet Cuties

Cat Planet Cuties

Cat Planet Cuties is an anime about a group of girls who befriend an alien cat boy. The show contains scenes with nudity, which will appeal to viewers looking for something a bit racier than the average anime series.

Despite its salaciousness, Cat Planet Cuties remains true to the spirit of Japanese animation, featuring an exciting blend of comedy, drama and action-adventure.

The story follows Aoi joining up with the cat-eared version of the Earth Defence Club to save the planet from destruction.

Along with her peers, Erisu and Manami, Aoi’s courage and determination are constantly tested as they struggle to save their beloved cats and prevent total annihilation.

With delightful animation, a colourful soundtrack and a heartwarming plot, Cat Planet Cuties appeal to all types of fans: from those interested in fantasy adventure; to those wanting some straightforward ecchi entertainment.

Containing mature themes yet still family-friendly overall, this series should be considered for its fun characters and engaging twists rather than its occasional nudity – which does not take away from a truly riveting viewing experience.

20. High School of The Dead (2010)

High School of The Dead (2010)

High School of the Dead is an iconic anime show that was released in 2010 and has since gained a large fan base. It follows the story of a group of Japanese high school students as they try to make their way through a zombie apocalypse.

The series offers viewers thrilling action sequences, intense character development, and moments of light-hearted humour to balance out the seriousness of the situation they’re trying to survive in. One unique aspect is its inclusion of nudity, something rarely seen in anime shows newly released at the time.

This daring move makes High School Of the Dead stand out from other titles with similar apocalyptic themes. By incorporating nudity into certain scenes for dramatic purposes, creators were able to create suspense and captivate viewers with episodes that impressed many critics alike.

19. Queen’s Blade

Queen's Blade

Queen’s Blade is an anime that has an explosive fan base due to its story and art style. The anime revolves around princesses and warriors who compete to determine their next ruler, known as the Queen of the Continent.

While this can be enjoyed without knowledge of nudity, those familiar with this genre know that it brings with it too.

By combining medieval-style warfare, beautiful female characters and highly suggestive themes, fans have become captivated by this thrilling series.

Although “Queen’s Blade” focuses on competition for power, which is usually won through violence but also sometimes through seduction, nudity is also included as a way to portray the more adult and sophisticated side of their universe.

With attractive designs of characters, ravishing scenery, and brilliant storyline arcs, this anime is sure to offer many exciting moments for viewers seeking to explore the nuances in current-day animated masterpieces that include nudity.

18. Devilman: Crybaby (2018)

Devilman Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby (2018) is an explosive anime series that pushes the boundaries of what’s considered acceptable in animation from Japan.

This show follows Devilman, a human/demon hybrid who fights paranormal enemies as they seek to topple humanity and take over the world.

As its title implies, this show embraces nudity, lurid images, and adult topics far more boldly than other anime series. It revels in inventive imagery and explicit scenes, which may be too extreme for some viewers.

Despite its brutal violence and sexually charged storylines, Devilman: Crybaby (2018) has plenty to offer. With a unique art style steeped in gothic horror elements, it stands out amongst more traditional series with animated monsters and fantastical settings.

It goes into themes such as love vs hate, and justice vs cruelty in a highly stylized way making for an engaging viewing experience that’s thought-provoking for adults.

Its uncompromising approach to nudity adds intensity to already powerful stories as well as reveals deeper levels of character motivation often glossed over or ignored entirely by other shows on similar subjects.

17. Monster Girl Doctor

Monster Girl Doctor

Monster Girl Doctor is an exciting and unique anime series that tells the story of Dr. Glenn Litbeit and his patients at the Lindworm Union Medical School.

Set in a world where humans live alongside Monster Girls, this anime puts a new take on medical drama as it explores human body structure with curiosity and innocence.

Alongside its beautiful art style, this series also features nudity with some of its Monster Girl characters. Whether you’re a fan of the ecchi genre or looking for something new to watch, Monster Girl Doctor offers plenty to enjoy for its viewers. The humour and medical aspect keeps its viewers entertained throughout each episode.

This show will surely bring plenty of entertainment filled with pertinent topics such as sexism, gender identity, and gender roles while still managing to captivate their audience without relying solely on nudity as an attention-grabber.

While Monster Girl Doctor may contain some nudity, those who watch the show will discover many interesting conversations and story arcs unfold that are certain to make this anime worth the watch time.

16. Ninja Scroll (1993)

Ninja Scroll (1993)

Ninja Scroll is a popular Japanese anime film that has been thrilling viewers for more than twenty-five years. It features stunning visuals, beautiful storytelling and several exciting characters, including the main character Jubei Kibagami.

One of the things that set Ninja Scroll apart from other anime films is that it contains nudity and sexual content.

Though this may be off-putting to some, others may find it to be part of the charm and appreciate its historical accuracy in explicating themes of power within feudal Japan.

Despite these themes, ninja scroll remains an entertaining story with significant action sequences as Jubei battles demons and evil forces to save innocent villagers from La Blue Girl and Gemma, his allies in their fights. The animation also creates stunning visuals and brilliant action scenes that bring each fight to life.

Ninja Scroll offers a unique look at one of ancient Japan’s most prolific occupations in spirited fashion, making it a must-watch for anime fans of all ages.

15. Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia is an ecchi anime (anime with nudity) based on a Japanese light novel series by Masami Kurumada.

It is set shortly when humanity has been attacked by alien monsters known as ‘Interdimensional Invaders’.

To protect the world, a special squadron of teenagers known as ‘Aquafall Protectors’ are recruited by an artificial intelligence called Hyperepsilon. As members of this squadron, they use powered suits and powerful weapons to fight off aliens and save the world.

While tackling alien threats, the Aquafall Protectors also deal with teenage drama, family issues and romance – making Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia one of the most exciting ecchi animes available today.

Despite it featuring nudity, this show is so much more than just skin-deep, fusing themes of love and friendship with intense action sequences that make it a must-watch for fans of both genres.

14. Afro Samurai (2007)

Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai is an animated series that has just recently become immensely popular among anime fans. This unique and action-packed series takes place in a futuristic feudal Japan and follows Afro, the main protagonist, on his mission to avenge the death of his father.

What makes Afro Samurai so interesting is the fact it features nudity as part of its story and animation. However, this isn’t used as gratuitous comic relief or shock value but instead to add realism to the narrative and enhance character development.

Nudity in this anime also represents immersion into a foreign world and can be very effective at helping viewers connect with characters on a more emotional level.

13. Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica (2012)

Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica (2012)

Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica is an anime comedy series that aired in 2012 with a lot of nudity. It follows the story of a young man, Akatsuki Ousawa, as he joins an all-girls academy in another world.

At this school, he is surrounded by beautiful women who wear revealing clothing and regularly display some nudity.

The plotline follows Akatsuki as he strives to adjust to the new environment and embarks on several humorous adventures.

The series combines its interesting premise with plenty of action and fan service to create an entertaining experience for viewers. Unfortunately, it does contain a vast amount of inappropriate content for those not apt for such semi-nudity.

12. Monster Musume: Everyday Living with Monster Girls

Monster Musume_ Everyday Living with Monster Girls

Set in a world similar to ours, Monster Musume: Everyday Living with Monster Girls introduces viewers to a unique scenario. Monsters of all shapes and sizes, from lamias to merfolk, exist in secret.

Our protagonist is Kimihito Kurusu, an average teenager who finds himself roped into hosting these exotic visitors as part of the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Program.

With this program, newfound relationships are forged, and the mundane everyday life of Kimihito becomes increasingly exciting. Fans will be swept away by ecchi comedy tastes accompanied by scenes of nudity that help tell their stories.

This Anime has something for everyone; comedy fans will have plenty of jokes to make them chuckle, shoujo-ai lovers will enjoy watching the blossoming friendships between humans and monsters alike, and those looking for more mature content can appreciate the sexual appeal that is presented here.

11. Vampire Hunter D (1985)

Vampire Hunter D (1985)

Vampire Hunter D (1985) is a classic anime movie featuring vampires and dark forces. It follows the adventures of a vampire hunter named D, who strives to save villages from an ancient family of vampires.

The animation is highly detailed and full of violent action sequences that make it a great watch even today.

Not only that, but Vampire Hunter D features nudity, particularly surrounding female characters. This strengthens the sexual tension in many scenes and gives audiences added immersion into the story.

For example, the scene where Meissen sees the Baron’s motherly affection shows her topless and plays an important role in motivating his revenge against her father.

In addition to its strong narrative and animations, Vampire Hunter D is considered a must-watch for animation lovers because of its thought-provoking blend of horror, adventure, sexiness and violence.

10. Black Lagoon (2006)

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is widely considered to be one of the best Anime with nudity out there. This dark, gritty series has something for everyone, and its gritty portrayal of modern life gives viewers a fascinating insight into the contemporary culture as well as a good helping of thrilling action sequences.

The show follows a group of mercenaries known as the Lagoon Company who find themselves stranded in a South East Asian city where danger lurks around every corner. It’s here that they are forced to survive through crime and even combat a local criminal syndicate.

Featuring an array of fascinating characters, from a recovering Yakuza enforcer struggling to keep his violent impulses in check to human-animal hybrids capable of wielding two katanas at once, Black Lagoon’s animation style and soundtrack create an atmosphere filled with suspense, tension and edge-of-your-seat excitement.

9. Interspecies Reviewers

Interspecies Reviewers

Interspecies Reviewers is the perfect anime for anyone looking to explore the world of fantasy and eroticism. Explore the riotous and debauched escapades of three adventurers as they give unbelievable reviews and experience mythological creatures of all shapes and sizes.

The series is notorious for its extreme fanservice, strong sexual themes, graphic nudity, and explicit humour; these adult-oriented features make Interspecies Reviewers a niche show but also make it hugely entertaining for those who can appreciate their content.

It’s been an unexpected success for its production studio Passione, with its sheer novelty making it one of the most talked-about anime released in recent years.

Its outrageousness makes it ideal for people seeking something a little bit different, while its charm will keep you coming back after repeated viewings.

8. Tsugumomo


Tsugumomo is an anime that deserves a lot of attention for its unique style and explicit themes. Based on the popular manga series of the same name, Tsugumomo follows the story of Kazuya Kagami as he discovers a strange item left by his late mother.

Soon enough, it is revealed that the item opens up a portal to a golden realm known as Kabuto, populated with powerful spirits known as tsukumogami who resemble ancient gods and goddesses.

What’s more intriguing about Tsugumomo, however, has to be its frank depictions of nude characters – something many anime fall short of.

While nudity remains purely in line with the story progression without being too over-the-top, there are unapologetic scenes which almost feel like they are pushing boundaries.

7. Shokugeki no Soma (2015)

Shokugeki no Soma (2015)

The popular anime series, Shokugeki no Soma (2015) is known for its entertaining concept of a cooking battle. The animation styles are vibrant, and the music is dynamic and unique.

However, what many people don’t know is that this series also features some mature content with nudity in some episodes.

While viewers should be aware of the potential mature content before watching, it should not stop them from enjoying this celebrated show. Not only does it have plenty of humour and action, but it also incorporates messages about hard work and determination.

It will leave an impression on anyone who chooses to watch this delightful anime with a surprisingly out-of-the-box concept.

With humorous dialogue, gorgeous artwork, and memorable characters, Shokugeki no Soma (2015) is an incredibly thrilling anime that combines the wonders of cooking battles with light-hearted comedy that will keep you entertained throughout each episode.

6. Gantz (2004)


Gantz is an anime series with a dark and violent premise that features occasional nudity. The show follows Kei and Masaru, two high schoolers who are brought back to life after they die in tragic circumstances.

They discover they have become part of a strange game orchestrated by an alien machine called “Gantz”, which tasks them with fighting aliens in Tokyo. To make matters worse, if their mission fails, they will be subjected to gruesome punishment.

Despite its often violent story, Gantz also contains moments of tenderness between the protagonists, particularly when it comes to romance and relationships.

At times, this is a delicate affair that uses occasional nudity as a tasteful storytelling device – one that strengthens rather than detracts from the narrative.

Furthermore, its artistic style helps set a distinct atmosphere for each major character’s story arc

5. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (2009)

Phantom_ Requiem for the Phantom (2009)

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is an anime series with a unique blend of genres that feature nudity. In this Japanese-animated action and thriller story, viewers will explore a world filled with both violence and exaggerated human emotion.

The story follows two characters, Ein and Zwei, who have no memory of their pasts. They become trained assassins in the underground world ruled by leaders whose plans involve global means to erase individual identity within our culture.

For mature viewers, content such as nudity is portrayed throughout the series to further emphasize the gravity of certain scenes. Images may include close-ups, sexual situations or even full-body shots.

Even with containing many scenes with nudity or intense violence, this series does not exploit either aspect but rather makes use of them so that viewers can connect with the characters on a deeper level making for an unforgettable experience.

4. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch (2007)

Code Geass_ Hangyaku no Lelouch (2007)

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch is an anime series released in 2007 that contains elements of nudity and explicit scenes.

It is an adventure story rooted in science-fiction, with themes such as battles, moral dilemmas, political intrigue, and world domination.

The show follows the story of a young man called Lelouch, who leads a rebellion against an autocratic empire while leveraging supernatural powers gained from a mysterious benefactor.

He must make difficult choices between his goal of freedom and morality, facing both internal and external conflicts along the way.

Despite its heavily action-based plot, the series also deals with issues such as sexuality as well as violence which are presented in several calculatedly provocative ways.

Although rated for mature audiences due to its more explicit nature during certain scenes, “Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch” remains true to its intended aim by creating an intriguing and thought-provoking narrative that keeps viewers enthralled from beginning to end.

3. Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash! (2013)

Senran Kagura_ Ninja Flash! (2013)

Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash is an anime series that features ample amounts of fan service and nudity, making it particularly popular among adults.

It follows the story of two competing female ninja schools as they clash against one another through a series of battles and class rivalries. Each episode is filled with humour, action and plenty of ecchi moments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The series also showcases strong female characters and themes of friendship and camaraderie, which are handled tastefully.

Although extremely mature in nature, this anime is sure to please any fan who wants to watch an exciting show with a great cast and lots of eye-catching (and scandalous) moments.

2. Samurai Champloo (2004)

Samurai Champloo (2004)

Samurai Champloo (2004) is an anime series that follows the story of two samurai on a journey to find a mysterious samurai and the adventures they go on along the way.

This action-packed series also contains scenes and themes of nudity, which appeal to anime fans with different preferences.

It follows two characters, Mugen and Jin, who were made specifically for this show. Themes involve comedy, violence, friendship and courage in their pursuit.

Samurai Champloo is often regarded as one of the best examples of transcending expectations in anime within certain genres like shonen and seinen.

Its unique integration of modern hip-hop culture with traditional Japanese customs adds to its distinctive flavour.

Though it does contain themes of nudity as a part of its narrative undertones, it provides for great character development between Mugen and Jin as well as a captivating storyline filled with mystery and adventure.

1. Mirai Nikki (2011)

Mirai Nikki (2011)

Released in October 2011 by Esuno Sakae, the Japanese manga “Mirai Nikki” is one of the few animes in the genre of yandere that contains nudity.

This dark apocalyptic thriller follows the story of a middle school student, Yukiteru Amano, and his strange ability to predict the future through daily diaries.

Along with his diary entries are those of twelve other people who call themselves “Future Diary Holders” and compete in a battle royal for survival.

While it can be enjoyed by all anime fans for its intriguing storyline, psychological horror elements and action-packed battles, “Mirai Nikki” shows sexual content throughout that marks it as mature.

Light nudity occasionally appears during key moments but never compromises on its suspenseful feel or overall story.

A 24-episode adaptation was also released later, which received positive reviews from fans worldwide, despite heavy censorship regarding nudity in certain territories. At its core lies a thought-provoking tale of human relationships tested against a gripping game-to-the-death scenario.


Summarizing the list, viewers can find a variety of anime that offer varying levels and intensities of nudity. Whether you’re a fan of horror and violence or prefer light-hearted comedy, each anime series presents itself differently when it comes to showing skin.

While these shows contain explicit material, the content is all geared towards older teens and adults. While some may be more suitable for younger audiences than others, parents should always monitor their children’s viewing habits with any type of entertainment that contains this type of subject matter.

We hope this article has given you an excellent overview of the best anime with nudity out there so that you can pick the ones that are right for your taste.


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