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23 Best Anime Like Toradora You Can Start to Fill the Blankness in Your Heart

Toradora! is an evergreen anime written by Yuyuko Takemiya filled with romance, comedy and drama. It’s one of those classic anime that every fan should’ve watched at least once in their lifetime. But after watching Toradora! Have you ever wondered what other anime is like?

If so, this article is perfect for you. Here you will find the top 23 anime similar to Toradora! They all include a mix of lighthearted humour, romantic relationships and beautiful story arcs.

These amazing titles are sure to make your day just a little bit brighter. So don’t wait any longer and discover the best anime like Toradora right here:


23. The Sea is a Lull

The Sea is a Lull

“The Sea is a Lull” is an underrated anime with a lot to offer any fan of the genre looking for something similar to Toradora. Set in a fishing village, it follows the lives of two main characters, Ryuu and Maki, who share memories through their close familial connections and the sea breeze that acts as the link between their stories.

It has a unique art style that captures its watery ambience perfectly and plays with visual metaphors to add another level of poignancy to its heartfelt narrative. It also has dynamic character relationships that are developed slowly as connections are made between them — particularly between Ryuu and Maki as they grow closer.

With intense themes such as bullying, friendship and loss, “The Sea is a Lull” is perfect for anyone wanting an anime like Toradora with its own unique depth and perspective.

22. Maid Sama!

Maid Sama!

If you’re a fan of Toradora, a renowned slice-of-life romance anime, then Maid Sama! is the best data for you. Despite debuting in 2010, the show continues to raise eyebrows with its brilliant romcom elements and interesting take on relationships and romances in high school.

Set in Seika High, an all-boys school that’s converted into a coed one after public demand touts an addictively entrancing plot. While Usui Takumi serenades his girlfriend Misaki Ayuzawa with heartrending romantic gestures, Miyabigaoka High’s Student Council President Yokozawa Tori guides them through adolescent issues.

These characters neatly complement each other by exhibiting varied growth as they become best friends by understanding their emotions and trusting each other.

The main theme of Maid Sama! is about coming out of one’s comfort zone, discovering hidden capabilities, facing challenges with wit and achieving targets -all pertinent themes which make this series very similar to Toradora.

It delivers storytelling mastery of finding joy in small things like exchanging hugs or giving chocolates on special occasions.

21. Waiting in the Summer

Waiting in the Summer

With its unique blend of high school drama and romance, “Waiting in the Summer” is quickly becoming one of the most popular anime series on the market today. At first glance, this show may seem similar to others like Toradora, but there are key elements that set it apart and make it stand out from the competition.

In this story, a group of high school friends find themselves in an alien-like space when they look through their video camera lens. As these new adventures unfold, their friendship and romantic relationships develop as well.

The characters are fleshed-out and have the surprising depth or layers of emotions which makes the series highly engaging. The top-quality animation further adds to its appeal as each scene carries a liveliness and feeling of realism to give it life.

20. Rainbow Days

Rainbow Days

Rainbow Days follows the antics of four high school boys who are on a mission to win the hearts of their crushes amidst a fun-filled story. The main characters are determined and passionate, which gives a strong drive to the story – Toradora.

This heart-warming series takes turns between lighthearted moments and romantic dramas as relationships, troubles and secrets unfold in an entertaining fashion.

Despite being an initially average student, Natsuo becomes very popular with his newfound friends as he learns about relationships and loves through others despite his gruff exterior.

Fans of Toradora can also enjoy this series because of its powerful character development, innocence in presenting complicated situations, romance blossoming in unexpected places and humourous mixup events, which lead to comedic outcomes.

19. Cross Game

Cross Game

Toradora was a perfectly crafted anime series and if you are looking for something along the same lines, consider Cross Game. This unique slice-of-life baseball story follows a young boy, Ko Kitamura, with his four female friends, who experience drama and growth throughout the show’s gripping 51 episodes.

Like Toradora, this series has exceptional characterization that captures and displays life’s nuances in powerful ways. The characters are both likeable and relatable without being cliche or predictable.

Along with its captivating plot and wonderful animation style that brings out intense emotions, the soundtrack is one of the most exquisite ever found in any anime; soft jazz pieces build each moment as tension rises or emotions take on beautiful climaxes.

18. The Sakurasou Pet Girl

The Sakurasou Pet Girl

Sakurasou Pet Girl is a great and highly recommended anime for those who love Toradora and are looking for something similar. Begin your journey into this world with the story of Sorata Kanda, a troubled teen placed in the Sakura Dormitory after taking in abandoned cats from his school.

There, he meets fellow resident Mashiro Shiina, an artistic genius, and other interesting characters as they live together and helps each other to become adults. As Sorata strives to reach his potential, viewers will follow along on his quirky journey of self-discovery.

The series includes romance, comedy, drama, fantasy and science fiction elements that are sure to satisfy fans of Toradora. Boasting beautiful visuals and heartfelt slice-of-life moments backed by a dynamic soundtrack, Sakurasou Pet Girl undoubtedly deserves its reputation as one of the best anime available today.

17. “Ef”: A Tale of Memories

Ef A Tale of Memories

“Ef: A Tale of Memories” is an excellent anime series with an intriguing plot and emotionally charged characters. Set in a town just outside of Tokyo, this romantic drama follows the storylines of two high schoolers as their lives become intertwined.

The show has many elements that set it apart from other typical high school comedic love stories, such as its deep exploration into the psyche of each of its characters.

We are treated to realistic personalities who are experiencing love for the first time after having had seemingly meaningless connections with their crushes in their past.

The emotions portrayed in this anime can be compared to those found in Toradora, making “Ef: A Tale of Memories” an ideal choice if you’re looking for a similar experience.

Every episode brings forth new surprises and dilemmas that come alive with breathtaking animation and sound design – all leading to a poignant conclusion.

As we follow our protagonists on their journey of self-discovery, we get to take part in the reflections on life’s shallow momentary pleasures and final heart-wrenching connections, which make us reevaluate our relationships once again.

16. Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima (ゼロの使い魔 or The Familiar of Zero) is one of those anime that you can’t love. It’s a magical harem anime with a taste of comedy, set in a quiet fantasy world where teenage girl Louise, the daughter of nobility, discovers she has magical powers and commands Saito Hiraga as her familiar.

Toradora fans may be surprised by the heart-warmer romance elements thrown in there, too; Zero no Tsukaima does an amazing job at providing viewers with all those pleasant surprises.

Even for those who’re not huge fans of magical romance genres, it is still possible to find much more charm in this wonderful anime from how each character was managed so well up until the end. Heck, its opening theme, “First Kiss”, should also definitely tug your heartstrings when you listen to it again.

15. True Tears

True Tears

True Tears is an enthralling anime series that stands out due to its focus on character development. This drama-packed show features two high school students, Noe and Shinichiro, who become entangled in a complex web of love. A strong supporting cast adds extra depth and emotion to the story as it progresses.

Fans of Toradora will recognize the same bittersweet taste present in True Tears. However, this classic anime has plenty of surprises in store, which makes it deserving of its own place in the spotlight. Its compelling narrative creates gripping scenes while leaving room for viewers to make their own deductions at the end.

While some may find the ending a bit lacklustre, True Tears still provides an amiable alternative to Toradora, ideal for people looking for fresh characters from similarly relatable scenarios.

14. Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana is an anime series enjoyed by many who have also watched Toradora. It has a premise that is just as romantic and lovely, with a main character in Shana, whose job it is to protect humanity from demons called Guze.

She carries the “Flame Haze” Torch, which grants her the power to protect the human world from evil beings. The story is exciting and action-packed and features several interesting characters like Yuji. He teams up with Shana and helps her conquer her enemies while also fighting for his identity, engulfed in powerful magical battles.

13. Ouran Koukou Host Club

Ouran Koukou Host Club

Ouran Koukou Host Club is the perfect anime for those who enjoy Toradora. This laugh-out-loud comedy follows the story of Haruhi Fujioka, an unlikely guest at the elite Ouran High School.

Despite being a commoner in a school filled with wealthy aristocrats, Haruhi finds herself part of the unique and eccentric host club where male members provide their female guests with much-needed entertainment.

From helping to resolve misunderstandings between love interests to carrying on crazy schemes and competitions, Ouran Koukou Host Club is full of fun hijinks and romantic moments that make it a great option for fans of Toradora.

Its lighthearted atmosphere makes this a great choice for when you want to just lay back and enjoy some good laughs without having to worry about emotional drama or complex storylines.

There are plenty of great characters to fall in love with, including our main heroine, who refuses to conform to what society expects from her station in life, as well as the playful host club members who bring out both the funny and emotional sides of her throughout her journey.

12. Peach Girl

Peach Girl

Peach Girl is an animated series that has earned its place among the best anime like Toradora. Set in modern-day Japan, the show tells the story of a high school girl named Momo Adachi, who faces bullying and ostracism due to her looks.

Despite being a talented athlete and artist, she is constantly perceived as shallow, self-centred, and popular. It turns out, though, much of her problems are caused by misunderstandings and false assumptions.

With excellent character development and strong themes of friendship, loyalty, and acceptance Peach Girl stands out from other similar anime. Funny characters bring comedy relief while also maintaining an enjoyable overall tone ever-present throughout this series.

11. Clannad


Clannad is a romantic slice-of-life anime from KEY that has made waves since its initial airing in 2007. Following Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent high school student, Clannad captures the heartfelt journey of growing up, complete with life lessons and struggles along the way.

Seen as one of the spiritual successors to popular shows such as Toradora and Fruits Basket, Clannad’s heartwarming story is focused on family and relationships as Tomoya learns to cope with his father’s death and comes to terms with his mother’s remarriage.

With strong character development and satisfying resolutions among its main themes, Clannad draws viewers across the world thanks to its captivating narrative and impressive soundtrack – music done by Juno Reactor to boot.

10. Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! is among the best anime watches like Toradora. The two shows feature a popular high school student and their life challenges with friends, family and romance. KaichouWa Maid-Sama! Gives viewers an exciting romantic comedy that keeps you entertained throughout the entire show.

The story follows Misaki Ayuzawa, who is a strong-willed student council president of a once male-only school; her mission is to make the school appeal to a female audience as well. Her leadership qualities and strength come into question when she meets Takumi Usui, a senior at the school.

Each episode brings more adventure and excitement as Misaki attempts to juggle her responsibilities as student council president while also maintaining her secret job working part-time as a maid cafe waitress.

Fans of Toradora will love KaichouWa Maid-Sama! ‘s a unique take on high school relationships, friends and rivals alike, that bring much entertainment value.

9. Nisekoi


This comedic romantic anime will provide hours of entertainment while introducing fun and unique characters and storylines.

The show follows Raku Ichijō, a tough guy who unknowingly gets caught up in a complicated love triangle dating back to his childhood. As he navigates multiple possible relationships and friendships, there are plenty of humorous misunderstandings to enjoy.

With its smooth animation and clever writing, Nisekoi stands out among other anime that have tried to put their own twists on the classic rom-com genre.

The well-crafted dynamic between Raku and the other characters makes it instantly captivating, which can be especially enjoyable if you are already a fan of Toradora’s charismatic leads, Taiga Aisaka and Ryūji Takasu.

8. Kimi Ni Todoke

Kimi Ni Todoke

Kimi Ni Todoke follows Sawako Kuronuma’s journey as she transitions from outcast to cherished friend in her high school class thanks to the encouragement of a rookie teacher, Ryu Susuka.

Realize why Sawako radiates such a strong aura resembling that of the supernatural through funny circumstances and interactions with her classmates, often represented by animals. Discover more reasons why the subtle development of relationships among students is appealing, even with its slow pacing.

Get captivated by the music and visuals that will definitely leave heartwarming and bittersweet memories as it immerses in today’s youth culture and does justice to Manga author Shiina Karuho’s work.

7. Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

This series follows the love story between Koizumi Risa, an exceptionally tall girl, and Otani Atsushi, a short yet talented boy. As the two get to know each other better, Risa and Atsushi develop deep feelings for each other that keep viewers entertained until the very end.

Lovely Complex will make you laugh as it weaves its romantic plot. It is also extremely heartwarming to see how Risa and Atsushi go through some of life’s biggest roller coaster rides together.

From hilariously awkward moments to cute date ideas, this anime has it all. Despite its moderate length of 24 episodes, it’s sure to be a side-splitting adventure that fans of Toradora would enjoy.

6. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)

Are you looking for an anime like Toradora? If so, then Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster) is a perfect choice. It follows a similar theme of two high schoolers slowly forming a unique bond despite their dramatic differences and awkward start.

In this case, it’s Haru and Shizuku are thrown together as study partners. She’s a cold-hearted bookworm, and he’s an emotionally fragile delinquent. As they gradually become closer, they learn to recognize and appreciate each other’s strengths with many heartfelt moments along the way.

Along that same line is some great comedic scenes as both of them learn about the obstacles and joys of life at high school – something that Toradora fans will enjoy in this lighthearted series.

My Little Monster also has its share of romance thrown in as well along with beautiful animation that combines simple but vivid backgrounds and visuals with detailed character designs from acclaimed illustrator Robico.

5. Karin


Set in a world filled with vampires, “Karin” follows its titular heroine, Karin Maaka, as she discovers that she’s a bit different from other vampires.

She not only produces blood like all her kind but also experiences the same amount of pleasure and pain when taking it from other people. With a cast of genre-savvy characters like Usui, Kazune and Kirika, this series is sure to entertain fans who enjoyed Toradora.

It features a comical story that chronicles these vampire heroines’ misadventures as they bumble their way around Japan while learning more about each other through the use of special powers. It addresses themes such as identity and fate by showing its charmingly naive main character encounters the darker aspects of life.

Moreover, the show has tons of romance and adventure packed into it, making it an ideal choice for those seeking something exciting yet lighthearted to watch.

4. Skip Beat!

Skip Beat

This romantic and comedic anime follows the story of high school student Kyoko Mogami, who seeks revenge against her ex-boyfriend Sho Fuwa after he casts her aside for his career.

On her journey of revenge, Kyoko discovers the world of show business, where she eventually lands an acting job in an effort to get back at Sho.

Just like Toradora, Skip Beat features a strong female lead with aspirational goals and also incorporates romance as well as comedy. The chemistry between Kyoko and actor Ren Tsuruga will have viewers on the edge of their seats. One thing’s for sure: Skip Beat is one of the best anime series out there – definitely comparable to Toradora.

3. Itazura na Kiss

Itazura na Kiss

If you’re a fan of Toradora and looking for something new to watch, look no further than Itazurana Kiss. Produced by the same studio that gave us Toradora, this romantic comedy follows high school freshman Aihara Kotoko and her popular classmate Irie Naoki as they navigate their growing relationship.

When Kotoko admits to Naoki how she feels about him, he tells her that in return, he would like to try “dating” her for 100 days with four basic rules. With each rule comes a different challenge to solve, and the viewer is kept on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what will happen next.

Kotoko must find out if she can win his heart or whether it’s all just a game. Itazurana Kiss provides 25 episodes of blissful fun and will leave any Toradora fans yearning for more anime just like it.

2. Special A

Special A

Special A is another great romantic comedy in the same vein. It follows Hikari Hanazono, a very talented student at an exclusive school.

She always comes in second to her long-time rival, Kei Takishima. As their rivalry grows and adventures unfold, romance blossoms between the two rivals that neither of them saw coming.

Special A is tonally similar to Toradora but introduces newfound young budding love with unique, playful dynamics. Not only is there plenty of charming humour, but real moments of drama and heartfelt emotion as well.

1. Golden Time

Golden Time

Golden Time show follows young adults in their 20s as they learn to balance school and relationships during the golden time of youth.

With masterful character development, viewers are sure to feel invested in our protagonists’ lives, just like they did in Toradora. Developed by J.C. Staff, this romantic comedy series will make you laugh and cry alike, featuring various interesting plot twists that add an extra layer of complexity.

The writing staff behind Golden Time deserves recognition for managing to create a show that easily meets the high standard set by Toradora in terms of storytelling, comedy and unforgettable love stories. If you want more of the same, then look no further than this excellent anime.


Anime fans looking for quality shows like Toradora cannot go wrong with any of the 23 that have been listed. Most feature a strong female protagonist on a coming-of-age journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Some are heartfelt romances, while others are unique blends of fantasy and science fiction.

Viewers can enjoy similar themes of heartbreak, resilience, humour, relationships, and more in these suggested anime titles. And with so many intriguing options to choose from, you’re sure to find your new favourite anime after watching one or two of these recommendations.

Whether you’re a fan of lighthearted comedy or intense action and drama, rest assured that you’ll discover an incredible selection of epic stories here. So grab those snacks and drinks—it’s time to start binging.

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