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21 Best Anime Dads: You Will Love Them!

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes, especially in the anime world. From criminals to stay-at-home dads of varying species, the best anime dads are often just as unique as the characters they produce.

This article will explore some of these fantastic fathers and take a closer look at why they made it to our list of the 21 Best Anime Dads of All Time.

Whether they’re caring role models or cold-hearted villains, these beloved anime dads have left us with lasting impressions on how personal dynamics affect family life. We’ll dive into their backstories, strengths, and weaknesses to gain insight into how they shape our views on fatherhood today.

So settle in and get ready for an interesting ride full of lessons from some amazing (or not so amazing!) anime dads:


21. Sojiro Izumi From Lucky Star

Sojiro Izumi From Lucky Star

The Japanese manga series “Lucky Star” has created many memorable and lovable characters, one of the most beloved being Sojiro Izumi. Sojiro is an exceptionally devoted single dad who puts his daughter’s well-being above all else. Though he can be a bit gruff with Miya at times, his love for his daughter is always apparent in everything that he does.

He goes to great lengths to ensure she has the best possible life– from offering words of advice to doing mundane tasks like teaching her how to clean the bathtub.

Sojiro also handles difficult situations with incredible grace; rather than jumping to conclusions or losing his temper, he listens attentively with empathy and understanding before coming up with an amicable solution.

We can all learn something from watching Sojiro in action – if more parents emulated his example, the world would certainly become a better place.

20. Daikichi Kawachi From Usagi Drop

Daikichi Kawachi From Usagi Drop

Daikichi Kawachi, the anime dad from Usagi Drop, is one of the best examples of a loving and caring father ever portrayed in animation. Despite being a 30-year-old bachelor, he instantly takes custody of his late grandfather’s grandchild, an adorable 6-year-old girl named Rin.

He is unwavering in his love for her despite various difficulties and provides an incredible example for other dads who might feel overwhelmed with their new responsibilities.

Daikichi refuses to give up or rely solely on private daycare and shows that dads can be just as involved in raising their kids as moms are. He strives to give Rin a good life and show her what a loving father looks like by always putting his daughter’s needs before his own.

19. Tomihisa Kaname From Madoka Magica

Tomihisa Kaname From Madoka Magica

Tomihisa Kaname from Madoka Magica is truly the best anime dad out there: he’s kind, caring, and loves his daughter deeply. We first see him in episode two of the series, showing us his passionate and selfless side almost immediately.

From there on out, we get to witness more of his greatness as he treats Madoka with respect and kindness—always looking to put her needs before his own. This is especially evident when Tomihisa steps into the scene in episode 10.

Despite being suicidal, defeated, and alone, he finds it within himself to keep going for Madoka’s sake until the very end. His love for her will move even the toughest anime fan to tears, just like any true father’s love should do.

He truly embodies all that a father should be: responsible, caring, and determined not to leave his family behind no matter what situation they face together – all traits making him an exemplary figure every viewer can appreciate.

18. Mr. Kimura From Azumanga Daioh!

Mr. Kimura From Azumanga Daioh!

Mr. Kimura, the father of Chiyo Mihama from the anime series Azumanga Daioh, is arguably one of the best anime dads out there. True to his type, he may sometimes come off as a little obtuse and health-conscious, but his fundamental kindness and dedication towards his daughter are unmistakable.

He was vocally impressed with Chiyo’s talent in her studies, encouraged her to explore self-improvement opportunities, and faithfully supported her dreams without pressuring her either way.

His technical know-how is also evident in the various gadgets he gifts to Chiyo during special occasions – which often take Nagisa by surprise.

17. Soichiro Yagami From Death Note

Soichiro Yagami From Death Note

Soichiro Yagami from Death Note is arguably one of the best anime dads. He is portrayed as a tough yet caring father who goes well above and beyond to provide for his family.

Not only does he love and support his family unconditionally, but he is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep them safe and alive. His strong moral code motivates him in all aspects of his life, including parenting.

Soichiro desires nothing more than the best for his children, be it success in their studies or ensuring a brighter future for them. When overwhelmed with grief at the thought of losing his son Light, Soichiro fights without rest against evil forces such as Kira with unparalleled bravery and intelligence – qualities that are indeed characteristic of an ideal parent figure.

Ultimately, Soichiro Yagami serves as an inspiring icon among anime dads and sets a benchmark that symbolizes quality parenting that protects those loved unconditionally.

16. Kiritsugu Emiya From Fate Stay Night

Kiritsugu Emiya From Fate Stay Night

Kiritsugu Emiya is a protagonist from ‘The Fate Stay Night franchise and certainly the best anime dad of all time. Despite being a trained assassin, Kiritsugu was comparatively gentle and understanding, displaying an immense and perhaps surprising amount of empathy for others—a trait that makes him stand apart as an iconic and beloved father figure.

He also possesses a worldview that would ultimately provide him with the clarity to discern between necessities for the greater good and mere pleasures.

His will to sacrifice himself for his daughter causes much admiration even among viewers, who recognize the strength it takes to do so in exchange for being with his own family. Furthermore, he was just ever so dedicated to his ideals even when faced with adversity–something that resonated with audiences around the world.

15. Joseph Joestar From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar From JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is perhaps one of the best anime dads ever created.

Not only is he a loving father to his son, Jotaro, but Joseph also displays incredible bravery and insight that he uses to help people in need across multiple generations of his family. He has a sense of justice and a knack for problem-solving, which he passes on to his son.

Despite the fact that Joseph is older than most characters in the show, he is wise beyond his years and even has superhuman strength, which helps protect both himself and others around him. Although Joseph may act tough at times, his heart is warm and full of compassion for those close to him.

Not only are there many touching moments between Joseph and Jotaro, but also with other people who rely on him for help throughout the show. In short, Joseph Joestar is not just an admirable anime dad but also a great role model that viewers can look up to when watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

14. Shiro Fujimoto From Blue Exorcist

Shiro Fujimoto From Blue Exorcist

When it comes to great anime dads, Shiro Fujimoto from Blue Exorcist stands tall among the crowd. He has all the characteristics of a great father figure: strong, limitless love and compassionate understanding. When his children Rin and Yukio revealed they were actually the sons of Satan, Shiro stood by them with steadfast support.

Despite having to battle unimaginable forces that threaten their lives, Shiro still found time to impart wisdom and valuable advice. As a symbol of his love, he always wore his belt, which was crafted with pieces of their late mother’s wedding dress, as a reminder not only of her memory but also as an assurance that he would be there in difficult times.

His unique superpower of being able to gang up on demons twice as hard is something his kids admire very much. It’s no wonder why this lovable character has been beloved by millions around the world since 2011.

13. Hampnie Hambart From Sunday Without God

Hampnie Hambart From Sunday Without God

Hampnie Hambart from Sunday Without God is one of the best anime dads ever because he manages to be both understanding and powerful. He understands when his daughter Ai must take her own path, yet still maintains enough strength to lend her a hand in her quest.

His quiet patronage of Ai as she ventures out into the world above is truly inspiring, especially considering the immense power that he holds as an Undead voter and chairman. His kind protectiveness of his daughter ensures that even if Ai has gone off on her own adventure, she still knows that someone will always be looking out for her in the world below.

He also displays his own inner strength in his battles against enemies such as Sargatanas Joists—even after being injured, his will is so strong that he forces himself to keep fighting. In addition to being a great dad, he also teaches us all to stay true to family values and not lose sight of what’s important in life—love, and loyalty.

12. Spirit Albarn From Soul Eater

Spirit Albarn From Soul Eater

Every anime family needs a dad, and Spirit Albarn from the hit show Soul Eater is one of the best examples. A savvy jazz musician, Spirit has an easygoing charm – no wonder his daughter Maka idolizes him and looks up to him as her personal hero.

His soullessness gives him an unlimited source of free will, strength, and power, but he uses them all judiciously, never abusing his formidable strengths for evil or selfish motives. Instead, he uses them to protect Maka, sometimes fighting alongside her against foes.

He also exhibits traits of (surprisingly) mature wisdom used in order to advise and prevent Maka from making wrong decisions in life. 

They have a strong bond of trust between them which creates a catalyst for their relationship to thrive while they build beautiful memories over time. All in all, Spirit Albarn is a fantastic father figure and an amazing individual whose positive attributes inspire viewers everywhere.

11. Soun Tendo From Ranma 1/2

Soun Tendo From Ranma 1.2

Soun Tendo is perhaps the most iconic anime dad of all time and is highly remembered by fans of Ranma 1/2. He is a compassionate but quirky character who follows Japanese customs to a tee and sticks to tradition as he raises his children, Ranma and Akane.

He puts an emphasis on family values and looks out for their best interests at all times, though his strategies may not always be the most effective.

In any case, Soun’s strong commitment to having his family follow a plethora of rules makes him both an enjoyable character as well as a great example of how different cultures can manage their households. This personal connection with the audience makes him unrivaled in terms of being remembered by his fans even today.

10. Joichiro Yukihira From Shokugeki no Soma

Joichiro Yukihira From Shokugeki no Soma

Joichiro Yukihira from the popular anime Shokugeki no Soma is often cited as one of the best anime dads. He is a great example of someone who is strong, supportive, and selfless when it comes to raising a family and being an excellent role model.

Joichiro is passionate about his work as a master chef and works hard to pass on his knowledge to his son, Souma, teaching him how to craft incredible dishes and how to run a successful restaurant. However, he is also patient and gentle when coaching Souma or discussing difficult topics with the rest of his family.

Despite the fact that he can be strict at times, he always shows compassion for their feelings and has a deep understanding of them. By exemplifying dedication in all aspects of life, Joichiro serves as an inspiration to both parents and children alike while offering valuable wisdom regarding important life decisions.

9. Maes Hughes From Fullmetal Alchemist

Maes Hughes From Fullmetal Alchemist

Maes Hughes, from the world-renowned anime Fullmetal Alchemist, is arguably one of the best anime dads ever. His charisma, charm, and wit endeared him to fans from all walks of life. 

He’s a man who puts his family first and spends all available time with them he could possibly find, traveling long distances between assignments just so he can spend quality time with his family.

Despite being a commanding officer in the military, Maes spends the majority of his free time caring for and playing with his daughter, Elicia Hughes. He never shies away from teaching her moral lessons or providing emotional support whenever needed.

Maes also encourages her dreams even when they “stray way outside common-sense boundaries.” He believes in hard work and imbibing core family values in everyday life, which makes him an ideal role model to both adults and children alike.

8. Goku From Dragon Ball Z

Goku From Dragon Ball Z

Goku from Dragon Ball Z is hailed as the best anime dad of all time. He is a fiercely devoted father to his two children, Gohan and Goten. His selflessness and immense strength have won him many admirers. 

Goku never stops showing his unwavering love and support for his kids, no matter the cost. It’s clear that he is willing to put his own life in danger if it means protecting them.

Even before he knows it, Goku displays an exemplary example of what a supportive father looks like – from teaching Gohan martial arts to helping Goten discover who he is as a person.

No matter how much trouble the boys get into or how powerful their opponents are, Goku always puts aside any doubt and grounds himself on what matters most: his family. Indeed, with Goku’s guidance, his sons have grown up to be well-rounded persons who mirror their father’s admirable qualities of loyalty, kindness, courage, and strength.

7. Isshin Kurosaki From Bleach

Isshin Kurosaki From Bleach

Isshin Kurosaki, from the anime series ‘Bleach,’ is undoubtedly one of the best anime dads in recent years. As the former head of a revered spiritual family, Isshin has an immense amount of power and experience in dealing with everything from Hollows to troublesome teenagers.

Possessing strong fatherly qualities and an aura of safety and security, Isshin easily feeds into any viewer’s ideal image of what a great dad should be like.

As confident as he is in battle, he maintains an equally powerful sense of humor and good cheer that serves as a wonderful reminder that no matter how challenging their circumstances are, they are never alone.

His kindness and willingness to put others before himself inspire admiration from not just Ichigo but legions of viewers around the world who appreciate his humility and passion for doing right by his children. This makes him not only a great person but also a great example for any would-be parent.

Despite facing many difficult events throughout the series, Isshin never fails to remain loyal to Ichigo and his other children – this unwavering dedication shows just how much he cares about them.

6. Ryoji Fujioka Form Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ryoji Fujioka Form Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ryoji Fujioka, the father character of the popular anime Ouran High School Host Club, is one of the best anime dads out there. Not only does he provide financial and emotional support to his daughter Haruhi, but he also takes her in as a full-time member of his household after her mother passes away.

His nurturing qualities are especially evident when Haruhi faces ridicule from other members of the Host Club, where Ryoji always defends her without fail.

On top of that, Ryoji is also incredibly relatable; similar to any ordinary dad, he is deeply concerned about his daughter’s future, often narrating flashbacks about how he wanted to keep Haruhi away from any type of “misfortune.” He loves playing tricks on people yet remains compassionate and understanding in times when it matters most.

5. Akio Furukawa From Clannad

Akio Furukawa From Clannad

Akio Furukawa, father of Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad, is an iconic and memorable dad in anime. While his outward appearance is often shown as somewhat comical, he possesses a heart of gold and demonstrates that being a parent can involve being a friendly teacher and mentor that brings joy to his children’s lives.

His tremendous support to both Nagisa and Tomoya – the two main characters of Clannad – makes him one of the best anime parents of all time. He encourages them to pursue their dreams and reach their potential with enthusiasm and optimism.

Akio not only provides emotional support but teaches them true values through his experiences, showing himself as a dependable father figure that always has their back no matter what life throws at them. 

As a result, his influence affects their decisions to become better people for society in the long term—showing how crucial parental guidance can be for children’s growth into strong adults.

4. Hohenheim Elric From Fullmetal Alchemist

Hohenheim Elric From Fullmetal Alchemist

Hohenheim Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime dad you won’t soon forget. He may be centuries old, but Hohenheim’s compassion and wisdom make him a fountain of fatherly love for his sons. Not only does he offer emotional support, but Hohenheim also gives Ed and Al the tools they need to become better alchemists.

After he left them for many years, it was his guidance that enabled them to reunite with him once again. What makes him stand out as an anime dad, though, is not only his power but his understanding of true strength.

By emphasizing emotions and relationships over pure physical might during pivotal moments in their story, Hohenheim has made a lasting impression on Ed and Al’s lives. 

At its heart, Fullmetal Alchemist revolves around finding the balance between learning from the past, living in the present, and dreaming of the future – a lesson heavily enforced by Hohenheim’s presence in their life.

3. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi From Tiger & Bunny

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi From Tiger & Bunny

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, known as Wild Tiger in his superhero days of Tiger & Bunny, is arguably the best anime dad around. Kiaburagi is often seen working hard to support his daughter Kaede, a girl of superpowers as well. In addition to making sacrifices in order to grant her financial stability, he also cares greatly for her well-being.

The doting father bonds over activities such as arcade gaming and eating crepes together. While anti-heroic traits of selfishness and irritability come naturally to him, the strong sense of morality embedded within him makes him one of the most popular fathers among shounen fans.

His determination to make sure his daughter stays safe and happy makes him a fan favorite and an exemplary father figure – showing us all that ‘Wild’ doesn’t always have to mean being outgoing or behaving recklessly.

At times pursuing a path beyond an ideal fatherly figure, Kiaburagi serves as an inspirational reminder of how dads can carry on in difficult times while still protecting what’s dearest – their children.

2. Minato Namikaze From Naruto

Minato Namikaze From Naruto

Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of the village of Konohagakure and father of Naruto Uzumaki, is undoubtedly one of the best anime dads ever. As a single parent, he devotedly raised Naruto and encouraged him to follow his dream.

Despite leading a busy life as a ninja, Minato taught his son important lessons about responsibility, independence, and loyalty. He was always present to guide Naruto when needed and believed in his abilities no matter what life threw at him.

Furthermore, Minato had an unshakable bond with his son; he even sacrificed himself for Naruto’s sake. Since then, it’s been shown that their love has never died; Naruto routinely finds strength from Minato’s memory in trying times.

1. Vincent Phantomhive From Black Butler

Vincent Phantomhive From Black Butler

Vincent Phantomhive from the immensely popular series Black Butler is an anime dad unlike no other. With his wise and composed demeanor, Vincent Phantomhive is always there to protect his son throughout the show. It doesn’t matter what danger lurks; Vincent will always be around to guard and protect his son.

Despite being busy running a multi-million dollar family business, he still makes sure to have ample quality time for his son and dedicates himself as a father figure fully.

On top of that, even in tough situations when his young master needs guidance more than protection, he can provide the emotional support that comes from being a real dad. What’s more, Vincent ensures Ciel’s safety without him even realizing it, which makes him ever so endearing and cool among fans.


From stoic karate instructors to eccentric inventors, the best anime dads have colorful personalities and unique parenting styles. In this article, we looked at some of the top fathers that appear in some of anime’s most popular shows.

We explored their roles as fathers—what they largely contribute to their respective TV universes, how they influence their kids, and how their lessons shape the future.

This list is a reminder that we all crave the same thing: love and connection with those who matter most—our families. Whether you’re an anime fan or just someone seeking guidance from a wise father figure, these 21 dads are sure to leave a lasting impression on you.


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