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Top 31 Best Adult Manhwa/Adult Webtoons Plus 20+ Honorable Mentions

Adults often seek out entertainment that is more sophisticated than traditional cartoons. Manhwa and adult webtoons offer edgy stories with dynamic visual art meant to engage mature readers.

With so many unique titles out there, it can be overwhelming poking through them all to find the best ones. That is why we have compiled the 31 Best Adult Manhwa/Adult Webtoons for your convenience.

Each one offers an intriguing storyline that captivates viewers with its multidimensional characters and twisted plot elements, creating a truly immersive experience.


31. Lilith’s Cord

  • Seasons: 2
  • Art: Juder
  • Story: Dummy Mandoo

LilithGÇÖs Cord

“Lilith’s Cord” is a popular adult manhwa series about a supernatural creature called Lilith and her struggles to help humanity.

Set in the present day, this gripping manga follows Lilith as she discovers the potential of her extraordinary new powers and uses them to make life-changing decisions that will alter the fate of humankind.

Her allies are otherworldly too; they include vampires, demons, angels and other magical beings. As Lilith learns more about herself and her purpose, our hero must brave dangerous enemies while confronting her own inner turmoil.

With attention-grabbing artwork and exciting story lines, “Lilith’s Cord” will keep readers entertained for hours on end.

30. Aharoo (Yahalue)

  • Chapters: 50
  • Art: Ban-Jang Hong
  • Story: Ban-Jang Hong

Aharoo (Yahalue)

Aharoo (Yahalue), the adult Manhwa comic, has gained immense popularity for its unique and provocative content. Written by Kim Gil Ran and drawn by Hwang Kum Jeong, this series is filled with passion, drama, and romance.

Aharoo follows a seventeen year old female protagonist who embarks on a journey of self-discovery as she fights personal demons, falls in love with potential partners, and struggles to regain her agency in life.

Set amid a beautiful backdrop reminiscent of traditional Korean culture, Aharoo transports its readers to a captivating realm of both reality and fantasy.

With intricate artistry and Richly detailed characters, this unique story will keep readers hooked until the very last page. In addition to captivating narration on passion, freedom and identity, Aharoo provides invaluable lessons that are both relevant and timeless.

29. Young Boss

  • Chapters: 113
  • Art: Bokko
  • Story: Gonghagyong

Young Boss

Young Boss is an intriguing yet thrilling adult manhwa series from 2 Tree Entertainment. It – unbeknownst to its readers – tells the story of a young entrepreneur, Gang Won-yeob, who sets out to make his own mark and build an empire with sheer hard work and determination.

We experience his struggles as he faces daunting challenges and adversaries in his journey, often relying on cunning tactics to achieve victory.

This captivating series explores the world of business through the eyes of an ambitious young adult who is willing and eager to tackle obstacles that come in his way.

With the art of tension building remarkable plot points etched together, Young Boss promises its readers an engrossing read full of excitement, mystery and surprises.

28. Sneak A Peek

  • Chapters: 217
  • Art: Lee eul
  • Story: Tareucho

Sneak A Peep

“Sneak A Peek” is an adult manhwa by the talented artist Park Hee, and it’s a suspenseful cartoon series with a unique story that few others have attempted before!

It follows the daring exploits of a group of criminals as they attempt a large-scale heist scheme in order to save themselves from certain death.

All the while, they must face obstacles and uncover secrets that threaten to halt their progress — and maybe even take their lives! This gripping tale of desperation, loyalty, and deceit will keep you on edge as you follow the characters’ twisting paths.

With its tantalizingly thrilling narrative, “Sneak A Peek” is perfect for those who are looking for something different than the typical manhwa out there.

27. Bastard’s Dead Man

  • Chapters: 18
  • Art: Gyuo
  • Story: Gyuo

BastardGÇÖs Dead Man

“Bastard’s Dead Man” is a manhwa series for adults targeted at thriller, horror and seinen fans. Written by TEK and illustrated by Chain-W, it follows the story of Kirara and Sola as they seek to uncover the mysteries surrounding their mother’s death.

With complex characters and dark plot twists, this riveting manhwa series offers its readers gripping suspense and thrilling action.

The art stands out with its detailed depictions of mysterious events that consist of life-or-death situations, as well as crisp and highly detailed character designs.

Fans of the genre will find themselves enthralled from start to finish by this compelling tale with unexpected plot turns. “Bastard’s Dead Man” is definitely not for the faint of heart, so prepare to be scared right out of your chair! When it comes to adult manhwas, there’s no doubting the thrillers presented in “Bastard’s Dead Man”.

26. One-Room Hero

  • Chapters: 35
  • Art: Yoogeukjo
  • Story: Yoogeukjo

One-Room Hero

From romance to action, “One-Room Hero” is a captivating and thrilling manhwa intended for mature audiences. Written and illustrated by Min-Young Kim, this dark romance follows the story of Mercy, an orphan who usually keeps to herself.

But when two mysterious figures come into her life, Mercy discovers that her past isn’t what she thought it was. Between the painful truths revealed, these two complex characters bring Mercy on a grand adventure of courage and strength.

This dramatic rollercoaster will take readers through moments of despair while they cheer on our heroine’s journey to find out who she really is — and how it will change her life forever.

Perfectly balanced between high stakes action sequences and heartfelt character development scenes, “One-Room Hero” is sure to keep its readers engaged till the very end.

25. The Perfect Roommates

  • Chapters: 67
  • Art: Andromeda11
  • Story: Andromeda11

The Perfect Roommates

If you’re looking for gripping drama, sharp humor, and unbeatable art that combine to create a truly immersive experience and emotional investment then “The Perfect Roommates” adult manhwa is the series for you.

This thoroughly enthralling narrative by creator Yeonwoo Jun follows the story of two friends with different life paths as they try to adjust to their rapidly changing situations.

What begins as an easy-going, friendly relationship soon finds concrete form when both parties realize the significant benefits of living in close proximity.

With seamless artwork, dynamic dialogue and carefully crafted relationships between characters, audience members are swept away into a vivid world populated with unforgettable personalities.

24. “Sunggi’s” Study Group (SStudy)

  • Chapters: 73
  • Art: Edge-Edge
  • Story: Husky-nom

Study Group

Sunggi’s Study Group (SStudy) is an adult manhwa webcomic that has taken the web by storm. It follows the struggles of a group of college students as they attempt to master their academic responsibilities and everyday lives.

Focused on humor, visual gags, and coming-of-age content, SStudy brings an entertaining twist to the typically mundane school semester narrative.

Although packed with drama and realistic conflicts, this manhwa embraces its youthful charm by keeping it lighthearted throughout.

Ambitious art style and clever dialogue further enhances the story’s sentimental moments, making SStudy one of the best adult manhwa titles around.

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or relatable situations between student life and friends, SStudy is definitely worth checking out.

23. Sports Girl

  • Chapters: 32
  • Art: Gamang
  • Story: Gamang

Sports Girl

Sports Girl is an adult webtoon created by artist Nari Hong. It follows the story of a former professional badminton player, Jeong Hyeon Ah, and her life after her retirement.

After suffering a mental breakdown and quitting the sport, Jeong Hyeon Ah desperately searches for something else to fill the void in her life.

She slowly stumbles onto yoga as an alternative activity, learning how to balance her passion for sports with her newfound health purpose.

With its strong main character and dynamic combination of sports-and-health themes, Sports Girl is a captivating read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

It’s art style draws readers into its world with detailed illustrations, blending realistic perspectives with fantasy elements for an immersive experience.

“Sports Girl” is not only a heartwarming story about the power of sport; it also shows readers how personal wellness can be used to heal from past trauma and open up to new possibilities.

22. Talk to Me

  • Chapters: 206
  • Art: Lezhin Comics
  • Story:Lezhin Comics

Talk to Me

“Talk to Me” is an adult manhwa (Korean comic) by Rraphy, originally published online and now available in print. It follows the story of two people who, while they have their own backgrounds, were brought together by a stolen kiss and now explore their feelings for each other.

Though this is an adult comic, there’s an innocence and purity to it; while still dealing with mature themes of loss and love in a realistic way that many readers can relate to.

The characters are multi-dimensional – flawed and strong at the same time – making them both a joy and a challenge to read about as they make mistakes but ultimately learn from them. Sexy art enhances each page, allowing us to take part in the characters’ emotion – whether its hope or fear.

21. Stepmom’s friend

  • Chapters: 83
  • Art: Red-A
  • Story: Mokbegae

Stepmom’s friend

Stepmom’s friend involves intense plots, unexpected twists and interesting characters that, combined together, will leave you wanting for more.

In this story, main character Suho returns home from his college studies to find his stepmother in an affair with her best friend who is a lot younger than her. How Suho deals with the situation forms an interesting climax of this beautiful but realistic tale.

You don’t have to worry about safety when reading Adult Manhwa, as the content is thoroughly moderated and age-restricted so that only the intended audience can lay their eyes on it.

20. Secret X Folder

  • Chapters: 18
  • Art: Lee Hyunmin
  • Story: Lee Hyunmin

Secret X Folder

Secret X Folder is an adult webtoon full of thrilling action and intense suspense. It follows the struggles of a group of hackers, referred to as the “Keyboard Commandos,” who are locked in a brutal fight for survival against outside forces that would like nothing more than to shut them down and throw them into jail.

As the Keyboard Commandos navigate their way through a dangerous cyber landscape, readers will be pulled into an incredibly engaging story full of unexpected twists and breathtaking moments that will make your heart race from start to finish. Secret X Folder’s organic art style serves to immerse you further in this complex story.

All artwork is hand-crafted and skillfully created with attention to detail that transports you right into the scenes before you. This captivating tale will make you question morality, explore ideologies, and challenge preconceptions.

Though billed as an adult manhwa, secret X Folder is not just filled with sex and nudity, it also offers something much deeper than that – presenting a thought-provoking look at human morality through the eyes of those locked in an unstoppable struggle for survival.

19. Love Shuttle

  • Chapters: 10
  • Art: Im Ae Ju
  • Story: Im Ae Ju

Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle is one of the most popular adult manhwa, written and illustrated by Korean author and illustrator Kakao Nari. It tells the story of an aspiring manga artist, Yoo Mamoru, who suddenly finds himself caught in a love shuttle between two girls – Seok Hyeon and Nana.

This romantic comedy takes its readers on a wild ride as Yoo navigates his feelings for each girl, all the while maintaining his dreams of becoming a successful manga creator. With beautiful art coupled with heartwarming scenes and memorable characters, Love Shuttle is sure to satisfy any manhwa fan.

Its clever dialogue and heart-wrenching drama make it an easy pick for anyone looking to explore adult themes in manhwa.

Themes such as jealousy, love, friendship and betrayal are explored in this delightful series which has kept readers hooked since its initial release.

18. The Wife is Training

  • Chapters: 10
  • Art: Im Ae Ju
  • Story: Im Ae Ju

The Wife is Training

“The Wife is Training,” an adult webtoon series written and illustrated by Rukei, follows the story of Suido Takuto, a high school student who struggles with chronic stress.

After avoiding his problems for too long, Takuto’s spiral into anxiety and depression eventually leads him to the mysterious Jitsuenji School.

While there, he meets Sayaka Yohana, a wonderful teacher that helps him learn how to cope with his issues. This unique blend of psychological horror and romantic comedy provides readers with a thought-provoking look into how people can grow while faced with even the darkest of circumstances.

The Wife is Training aptly demonstrates how humor and love can be used as powerful weapons against mental health issues. With its touching narrative and captivating art style, “The Wife is Training” offers something special for fans of both manga and manhwa alike.

17. Touch To Unlock

  • Chapters: 20
  • Art: Zimtigee
  • Story: Zimtigee

Touch To Unlock

This unique digital graphic novel offers thought-provoking stories in a fresh, unapologetic and interactive format. Developed by experts from the manhwa industry, Touch to Unlock delivers memorable characters and interesting plotlines that stay true to the traditional manga conventions while paving a way for innovative storytelling.

Each story can be unlocked one page at a time or all in one go-either way it’s a guaranteed reading journey of delight. In addition to exceptional storytelling elements, Touch To Unlock merges synced art, soundtracks and voice commands in seamless harmony – creating unparalleled immersion every single time.

Try once and you will undoubtedly keep coming back for more of its captivating world and engaging narration.

16. Redemption Camp

  • Chapters: 6
  • Art: Ramjak
  • Story: Ramjak

Redemption Camp

Redemption Camp is an adult manhwa about a man cursed to wander the desert for 40 years, trying to collect pieces of his former home in order to gain redemption.

The protagonist was once head of a powerful family but has been robbed of his wealth and titles, and thus must embark on the arduous task of restoring what he’s lost.

Along the way, he meets unique characters who will become crucial in helping him recover what was taken from him. Redemption Camp is full of complex plotlines, stunning artwork, and deep themes that draw readers in and make them eager to read more.

This exciting story also has creative takes on commonly discussed topics such as revenge, justice, and relations between rulers and citizens.

15. My Stepmom

  • Chapters: 51
  • Art: Andromeda11
  • Story: Andromeda11

My stepmom

My Stepmom is an electrifying adult manhwa comic with a unique storyline and interesting characters. This captivating comic follows the journey of a young man adjusting to his new family life when his mother marries another woman. Through hilarious misadventures and thrilling encounters, readers will be entranced by the lovable cast of characters.

From its visually stunning artwork to its innovative use of suspenseful plot elements, this manhwa has something for everyone.

14. Lilith

  • Chapters: 71
  • Art: Juder
  • Story: Dummy Mandoo


Give your adult comic collection a kick with Lilith, the stunning manhwa series with vivid visuals and involving storylines. Subversive and electrifying, it follows the journey of four young adults struggling against oppressive forces in their city as they search for acceptance and true meaning in life.

The artistry of this series is top-notch, from its well-composed landscapes to its eloquently scripted panel compositions and graphic imagery – truly giving readers an immersive experience that draws them beneath the surface of their own reality.

Unflinchingly honest, Lilith explores the seriousness of racism, identity struggles and injustice while maintaining a sense of hope and beauty in the face of tremendous darkness.

13. Club Sodom

  • Chapters: 32
  • Art: Heo YiWon
  • Story: Heo YiWon

Club Sodom

Club Sodom is an adult manhwa that follows two college college students as they explore the pleasures of the BDSM lifestyle. Written and illustrated by Yunghearn, this manhwa dives into this forbidden world with frank and honest subject matter.

While adult content is often controversial, Club Sodom attempts to do this in a mature manner, sensitively exploring issues such as gender roles and consent while also examining unique relationships in queer communities.

This series has gained attention both from people interested in BDSM lifestyles and those who simply enjoy reading captivating stories and watching intense scenes unfold between its characters. Regardless of your reasons for appreciation, Club Sodom promises to entertain and educate anyone who gives it a chance.

12. Household Affairs

  • Chapters: 85
  • Art: ButcherBOY
  • Story: ButcherBOY

Household Affairs

Adult manhwa “Household Affairs” are gripping suspense thrillers that tell the story of a newlywed couple, Seungri and Na-Young, who discover they are related through an affair.

When Seungri’s father and Na-Young’s mother’s secret relationship comes to light, the couple must decide their fate–will they stay together or break away to lead separate lives? Breathtakingly sexy and packed with intense drama, “Household Affairs” is a compelling read.

With a plot full of unexpected twists and turns, the series captivates readers from the start and keeps them coming back for more. The artwork captures every emotion perfectly–from heated arguments to passionate embraces.

11. An Innocent Sin

  • Chapters: 77
  • Art: Tadashi Satomi
  • Story: Tadashi Satomi

An Innocent Sin

An Innocent Sin is an adult webtoon by the talented author Shimizu Yuki. This unique and complex story follows the life of college student Oogami Taka, whose path to adulthood is full of twists and turns.

The story powerfully conveys the emotions and struggles of a young adult in Japan as he begins to realize that not everything is as simple or fair as it seemed in his youth.

In addition to being an emotional rollercoaster, “An Innocent Sin” is full of unexpected plot twists that surprise readers at every turn along with vivid illustrations that transport characters within this story into different worlds.

There’s no denying that it hits all the right notes while emphasizing on the importance of family relationships, love, and friendship, thus making it a perfect choice for anyone who loves classic manga stories infused with real-life struggles.

10. H-Mate

  • Chapters: 151
  • Art: Turtle Feet
  • Story: Turtle Feet


H-Mate is an adult manhwa series that dives into a world of seduction, fantasy, and suspense. It follows the passionate love story between a shy outcast werewolf and a confident young woman with mysterious powers.

Written by Korean artist Aenlley, H-Mate features stunning visuals and vivid storylines; from steamy moments to dangerous cliff hangers, readers can never predict what’s going to happen next. Since its release in 2013, H-Mate has earned great reviews from both Western and Eastern audiences alike.

Whether it be the original comic fans or new starters playing catch up with back issues; all that matters is that the audience stays immersed in this captivating manhwa saga.

Those who are looking for lighthearted entertainment romances or content filled with raw intensity, H-Mate certainly delivers on both fronts! Be sure to check out this thrilling adult manhwa series today – you won’t be disappointed.

9. A Pervert’s Daily Life

  • Chapters: 71
  • Art: Alice Crazy
  • Story: Alice Crazy

Pervert's Daily Life

“A Pervert’s Daily Life” is the life of 23-year-old artist Kousuke Ahameda. He’s an average salaryman who, due to his loneliness and abundance of time, embarks on risqué activities around town to add spice to his boring life. This humorously honest comic will have readers laughing out loud as they follow along on Kousuke’s shenanigans.

It doesn’t shy away from some of the taboos of modern society. This isn’t light-hearted manga like you’re used to; it’s filled with lots of bold comedy and provocative visuals, which makes it perfect for fans of adult manhwa who are looking for something a bit more daring.

Seinen fans will love this series thanks its knack for discussing heavier themes in a delightful yet mature manner. If you’re ready for an entertaining journey filled with explicit jokes and suspenseful moments, then “A Pervert’s Daily Life” is the perfect read for you.

8. Perfect Half

  • Chapters: 148
  • Art: Luv P
  • Story: Luv P

Perfect Half

This indulgent and delightful story follows two girls as they discover the bittersweet realities of adulthood. From newfound friendships and newfound foes to rock-solid romances, this adventure offers something new around every corner.

Perfect Half is beloved by many readers and reviewers alike because of its realistic plot that effortlessly blends laughter, tears, angst and romance with twists at every page turn.

Witty writing, diverse characters, stunning illustrations—it’s no surprise that Perfect Half has quickly become a fan favorite among experienced adult manhwa readers.

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or an emotional connection, this title has something special for everyone. All this makes Perfect Half the perfect choice for adult readers seeking an engaging storyline and topnotch artwork in their manhwa collection.

7. Drugs Candy

  • Chapters: 45
  • Art: Luv P
  • Story: Luv P

Drugs and Candy webtoon

Drug Candy is an adult manhwa series that dives deep into the complex struggles of adolescent life. Written by artsmajor135 and illustrated by MANGAGo, this manga will captivate readers from all walks of life with its gritty realism, honest portrayals of emotion, and hauntingly beautiful artwork.

Drug Candy follows the lives of four high schoolers as they struggle to make sense of their lives in a world where adulthood comes with difficult decisions about drugs, relationships, power dynamics, and morality.

With so much at stake, readers will be on the edge of their seats as the characters strive to do what’s right without losing themselves in the process.

This mesmerizing series casts a nuanced look on pressing issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence, depression, gender expectations, and more.

Drug Candy is a truly inspirational story that offers both hope and understanding while also highlighting how easily one can be dragged down if they don’t take active steps towards righteousness.

6. SuperGuy

  • Chapters: 44
  • Art: Hyungjun Park
  • Story: LEE Won-Sik

He is a good body

SuperGuy is a thrilling adult manhwa that follows the story of Ra, a normal man whose world is turned upside down when he finds out he has incredible superpowers.

Ra’s mission is to use his newfound abilities to save the world from an oncoming disaster, and along the way experiences intense battles, complex mysteries and difficult decisions that will affect both humanity and himself.

With stunning artwork and rich characters, every page of SuperGuy is gripping and exciting. Drawing inspiration from dystopian stories as well as traditional manga narratives, this series will have readers on the edge of their seats with a never-ending suspense.  The riveting story will keep you guessing what’s coming next while also captivating your heart.

5. Lady Garden

  • Chapters: 80
  • Art: Zilpung Studio
  • Story: Zilpung Studio

Lady Garden webtoon

Lady Garden, an adult manhwa filled with thrilling plots and captivating artwork, provides a delightful escape from everyday life.

Set during the 1920s in Korea, it follows the story of female baron Hwang Mi Yeong who attempts to deny fate and pursue her own destiny.

The story remains interesting as unexpected plot twists and complex characters intertwined throughout the narrative. With plenty of action, drama, and romance to go around, this adult manhwa continues to captivate its readers with each issue.

From archrivals to hidden agendas, Lady Garden will make sure you ponder where it is going next while also satisfying your curiosity.

4. Wet Women

  • Chapters: 83
  • Art: Sperm King
  • Story: Sperm King

Wet Women

Wet Women is an adult webtoon that is full of steamy, heavily-illustrated stories. Featuring strong female protagonists and explicit content, this comic series focuses on themes of sexuality, power, and respect.

With its intricate art style, the creators behind Wet Women make sure that even readers with little imagination can accurately follow along the story.

The topics are socially relevant; often running the gamut from feminism to sex work and fall in love. Some stories bring up controversial topics such as consent and sexual exploitation in a non-sensationalized way which serves to educate readers.

Wet Women combines extreme erotic art with witty scripts to create truly transformative storytelling experiences like you’ve never seen before.

3. Brawling Go!

  • Chapters: 156
  • Art: Warren
  • Story: Warren

Brawling Go! anime

Brawling Go is a thrilling and captivating adult manhwa created by popular Korean artist, Ujoo. Viewers are immediately drawn into the transformable world where human beings contend against monsters that seek to conquer the planet. The story follows two brothers, Sah Gang and Jung Baek, as they fight to protect humanity from evil forces.

With unique characters and plot twists, Brawling Go is sure to keep viewers on edge. Character development and artwork are excellent, creating a truly immersive experience for readers.

Exciting battles provide amazing ammunition for fans to discuss and debate about their favorite characters as well as possible theories of upcoming episodes.

Highly popular among manga-enthusiasts, Brawling Go continues to gain followers around the world who have come to find solace in this action-packed series.

2. Lust Awakening

  • Chapters: 103
  • Art: Dokuhaku
  • Story: Heung-Keon Kim

Lust Awakening anime

“Lust Awakening” is an adult webtoon brought to you by award-winning Korean artist, NotsoGood. It follows the story of JeongBaek Soul, a spiritually inclined martial artist that has woken up in the body of his former self after a long sleep.

Accompanied on his journey by mysterious girl Mio, JeongBaek discovers that he has incredible powers that have been sleeping in him all this time.

With swordsmanship and martial arts combined with newfound supernatural abilities, he begins the task of uncovering the secrets of his past.

NotsoGood offers an intriguing take on adult webtoons with “Lust Awakening” as she combines thrilling action scenes with thought-provoking inner struggles to keep readers invested.

1. Secret Class

  • Chapters: 147
  • Art: Dokuhaku
  • Story: Wang kang cheol

Secret Class anime

This thrilling storyline follows an adult teacher as they uncover the hidden secrets within their classroom. As they explore dark truths, they step closer to unlocking a shocking secret that could forever change the lives of both their students and themselves.

With unique art, captivating storylines, and narrator insights added throughout to bring more perspective to the characters’ journeys, it’s easy to get sucked into this webtoon for hours on end.

Second-year high school teacher Oh Eun Ho has a class of misbehaving students who seem quite rebellious at first – but things take a surprising turn when mysterious events start to occur around them and certain hidden dangers arise from within one’s own classroom.

Secret Class is a thrilling read perfect for any fan of mystery, drama or horror—not to mention an absolute must-read for lovers of adult webtoons.

The Final Words

As our list of the 31 best adult manhwa and webtoons shows, there is no shortage of interesting stories for adults to enjoy. But no matter what type of intriguing plot line you are looking for, whatever genre you want to explore, or whatever themes excite you, there is sure to be an adult manhwa or webtoon out there that fits the bill.


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