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Top 19 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon That Will Make Your Heart Bloom

With an incredible selection of over 800 Pokemon in the franchise, trainers across the world have questioned which Pokemon have the most defining appearance and features. As many fans know, one such trait is flower-like qualities or appearances.

From Floette to comfy, 19 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon reign supreme in this regard in the series. Within this article, we will travel through each of these lovely Flower Pokemon’s attributes.

Join us on this journey as we search for 19 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon:


19. Floette


“Floette,” the beautiful flower Pokemon, is adored by trainers and enthusiasts alike. With its sleek design, colours of the rainbow, and petal-like wings, it’s easy to see why Floette is so popular. Not only does it have a pleasing aesthetic, but it also has a great move set that can be used in battles.

Its Fairy-type moves to make it invaluable against Dragon-type Pokemon. Additionally, its signature move, “Light of Ruin”, can devastate any opponent.

The combination of fairytale beauty and powerful moves make Floette one of the most sought-after Pokémon – a true marvel to behold.

18. Bounsweet


Bounsweet is a Truly Beautiful flower pokemon found in the Galar region. It has a spherical shape, and its head looks like a pink flower. Its eyes are small and black with protruding yellow cheeks.

Its body is composed of three petals, brown, tan, and cream-coloured, connected to each other by twisty twigs, making it look even more stunning. Its four leaves on its back could help you identify it from similar-looking pokemon in the region.

This pokemon emits an aroma that attracts people and reduces their stress levels, making them feel relaxed instantly.  Bounsweet can learn some astounding moves and is quite shy in nature when faced with adversaries.

Most trainers prefer to capture one and raise it as their friend – both for battling purposes as well as for companionship.

17. Flabebe


Flabebe is one of the most beautiful flowers Pokemon out there. It features a round, white body with a frilly yellow collar, and it has five different coloured flowers on its head.

Depending on its form, each flower has a different colour and represents each of the five major fairy-type moves–Fairy Wind, Draining Kiss, Misty Explosion, Disarming Voice and Moonblast. These adorable little Pokemon are truly unique in their appearance, movements and abilities.

Additionally, they love to explore flowers and plants in search of water and food. Flabebe also evolves into Floette at Level 19 which makes them even more powerful and beautiful! Their majestic demeanour makes them popular in battle arenas as well as for cosplay due to their cute appearance.

16. Comfey


Comfey is truly one of the most beautiful flowers, Pokémon! Its name is derived from the words “comfortable” and “posy”, which hints at the character’s power to spread comfort and joy through its perfume. It is a tiny fairy-like creature with a fragrant ring of petals blooming around its body that emits a pleasant aroma.

What’s really special about Comfey is that it collects colourful flowers as it soars high in the sky, decorating its body with them, then grants happy feelings to nearby Pokemon and people alike.

Additionally, this gorgeous bloom can use its pollen during battle to restore HP, making it an invaluable partner in all situations.

Whether you’re looking for a partner that will bring happiness or an attention-grabbing Pokémon, Comfey is a perfect choice.

15. Cherrim


A truly beautiful Flower Pokemon, known as Cherrim, has captivated the hearts of millions of people across the world. It is a small, bipedal Pokemon with a height of about two feet and can transform from its naturally sunny disposition to an overcast form.

Its back is covered with petals that range from yellow to peach in colour, while its legs are chubby and stubby. Interestingly, Cherrim changes its form with the weather; when it senses sunlight, it will take on its sunny form, and when it senses cold or rain, it will take on a more subdued overcast appearance.

This ability is seen as a symbol of resilience and courage – no matter the circumstance that comes along, Cherrim continues to bloom! In battle, Cherrim has an impressive arsenal of moves like Grass Knot, Leech Seed and Petal Blizzard that make it an excellent opponent.

Its Signature move ‘Flower Shield,’ increases the defence stats of all allies within the range, making him a great asset in team battles.

14. Sunflora


Sunflora is one of the most beautiful Pokemon out there, and it looks like a sunflower with its yellow petals, white centre and a long stem.

Even though it’s only 1 ’04 ” tall, Sunflora brings a burst of sunshine wherever it goes. It can be found all around the world in fields that bask in bright sunlight, where it moves its petals to absorb even more light for energy.

In fact, when Sunflora share their joyous faces and bright colours of yellow around them, both pokemon and people alike can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

The only thing better than viewing these truly beautiful creatures is actually catching them in battle, which will provide players with their very own sunflower pokemon with extraordinary powers.

With this flower pokemon on your side, you can utilize your solar Beam attack and take out all competition while receiving bonus points for extra flair.

13. Gossifleur


Truly beautiful flower Pokemon Gossifleur has to be one of the loveliest creatures ever seen in the entire Pokemon pantheon.

With grass type as its primary attribute and a tiny figure which gives it an endearing appeal, Gossifleur is sure to bring out the best feelings in Pokemon trainers everywhere.

It is often found far away from urban areas, drawing pollen from the air and using it to revive the wilting flowers they find while on their adventure.

Not only is its power attractive, but its sight inspiring as well, with soft pink fur adorned by vibrant yellow flowers meshed together.

It is this combination that makes fighting against a Gossifleur so truly special for any trainer who may come across one.

12. Meganium


Meganium is a Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon! With its cheerful and alluring appearance that bedecks its vivid green body, the Meganium is quite a sight to behold.

This Ground/Grass type pokemon can reach sizes of up to 6’7″ and is usually seen with 4 flower petals– two on each side– stemming from its neck and trailing behind during their movement.

Many Pokemon trainers have found great success using the Meganium for support moves like Cotton Guard, Sweet Scent, Ancient Power, and Petal Dance, making this one of the more versatile pokemon among the sun & moon series.

Its clover-shaped head has an interesting pink blob in the centre that can sense changes in humidity and temperature in order to warn allies if danger is coming.

Don’t let its beauty fool you – this pokemon can pack quite a punch as they bring forth powerful moves such as Solarbeam, Frenzy Plant and Hydro Cannon.

11. Vileplume


Vileplume is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flowers Pokémon out there! A large, deep red, round-petalled flower adorned with a green spot in the centre and three yellow-tipped stamens make this Pokémon a fantastic sight to behold.

Not only that, but its wings are bright pink and scalloped like an exotic tropical flower – truly an eye-catching site. This unusual species has more surprises in store, as evidenced by the dual type it possesses: grass/poison.

These grants Vileplume a great defensive advantage among Pokémon – it can not only defend itself against physical attacks but also stand up to poison and status effects as well.

 Its effectiveness in battle is outright impressive! Unfortunately, the Vile plume’s attack potential isn’t particularly outstanding; still, this doesn’t diminish its abundant beauty or charm.

10. Lilligant


The domain of beauty and grace is well-spoken when it comes to Lilligant, a truly beautiful Flower Pokemon. It can be easily identified by its regal gown of petals that are covered in small, intricate designs.

With its base stats falling mostly into the Special Attack category, Lilligant has a unique ability to create the perfect combination of defensive and offensive builds during battle.

Offering tricks like Petal Dance and Quiver Dance as some of its signature moves, this Pokemon remains one of the most admired creatures for any trainer looking for a champion-level partner. Its beautiful environmental bicolour schemes also make it one heck of an Instagram star.

9. Bellossom


Bellossom is a beautiful flower pokemon featuring petals that look like a gown. Bellossom evolves from an ordinary flower pokemon called Oddish, and when the weather becomes warmer, they offer a breathtaking view. Bellossom is not only visually stunning, but they are also really intelligent pokemon.

They use an array of moves to battle or to utilize their natural habitat and create the perfect environment for them to blossom in.

Additionally, this breed of pokemon has the remarkable ability to heal other pokemon with various unique techniques. Bellossom has been a beloved addition to the Pokemon universe since its debut in Generation Two and remains popular among fans of all ages today.

8. Eldegoss


Eldegoss is a flower-like Grass-type Pokémon, introduced in Generation VIII of the Pokémon series. It evolves from Wooloo after feeding it 50 candies.

With its long green stem, puffy white bulb head, and yellow puffballs that make up its mane, Eldegoss is truly a beautiful sight to behold. It has an array of both offensive and defensive abilities that can be used in battle to outwit opponents.

While the Regular form is relatively weak defensively, it makes up for this fact by having access to several different STAB moves like Energy Ball and Hurricane. Furthermore, it has access to status moves like Sleep Powder and Leech Seed, which are invaluable for defensive strategies.

Apart from being a formidable fighter, Eldegoss is also quite useful as an addition to your farm. Its Chilling Gigafrosty Ability reduces the speed bar of any opposing Pokemon hit by one stage—a truly impressive move considering how often speed becomes a determining factor in battles.

7. Roserade


There is no shortage of beauty in the world of Pokémon, but one can look far before finding a flower with as much elegance as Roserade. Whether walking through a field or battle ready in a stadium, this majestic Pokémon stands out in a crowd of creatures.

Its petals boast vibrant colours that beckon admiration, and its expression almost seems to suggest it knows it’s being admired.

Described as elegant and savvy, the graceful design of Roserade has made it one of the most beloved Pokemon among both casual players and hardcore fans alike.

From its iconic colour combinations to its diaphanous petals blowing delicately in the wind, there is something calming about beholding such breathtaking beauty in the wild.

Additionally, its type combination of Grass and Poison gives it strength when called upon for battle – enabling Roserade to command senses as well as scenes.

6. Shaymin (Sky Forme)

Shaymin (Sky Forme)

Shaymin (Sky Forme) is one of the most beautiful Pokémon out there. With its petite body and unique white, light blue and pink floral fur, it’s honestly hard to deny its amazing looks. The small, white wings on its back also give it an otherworldly charm, making Shaymin absolutely irresistible.

This flying grass-type Pokémon also has abundant magical powers with which it can purify toxins from the environment and bring joy to everyone. Its presence alone brings forth a calming atmosphere that comforts any person or creature in its presence.

Truly Shaymin (Sky Forme) is a sight to behold with its majestic look that captures anyone’s attention at first sight.

5. Venusaur


Venusaur, a Pokémon known for its beautiful flower, is one of the most sought-after and beloved creatures in the world. This majestic Pokémon can be found in lush green areas near ponds and swamps.

Its flower–a cross between a Lily Pad and a Rose-actually gives off a pleasant scent that drives other Pokemon wild in anticipation.

The flower has also been discovered to have many medicinal properties, making Venusaur one of the most desirable Pokemon both competitively AND medically.

 Additionally, its ability to use powerful Vine Whip offers much support to teams during battle. All of this combined makes Venusaur an incredible asset that any trainer would be lucky to capture and train.

4. Lurantis


Lurantis, one of the most beautiful Flower Pokemon around, is a Grass-type Pokemon distinguished by its impressive pink and green stripes.

With its elegant shape, a pair of large iridescent petals jutting out from the side of its head, along with the lush forewing and small hindwing, Lurantis is truly stunning.

Its Sweet Scent attack adds to this beauty even more; when used in battle, it releases an aroma that lures opponents in super close so that Lurantis can inflict shock upon them.

Furthermore, it has some great stats, too; with an HP stat of 70 and both Special Attack and Defense at 105 as well as a Speed stat of 45, it’s quite difficult to defeat Lurantis easily.

3. Florges


Florges is a gorgeous flower Pokemon, sure to turn heads in any crowd! Featuring petals of many blooming colours and a gentle demeanour, Florges is a delightful addition to any team. Known as the truly beautiful flower Pokémon, Florges utilizes its delicate Petal Blizzard attack to fight opponents.

His Fairy-type move pool optimizes his defensive capabilities further, reducing damage from other Fairy, Fighting and Dark types.

A signature move of Florges is Rage Powder which impacts all foes in battle with an intense powder that redirects their attacks away from allies – a great tool for both offence and support! Similarly, Gentle Slap puts opponents under tight control and diminishes their stats for ideal results.

2. Tsareena


Tsareena is an incredibly beautiful Pokemon from the Kalos region of Generation 7. Despite its delicate appearance, Tsareena is a powerful fighter, thanks to its reinforced legs. Its leg strength can let it leap high into the sky and deliver powerful kicks.

The Pokémon Company has released several designs for merchandise featuring Tsareena, which are perfect for fans of this truly beautiful flower Pokémon. Aside from its physical features, fans are also drawn to Tsareena’s personality traits, such as loyalty and natural pride.

Trainers who have seen this majestic creature use its charm can attest that they will do anything to protect those they care about.

Tsareena makes a great addition to any team, and anyone lucky enough to add it should expect both strategic prowess and lots of love in return! To learn more about Tsareena, be sure to check out its entry on Serebii.

1. Shaymin (Land Forme)

Shaymin (Land Forme)

Cuteness personified, Shaymin (Land Forme) is one of the most stunningly beautiful flower Pokemon. With its white and pink fur coverings and large lupine ears, this gorgeous Pokemon looks like a perfect blend of an adorable teddy bear and an elegant flower.

Its grass-type designation makes it ideal for use in battles against water-type enemies, where it is easily intimidated with its well-balanced stats in attack and defence.

What’s more, with its ability to learn Aerial Ace by level up, Shaymin (Land Forme) can prove formidable against flying adversaries as well.


From colourful Daisybells to romantic Roselias, this article has explored a few of the flower Pokemon present in the world of Pokemon.

These delightful creatures offer more than just entertainment, as many possess unique abilities and types of advantages which can be used to an advantage.

In addition, their relatability to real-life flowers makes many of them striking objects of beauty in our own lives. Whether you’re a budding trainer or a veteran master, these gorgeous flower Pokemon are sure to add an extra sparkle to any venture through the world of Pokemon.

Let’s hope that future generations continue to create new and beautiful flower-based monsters for us to enjoy.

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