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10 Bat Pokemon That Are Highly Famous in Pokemon Fan Base

Who doesn’t know about the famous Ash Ketchum and his mission to train Pokemon and become the best. Over the years, Ash has come across some amazing pokemon, but few of them are as popular as Bat Pokemon.

The ten most beloved Bat Pokemon in the entire Pokémon franchise and their respective trainers have become iconic names throughout history. Each entity brings something special to the table- whether it be a unique ability or an infectious personality.Join us on a journey as we explore all 10. 

In this article, we will talk about what makes these bat pokemon so special and why they deserve recognition in the Pokémon universe. Read through to find out more about one of these fascinating creatures from the world of Pokemon:


10. Crobat


Crobat is a popular Pokemon in the beloved franchise of Pokemon, best known for its wicked wings and extraordinary speed.

This bat Pokemon was first introduced in Generation II of the series and has quickly become a fan-favourite over the years. It is classified as a Poison and Flying-type, which gives it a host of advantages when pitted against other powerful foes.

Crobats are incredibly fast and capable of reaching speeds over 200 mph. They also can deal poisonous damage with just a single bite. While similar to other bat-type Pokemon, they’re more impressively optimized for flight, able to glide effortlessly through the air with unparalleled ease.

Best of all, they are even able to carry two passengers atop their backs. What makes Crobat so special, though, is how easily it can evolve from Golbat into this highest form. All that takes is a little bit of love and care on your part – as well as much-needed training too.

9. Gligar


With its unique and bold design, Gligar stands out as one of the most popular bat Pokémon in the franchise. Boasting powerful wings and strength, this Ground-Flying type is capable of some impressive flying techniques that are sure to make it a force to be reckoned with in battles.

First introduced in the series’ second generation, Gligar has gained a loyal and widespread fan base due to its charming depiction on Pokédex entries and trading cards. What’s more impressive about Gligar is its ability to evolve into a flygon after being exposed to an evolutionary stone.

With this development, not only does Gligar benefit from mastering dragon-type moves, but it boosts its stats considerably, making it an even greater powerhouse for battle. While many of the Pokémon featured in the franchise are admired for their aesthetic beauty, few can match the creature design and power of Gligar that fans know and love today.

8. Woobat


Among the various Pokémon, Woobat stands out for its likeness to a bat and its unique psychic powers. It looks like a combination of a giant bat and heart, with big round eyes and an adorable face. This pocket monster is well-loved among fans due to its friendly appearance and wide range of psychic abilities.

Its Psychic-type attacks allow it to battle foes powerful enough to bring down even the most formidable opponents.

When using its bodily fluid known as ‘psyche up’, Woobat can boost both its attack power and special defence so it can put up resistance against enemy forces. Fans love collecting this beloved little creature due to its adoration of bats and its ability to literally charm others with its sweet demeanour.

7. Noibat


Noibat, an adorable bat Pokemon, is a major part of the beloved Pokémon franchise. With its big ears and blue body, Noibat stands out from other Flying Type Pokemon. Evolving into Noivern at level 48, this towering Pokemon is known for its strong sense of hearing as well as its Sonic Boom attack.

It also has the unique ability to search for food using its sonar waves, making it a truly distinct creature in the world of Pokemon. On top of all this, Noibat is quite popular among gamers due to its heroic role in some fan-favourite games such as Alpha Sapphire and Ultra Sun.

Even though it may not be one of the most powerful battlers in the world of Pokemon, Noibat’s charm and uniqueness keep it at the top of peoples’ lists when it comes to their favourite winged friends in The Pokémon Franchise.

6. Golbat


Golbat has always been one of the most popular bats Pokemon of the Pokémon Franchise. Originally introduced in Generation I, this Poison/Flying type is one of the few to use both Hyper Beam and Giga Drain. Its appearance has changed over time, but its unique traits, including large eyes, small fangs and wings, have stayed true.

Golbat’s base stat total makes it an irresistible and formidable opponent to face in battle. As a result, many trainers choose Golbat as part of their team composition because it can deal physical and special damage depending on the type of attacks used.

It also has access to great movements such as Toxic, Confusion, Air Cutter and Venoshock, which are all effective in particular situations. With plenty of HP and attack power under its wing, many trainers find themselves relying on Golbat for major battles against other Pokémon opponents.

5. Swoobat


Swoobat, the psychic and flying type Pokemon of the beloved Pokémon franchise, has been a fan favourite for many years. With its signature swirly ears and love of using heart-shaped echoes to communicate, it has become an icon in the world of Pokemon.

Swoobat is well known in the game series for its combination of Flying and Psychic typing, featuring strong defensive and offensive matchups that are not often found together in other teams. It also has a unique move set which includes Heart Stamp, Air Slash, Psycho Shift, and Hypnosis, among others.

While Swoobat may not be as well known as some of the more iconic Pocket Monsters like Pikachu or Charizard, it is still a great addition to any competitive team, no matter what type of player you are.

4. Zubat


Zubat, the popular bat pokemon of The Pokémon franchise, has captivated the hearts of fans since its debut in 1996. Described as being small and weak but also quick-moving, Zubat is a curious creature with a visible mouth and sharp fangs, which they use to detect echolocation.

Their most difficult challenge comes from their peculiar enemy – Golbat. Possessing impressive blood-sucking abilities, Golbat can effectively outcompete Zubat in battles but can only be found in caves. This adds an interesting twist to their interactions with players.

Aside from their pitched battles against Golbat, Zubat can also be caught during random encounters while exploring caves or other areas where they may reside. Conversely, players must utilize bug spray to get rid of them if they wish not to have them interfere in other battles or events.

3. Gliscor


Gliscor is one of the most popular bats Pokemon in The Pokémon Franchise. Gliscor is a flying-type, terrestrial-ground Pokémon with an immune system capable of surviving any climate. Its wings are like those of a bat, and its tail has a large scythe that can absorb energy from the earth to keep it going through difficult times.

This makes it a great powerhouse as it absorbs all the kinetic energy, which amplifies its increased attack power. Aside from its impressive stats, Gliscor also has considerable defensive capabilities.

With its incredible speed, this Pokemon can easily dodge enemy attacks while retaliating quickly and powerfully. What’s more, Gliscor has access to a wide variety of moves, such as Poison Jab, Earthquake and Fire Fang, which makes it a true force to be reckoned with in battle.

2. Noivern


Noivern, the most popular bat Pokemon to ever exist in the Pokemon franchise, is an incredibly powerful creature. With its flying/dragon typing, this Pokemon has become a standout in many trainers’ eyes due to its impressive combination of speed and efficient offence.

Boasting a max base stat total of 535 and access to moves like Arial Ace and Air Slash, Noivern stands out as one of the most threatening attackers within OU play. Along with its impressive move pool and abilities that can help it set up even more opportunities for itself and its team, it’s easy to see why Noivern has become so popular over time.

Furthermore, Noivern also has a unique design that helps differentiate it from other dragon-type Pokemon, giving trainers something different in terms of aesthetic.

1. Lunala


Lunala, one of the popular bat Pokemon of the long-running Pokémon franchise, is a dual-type Psychic/Ghost Legendary Pokemon first introduced in Generation VII.

Whilst it primarily resembles a gargoyle or bat, its design is heavily inspired by legends and philosophies surrounding the moon; its wing arrangements resemble two half-moons, while its tail and arms make up a full crescent moon.

In terms of battle tactics and stats, Lunala favours a mix of Special Attacks and Speed that many experienced players make use of. Paired with an incredibly diverse move pool featuring moves like Dark Pulse, Moongeist Beam and Psychic for coverage — as well as direct damage — this legendary Pokemon can be dangerous in the right hands.


As we can see, there are many different bat Pokemon across the entire Pokemon franchise. Whether it’s their design or their battle style, each of these bats has something unique and interesting to offer. Special mention should go to Golbat, which was one of the earliest bat Pokemon introduced in the first-generation games.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful flyer or an original addition to your party, any one of these popular Bat Pokemon would be sure to give you all that you need from the franchise.


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