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Deep Knowledge About Attack On Titan Walls From Manga

Attack On Titan Walls, or Shingeki No Kyojin, is an incredibly popular Japanese anime series. Set in a fictional post-apocalyptic universe, it focuses on the survivors of the human race living behind large walls, who battle against man-eating giants called Titans for their very survival.

Not only does the show feature stunning visuals and thrilling action sequences, but its themes and characters have earned it recognition worldwide from both fans and critics alike.

It examines what drives people to succeed in impossible scenarios with stakes so high that failure is certain death, and in true anime fashion, introduces viewers to compelling characters whose experiences will have you feeling a range of emotions throughout each episode.

In this article, we will uncover everything you need to know about Attack On Titan Walls—from its 3 Attack on Titan Walls to How Could Fritz Control the Titans? Anyone looking for more information on the Attack On Titan Walls anime won’t want to miss this article.


The 3rd Attack On Titan Walls

Attack On Titan has become one of the most popular anime series in recent history, captivating audiences around the world with its gripping story set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans live behind immense walls.

The 3 walls – Wall Maria, Wall Rose and Wall Sina – block humanity from the terrifyingly powerful titans who roamed the land. Each wall is 50m tall and built of an otherworldly material that is immune to titans’ bites.

As tension rises between the survivors and the titans, lineages are cast in a desperate attempt to understand how they were able to construct these monumental marvels. Let’s learn about 3 attacks on titan walls:

Wall Rose

Wall Rose

When the massive force of titans threatened to invade the walls of humanity, a desperate plan was hatched to use Wall Rose and its geographical features to protect their land.

Although those within were terrified of the titan horde, they overwhelmed their doubts and made a daring move which involved using ladders and ropes to scale the wall, only to create enough time for other plans to be carried out.

This tactical strategy proved successful in keeping the titans at bay while enabling humanity to live in relative peace and security.

Though daring and bold, this course of action was not without huge risks as some risked losing their lives in pursuit of defending their loved ones–a testament that sometimes you must face danger head-on if you are to survive certain circumstances.

Wall Maria

Wall Maria

In Episode 1 of the series, the Outer Wall of Maria suffers an attack from these titans. This attack is momentous as it marks the end of an era of relative safety, prompting the citizens to retreat behind what remains of it.

The bloodcurdling violence and loss of life caused by this titan assault are accentuated by the forlorn landscape where it takes place, making for an epic debut episode.

The tension continues to build throughout Attack on Titan’s first season, culminating in a thrilling conclusion which gives a glimpse into what is yet to come.

For fans of gripping battle scenes and dramatic tension, season 1 – and its iconic “Wall Maria Attack” – will not disappoint.

Wall Sheena

Wall Sheena

One of the most iconic moments from Attack on Titan is the Wall Sheena Attack, which plays during a pivotal scene in the series. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, humanity is surrounded by relentless Titans that have destroyed much of their civilization.

Faced with these monstrosities, humans must come up with unique strategies to protect their walls from attack. The Wall Sheena Attack uses three scouts as bait to lure a horde of Titans away from the walls of each city. This strategy puts the brave scouts’ lives at risk as they put everything they can on the line to keep humanity safe.

As they fight to keep humanity alive and undeterred by danger, the Wall Sheena Attack has become a symbol of courage and resilience—an example for all when hope seems lost. 

Such a well-choreographed attack, along with strong soundtracks and animation, makes this moment emotionally intense and captivating for its viewers.

Attack on Titan – Review of The Wall 

In this review, we take a look at one of the most iconic walls within the show – The Wall. Attack on Titan introduces us to an apocalyptic world filled with humans who must survive by sheltering themselves behind three colossal walls made of solid rock and iron.

These walls are fifty meters in height and far exceed the reach of any Titan, thus granting humanity protection from their onslaught. As we enter further into the series, viewers witness extreme battles between humans and titans that erupt near these great walls.

It is here where characters experience epic transformations as Titans around them become unstoppable forces, rapidly consuming everything and everyone in their path.

The Wall is not just a scene setting but serves as a backbone for the characters’ varied storylines as they traverse from inside to outside in this drama-filled thriller.

Attack on Titan will always remain memorable in our minds for its amazing animation, complex characters and powerful concept that revolves around the vast wall found therein.

How Did They Build The Walls in Attack On Titan

The Walls in Attack On Titan

One of the most interesting concepts in Attack On Titan is the enormous walls that keep out the Colossal and Armored Titans. But how did they build such massive structures? Historians believe that it was possible due to technological advancements by utilizing a combination of magic and science.

Using vertical coils that can stretch indefinitely in vertical mode within each layer of wall, which is then connected into a sort of cable net that helps to evenly disperse the weight across a larger surface area.

This ever-growing network helps make it easier to add more layers as needed, especially when a new section is required, or existing parts are destroyed during the battle.

As well as the combination of these mechanical and magical elements, alterations were made over time, such as switching between materials like stone or iron depending on what was available in the region.

While not revealed in any great detail yet, this mysterious method for constructing walls is one example of why Attack On Titan has been wildly popular since its release.

Where The Mindless Roaming Titans Come From?

At the centre of this popular series are the mindless roaming Titans, creatures who have appeared from beyond the walls surrounding humanity’s last city.

While it isn’t clear where these Titans come from, what we do know is that they aggressively seek to devour any humans in sight and must be stopped at all costs.

Attack on Titan gives us a glimpse into what life would be like if mankind were forced to fight for their own survival against an unknown enemy. Through knowledge, courage, and strength, the characters in the series face their fears and prevail.

The mystery of where these Titans come from makes this series even more compelling – leading many viewers to speculate about their origin.

How Could Fritz Control The Titans?

Fritz Control The Titans

One of the most intriguing mysteries remains unsolved: how did Fritz control the titans? Though it has been hinted at throughout the series, few definitive results have surfaced regarding Fritz and his titans.

Some theories point to him using a magical power known as the “Coordinate,” which allows him to give orders to the intelligent titans under his control.

Others suppose that he achieved his feat with knowledge of ancient history, prophecies, religion, or rituals, harnessing some unknown power which allowed him to take control over them.

Either way, this remains as one of Attack on Titan’s greatest unsolved mysteries that keeps fans enthralled year after year. It’s clear that a complex web lies behind Fritz’s successful capture and control of the titans, and fans around the world eagerly await a satisfying resolution when all is revealed.


Attack On Titan Walls is an anime series that deserves a watch. It boasts fast-paced action scenes, intricate plotlines and meaningful themes around humanity’s struggle with issues such as xenophobia and self-preservation.

The 3D manoeuvring gear and primal weapons help create a truly unique vision of futuristic warfare, diving audiences into the heart of this thrilling anime world.

From the characters to the thrilling battles and meaningful plotlines, Attack On Titan Walls has rightly gained the reputation of a classic anime beloved by both established fans and newcomers alike, providing viewers with many lasting memories and inspiring moments that remain long after the series finale.

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