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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Ending Part Explained!

If you’re like me, you may have been a bit confused by the ending of season four of Attack on Titan. In this episode, we find out why.

You’ve likely been wondering how the team will make it to Titan without being destroyed? Read on to find out what happened! Hopefully, you’ll understand what happened next!

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what happened at the end of the 16th episode of season four. While the ending of episode 16 was disappointing, there were a few things to take away from the episode.

First of all, it set up what we’ll see later in the season. Second, we got a backstory about Eren Yeager. This episode made a lot of sense and provided context for Eren Yeager’s plight.

The ending of season four’s 16th episode is undoubtedly an interesting one. After the final battle between Eren and Mikasa, the Titans have become so powerful that they can see the memories of their future inheritors.

As a result, the global alliance is in danger. Meanwhile, the Colossal Titans have set foot on the Marleyan mainland, which is now a very dangerous place.

It’s going to be interesting to read further!


Attack Titan: Attack Titan Season 4 Episode 16: Can Eren defeat him?

Attack Titan Attack Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Can Eren defeat him

Yelena, as well as Zeke, discuss Zeke’s plan in great detail. But, Scouts inform Yelena that Paradis Island was penetrated. Eren uses Pieck up on the roof in order to reveal the enemies.

She appears to be pointing to Eren as Porco transforms into a Jaw Titan and he rises from the ground.

Eren is also made to make a change. Gabi realizes that Pieck doesn’t have a traitor’s heart, and the airships with the Commander aboard and Reiner can locate them.

The credits begin to roll around at the moment. The conclusion appears to be a reference to an earlier scene from the series, where Eren was a tyrant to Liberio.

The Scouts assist Eren, Reiner, and Zeke. It appeared that Eren had given up hope even in this particular scenario. Marley can even be removed from WarHammer Titan.

If the preceding example is an attempt at foreshadowing, it’s enough to say Eren is not in the loser’s camp this time; there’s no reason to think he is underestimating Eren.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Marleyan Warriors will be defeated with ease.

The two need to be in contact to allow Zeke and Eren’s wishes to be fulfilled. Their plans will only work when the founding Titan, a titan of the blood royal, comes into contact with the other. They may alter the world and reach Godlike status.

Reiner, along with his squad, has to stay clear of this and be able to gain a slight advantage. Eren isn’t able to count on the backing of his close family members this time.

We have learned from the comic that Eren is eventually saved by Zeke, which generates massive truth bombs popping up.

Considering there is a conspiracy between Zeke and Eren, it’s only natural that the soldiers of Paradis Island are gonna finally work with Marley to conquer their half-brothers.

This is also stated in the Manga. In the show, it’s obvious that Eren isn’t going to win the advantage anytime soon. Also, we can expect Eren to do a double-cross shortly, which will decide the winner. Zeke or Eren wins.

Are the Eldians going to be killed? What time will the Rumbling start? What are the motives behind Eren’s decision to trigger the Rumbling? It’s still to be discovered. Undoubtedly, the two sides won’t go away without a fight.

What happens to Falco?

What happens to Falco

Eren employs Falco as a haggling chip when Gabi requests his assistance. Gabi’s whole beliefs have been shaken by the events she witnessed since arriving in Paradis.

Due to her belief in the Marley method, Gabi has been treated with compassion and kindness even by people she thought were “devils.” Falco, however, has been an unwavering supporter throughout all of it.

We witness Falco in a room with other prisoners, even though Zeke’s spinal fluid. It is also a regular motif throughout the show.

It has granted Zeke and his allies the power to control Paradis Island. Zeke will use this power later on in the coming years. Falco is also likely to become the Pure Titan against Zeke’s will.

He’ll one day become one of the titans larger than him because of his part in the anime’s fourth season.

What do you think Zeke will do with Spinal Fluid? What happens to Paradis island’s Military Force?

What do you think Zeke will do with Spinal Fluid What happens to Paradis island's Military Force

It’s hard to tell which direction the world will take these characters. Marley launched an attack in a way that Zeke and Eren were not prepared for.

The power of surprise, particularly during war, is not to be underestimated.

Marley appears to have won the fight, particularly considering that Paradis Island’s inhabitants are split into groups that support those who support the army ( Mikasa, Jean, and Armin) and those who are supportive of Eren (Floch).

Before they think of fighting Marley, Paradis needs to first win the internal fight. The strength of numbers is evident. It’s unlikely that many soldiers will be released, particularly with Yelena as the commander of most of Yelena’s forces.

They’re merely used as a bargaining chip. Zeke would never have made them inhale spinal fluid if he didn’t. Zeke will use his power to create Pure Titans shortly.

This implies that Paradis’ strength in the military will decrease to more than half. Zeke will employ almost all Paradis soldiers in his master plan, except a handful of important players.

It appears the possibility that Zeke can transform these soldiers into giants when he activates the Rumbling.

The titan form is where soldiers will attack their fellow soldiers and create chaos. A scenario identical to the earlier seasons of ‘Attack on Titan.’

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Recap

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 16 Recap

A giant approaches Zeke after the explosion and then pushes her into its stomach.

Yelena uses the power of leveraging that spinal fluid provides to persuade the commander Pyxis and Paradis military, Commander Pyxis Paradis army, and others of the Paradis military to “cooperate” with her.

The other Scouts are in jail. They believe Eren is confused. Yelena and her friends approach Eren as well as their Scouts, and Greiz calls them “that-spawn-of-the devil whore” and she shoots Greiz.

Yelena continues to inform Scouts about Zeke’s plans for euthanization. Eren calls Gabi to request assistance. Pieck was able to break into the Paradis military and locate Eren.

She wants to join Eren’s plan to crush Marley. This leads Gabi to doubt her beliefs. Pieck provides Eren the details about her friends to prove her worth.

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