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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 15 Ending Part Explained

The Tokyo Ghoul anime series is based on the Japanese manga that is based on demon onslaught. The series stars the titular character Tanjiro Kamado who must fight off the demon and save his sister.

It is a classic tale of family vengeance and revenge, with a twist! You’ll love this anime! It will have you gripping the screen throughout!

My favorite anime like Tokyo Ghoul is Elfen Lied. The action and underlying themes are similar, and the animation may not be for everyone.

Elfen Lied’s storyline is different from that of Tokyo Ghoul, but the anime action is very similar. Elfen Lied’s character, however, is quite useless. The series’ ending is just as satisfying, if not more so.

If you are looking for a more mature series to watch, there are a number of anime similar to Tokyo Ghoul. Twin Star Exorcist is a supernatural series with intense fight scenes.

Like Tokyo Ghoul, it explores the themes of responsibility and self-identity. Kyoto Animation is also known for their adorable and charming anime. And, the premise of the series is very intriguing.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Ep. 14: Are Zeke and Levi Dead?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Ep. 14 Are Zeke and Levi Dead

Zeke met Eren at the Marleyan Hospital, and, after a brief conversation, Eren said he was willing to discuss the idea.

In the present, Levi is shifting Zeke to Paradis, hoping that a person will consume him from Paradis. But, Zeke detonates his thunder spear, which causes a massive explosion.

Naturally, one must be wondering if Levi and Zeke can make it through. They were at the heart of the blast.

While it is tempting to imagine it is possible that Zeke or Levi could have perished together with their rivals, however, it is not likely.

Both are key characters to be found in “Attack of Titan,” and it would be unjust to take them out of the game. It is also recommended to look up the manga’s eponymous book for more specific answers.

It is unlikely that Levi or Zeke would survive the blast. However, neither Zeke nor Levi has been unable to recover from their losses.

Zeke saves himself by the Titan that “keeps him” in its stomach. Zeke is not afflicted with any physical traumas. Yet, Ymir heals him.

Levi, however, doesn’t see any divine intervention. But his friends are always there to help Levi! Following the attack, Levi is also in extremely poor condition.

Hange stumbles to the body of Levi’s wounded and tells Jaegerists of his demise. This isn’t a scam.

Zeke can return to his home in good health. Zeke can return home without injury, and Hange utilizes this opportunity to escape Eren’s crazy supporters with Levi.

We’re sure Zeke is okay, and Levi’s fate remains unknown. Based on the manga’s plot and its potential showdown between these two characters, it is yet to be revealed; however, Levi isn’t over the hump yet.

Zeke has a few issues to resolve. He is also looking to discover the potential of the founding Titan and Eren.

Review of Attack on Season 4 Ep.15

Review of Attack on Season 4 Ep.15

Episode 15 shows Eren finally reaching out to his pals to discuss the present situation. Eren is a free spirit and claims that Yelena did not influence him.

He is convinced that Armin is controlled, but he is influenced by his past experiences with Bertolt and Mikasa along with Armin’s “instinctive desire” to protect her Ackerman “host.”

After a physical altercation, Eren can take Mikasa, Armin, Gabi hostage and demands Zeke his address.

The gang prepares for Shiganshina District. Because of this wine, Zeke turns Levi’s friends into Pure Titans. That puts Levi in a difficult spot.

Zeke is trying to escape from the prisoner. Zeke attempts to escape. However, Levi, the strong Marleyan Army Chief, slaughters his troops and pursues Zeke off.

Zeke doesn’t become Beast Titan, and an ax of thunder binds Levi. Flashbacks are an excellent opportunity to gain insight into Zeke’s life before.

We can finally understand the things that make Zeke tick, starting from his early days in Marley as the Eldian of Marley and to his Warrior Candidate.

Grisha isn’t Zeke’s father figure in his life, as Zeke is obsessed with her involvement with the Restorationist movement.

Young Zeke encounters Tom Ksaver and the Beast Titan, and they enjoy games. Zeke returns to his home only to discover Grisha’s strategy heavily depends on his skills as a Warrior Candidate.

This also puts unnecessary tension on Zeke.

Grisha gets more disenchanted by Zeke, and Ksaver takes on the role of father role model for Grisha.

Ksaver is the one who reveals to Zeke what he knows about his parents’ reported sexual actions, and Zeke is willing to reveal the truth to his parents the truth. We all know that the rest is the story of history.

A grown-up Zeke continues to play catch with Ksaver following the incident. Ksaver is set to come to an end in his reign on the Beast Titan.

Ksaver informs the researcher that six centuries ago, Earth suffered the destruction of the pandemic.

It vanished mysteriously out of its home within the Eldian Empire, leading the investigator to suspect the King changed the bodies of his people using the influence of Titan, who was the Founding Titan.

Ksaver, who is an Eldian Ksaver, an Eldian emotional burden. His Marleyan wife uncovered his true identity and cut his throat.

She later took her own life. Their son also spared the same thing. Ksaver tears and wishes that the day he never existed.

Zeke’s own experiences and the information above make Zeke the Warrior Candidate confident that euthanization can solve the problems faced by Eldians.

Ksaver says to Zeke that the mix of founding Titan and the Titan of royal blood could breach the King’s promise.

We can see that Zeke became the inheritor of his father’s Beast Titan. He also found that Eren, his half-bro, was the owner of the Titan Founding and that Grisha did not die after Zeke ratted him out.

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