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Attack on Titan Chapter 137: The Truth Explained

The Attack on Titan manga chapter 137 is set to be released in February, 2021. It will continue the series’ storyline about Armin and Zeke meeting in Paths, where they decide how to move forward. This chapter will also include Zeke explaining what happened to Eren. 

The Attack on Titan manga series has a rich history and has been known to feature some interesting characters. This manga is no exception. In fact, the manga series was based on Japanese comic books, and has been in production for almost 10 years.

As of this writing, it has become the most popular anime series in Japan with nearly 30 million readers in the world.

Attack on Titan Chapter 137 has a major twist for the storyline. The main character is Eren, who wants to destroy humanity and could potentially transform into a Colossal Titan.

The two may finally meet after a long absence. Eren and Armin may even face off in Chapter 138, and this may be the best chance to see the character’s point of view.

The following are some important things to know before the release of Attack on Titan Chapter 137. 


Chapter 137 Discussions and Predictions

Attack on Titan

In the recently released Chap. 136 of Attack on Titan, known as “Devote Your Hearts”, we see Mikasa, Levi, and the rest working on a rescue plan and attack mission with the aid of Annie Falco.

In the current chapter, there is speculation that Armin having a calm Zeke within the kingdom of the path could indicate that Armin has been there for a pretty long time.

Fans are also eagerly awaiting the end of the story of Levi because he’s had to face many difficult and risky situations.

Ymir could have some sort of power in her name. We’ll need to be patient to see these ideas implemented in the next chapter.

As we’ve learned, the series is now in its final phase, and sacrifices are a constant motif. Ymir is the head of the prehistoric Titans who might desire to kill Mikasa and others seeking to help save Armin.

Several fans have been looking forward to the next episode, which may be focused on a captured Armin and what Levi and his team do with the whole inhabitants of Paradise along with the Rumbling crisis.

Where to Read in Attack on Titan

As of now, there is no way to get access to Attack on Titan manga online. This isn’t as hard as you may think.

Kodansha USA announced they would launch digital versions of several popular titles, such as Shingeki no Kyojin and Fairy Tail.

Chapter 137 Release Date

Attack on Titan chapter 137

Chapter 137 from The Attack on Titan was released on Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

Is it True that Attack on Titan is Going on a Break Next Month?

Attack on Titan manga was published by Kodansha and is a 2-monthly journal under Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

Chapter 137 of this manga won’t stop during February. The chapter will be continued in the February Issue of monthly Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The series is close to the end of its chapter; the following chapter could be released earlier. We’ll keep you informed.

Recap of Chapter 136

The viewers watch the moment Falco alters into a Winged Titan and saves Mikasa and her crew. Later, Levi plans to split into two teams for the first search and rescue.

Mikasa is uncertain, and worries about the whole “killing Eren” incident until Levi persuades her. The other characters inform Mikasa that she’s mistaken. They tell her that the Eren she was used to is gone.

Shortly, Levi plans to explode the explosives tied to his Nape of Eren’s Titan form.

After witnessing everyone give up their lives for the goal, Mikasa leaps onto Eren’s body, starts attacking the Titans, and perfectly clears the way for the explosives. Annie transforms into her Titan form and fights against the other Titans.

Mikasa is in a bid to keep Okapi moving toward explosives but is having difficulty stopping them from transforming into their Titan form.

Armin observes his totally unconscious body and attempts to wake it up when it becomes clear that he’s been taken into the realm of pathways.

He would like to return with his buddies and join the battle against the Titans. However, his body isn’t strong enough to move his body.

The world is clear, Armin quickly notices it and plots to escape while watching an unflinching, serene Zeke making the Sandcastle.

He is greeted by Zeke, who asks if he can visit his house; Ymir is also.

Are you sure Armin remains still alive? We’ll need to wait for the next installment to find the answer.

About Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan 137

Hajime Isayama has written and drawn the Japanese Manga, Attack on Titan. Kodansha is the editor-in-chief of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The first problem was released to serialization starting on September 9, 2009, and runs until this day, with 30 different formats of tankobom.

Attack on Titan is the story of the human race who has gathered within three walls to defend themselves from terrible titans that prey upon them.

Eren Yeager (1932 born) is a boy who trusts that life in cages is similar to that of cattle. Eren Yeager hopes he can escape from the cages one day since his heroes are participants of the Survey Corps. However, his rise as a risky Titan can cause chaos.

Chapter 137 Leaks & Raw Scans

Gabi cuts off the eye of the Okapi Titan, while Mikasa knocks it down and helps save Armin. Levi dies at the hands of Zeke when the screaming stops, which allows taking down Eren’s Titan form.

Jean presses on the detonator and explodes the head away, and Reiner stops his head from joining with the body.

Zeke and Armin argue about the true significance of freedom after Zeke discusses his Armin “The tale of Titans” in the real world.

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