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Anime Tomboy Girls Fans Fell For These Anime (Ranked by Fans)

Anyone who loves anime will know that having tomboy girls appear as characters in the show can completely change the atmosphere.

While these strong female characters might look tough and serious, they have unique and entertaining personalities that fans just can’t get enough of.

These 15 anime tomboy girls are some of the most memorable characters in all of anime history, and they are usually hard not to fall in love with. Whether they’re fighting villains or fulfilling goals, their strength, courage and wit make them inspirational fan favourites.

Through this article, we’ll explore why these tomboy girls made it into many hearts, so let’s dive into a deeper understanding of these intriguing characters:


15. Hajime Shinoda of New Game!

Hajime Shinoda From New Game! GÇô 41 votes

Hajime Shinoda is the star of New Game!, an anime focusing on the trials and tribulations of a young girl new to the world of video game design. As a tomboy, Hajime has become an inspirational character for young anime fans everywhere.

Her enthusiasm, tenacity, and determination to rise above every challenge have made her one of the more recognizable characters in recent animation. With her spiky haircut and multi-coloured t-shirt, she stands out from the crowd as a real role model for girls.

Young viewers have looked up to Hajime as she navigates the world of game design alongside her older coworkers, filled with adventure and humour. Not only does she inspire confidence and self-reliance, but also creativity when faced with difficult tasks.

Despite initial doubts about her ability to fit in, Hajime’s energy and ambition prove time again that anyone can make their dreams come true no matter their age or experience level.

14. Mahiru Inami Is Not Working!!

Mahiru Inami From Working!! GÇô 63 votes

Mahiru Inami Is Not Working!! It is an anime series that has taken the internet by storm. The energetic and humorous story follows a group of young girls as they navigate their lives and relationships in modern-day Tokyo – and it doesn’t get more realistic or relatable than this.

Among the diverse cast of characters, one character stands out in particular – tomboyish Mahiru Inami – who is fiercely passionate about manga, video games, and cosplay. She is unapologetically herself despite society’s expectations of her as a “girl”.

Despite her wild ways and charming personality, she struggles to find a job where she finally fits in. Through hapless adventure filled with comedic dialogue, inspiring aesthetics, and tear-jerking moments of growth, viewers can relate to Mahiru on a deep level and take away meaningful lessons that are applicable to life.

13. Kinuhata Saiai From A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Kinuhata Saiai From A Certain Scientific Railgun S GÇô 46 votes

Kinuhata Saiai is a character from the anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun S. She is a tomboy girl who has a sharp wit and fiery temper, often leading to humorous squabbles with her friends. She is also one of the most powerful electric vision users in Academy City, giving her an edge in combat situations.

Kinuhata Saiai shows great intellect in combat, preferring to plan and strategize rather than recklessly attacking her opponents. Moreover, she is completely loyal to her friends and will do anything for their well-being and safety.

With her charismatic personality and raw power, it’s no wonder Kinuhata Saiai captivates viewers as she commands the screen with ease.

An interesting fact about Kinuhata Saiai is that when not battling or being around her friends, she enjoys observing vending machines using telescopic vision due to her fascination with them.

12. Miwa Yamamura, from Barakamon

Miwa Yamamura From Barakamon GÇô 41 votes

Miwa Yamamura from Barakamon is the perfect representation of an anime tomboy girl. As a spunky and daring elementary school girl, Miwa adds some much-needed comedy to the cast with her wild and random outbursts.

Her outgoing attitude is contrasted by her sheltered nature, as she lacks understanding of certain social norms and often has trouble relating to her peers.

Miwa’s hobby is making potions out of plants, conveying the message that traditional gender roles don’t have to limit you in any way.

Although she may behave differently from other characters, Miwa stands strong in her convictions and remains fiercely independent without losing sight of the values presented in Barakamon.

11. Naoto Shirogane, from Persona 4 The Animation

Naoto Shirogane From Persona 4 the Animation GÇô 78 votes

Naoto Shirogane, from Persona 4 The Animation, is an anime tomboy girl that has gained immense popularity among viewers. Her androgynous looks, determination and intelligence make her one of the most likeable characters in the show.

Showing unwavering loyalty toward her friends, Naoto is portrayed as a brave, independent and strong-willed person. Even though she puts up a strict personality, Naoto still has a soft feminine side which adds to her appeal among anime fans.

Despite facing discrimination due to her gender identity, Naoto never fails to rise above it and prove her worth. Her heroic actions, keen detective skills and strong moral compass are all traits that make Naoto an inspiring character for young girls and boys alike.

10. Hotaru Tachibana From Aoharu x Machinegun – 83 votes

Hotaru Tachibana From Aoharu x Machinegun GÇô 56 votes

Hotaru Tachibana from Aoharu x Machinegun is an anime tomboy girl who will give you life lessons. Bearing a strong, determined and independent spirit, Hotaru has the courage and strength to face any challenge head-on. She is quick-acted and often reckless in battle as well as in life, but she always finds a way to succeed.

Her courage brings her closer to her dream of creating her own all-female Survival Game team by joining forces with the Toy Gun Gun gang during the chaotic summer events.

Because of her bravery and relatability, viewers of all kinds love Hotaru’s inspiring outlook on life. Her dedication, independence – and don’t forget snuggly cats – make this young teenage fighter one of the more popular characters of the series for sure.

9. Kenjou Akira From KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode – 131 votes

Kenjou Akira From KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode GÇô 138 votes

Kenjou Akira from KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode is the perfect example of an anime tomboy girl. Her unique style and personality shine through with her bright costume and long purple hair.

Despite her feminine design, she has an independent, strong-willed personality that makes her a true representation of a modern female lead.

Akira is passionate about baseball and adores helping those who can’t help themselves. As the leader of the group, she uses her incredible strength to protect her team.

Heroism, strength and independence are all qualities that are essential to all tomboy characters in anime today ― Akira demonstrates them through every decision she makes. She faces every challenge head-on and flourishes in any situation.

8. Kanna Kirishima From Sakura Taisen – 156 votes

Kanna Kirishima From Sakura Taisen GÇô 76 votes

Kanna Kirishima from Sakura Taisen is an exciting and interesting anime tomboy girl who has captivated viewers around the world.

She’s a heroine with incredible determination and grit; she never backs down from a challenge and always puts her ambitious goals first.

Despite the goal of being an Air Cavalry captain, Kanna juggles everyday life as a student at Yokohama High School. Her independent spirit and athleticism make for fun situations as she butts heads with other characters trying to take advantage of her naivety in the military field.

Her signature catchphrase, “Fufufu”, is a daily reminder that nothing can keep her down and no obstacles will stand in her way.

Viewers have also noted Kanna’s close relationship with fellow Sakura Taisen characters — Mitsurugi, Sumire, and Iris — which gives us a glimpse into the tender and protective side of this brave soldier.

7. Yuu Kashima from Monthly Girls’+ Nozaki-Kun 191 votes

Yuu Kashima From Monthly GirlsGÇÖ+ Nozaki-kun GÇô 209 votes

Yuu Kashima, the energetic and determined tomboy girl from Monthly Girls’+ Nozaki-Kun, is an anime character that embodies strength and bravery.

Although she appears gentle, if provoked, she will not hesitate to put her foes in their place. She is afraid of cats but loves dogs, which adds charm to her personality.

Yuu excels in sports and games, and her physical beauty has made her popular among the students at school. She is supportive of all other students and willing to give them some honest advice which makes her even more likeable.

Despite having a temperament similar to Masachika’s, Yuu stands out for; being very straightforward about her opinions and feelings, even though it may be risky or controversial at times.

With a tom-boy attitude and friendly personality, Yuu continues to instil faith in young people with each episode of the show – reminding us that strength comes from within.

6. Makoto Kikuchi From The iDOLM@STER The iDOLM@STER – 218 votes

Makoto Kikuchi From The iDOLM@STER GÇô 117 votes

Makoto Kikuchi, also known as Mako-chan, is an iconic anime tomboy girl from The iDOLM@STER series. She is a passionate 20-year-old idol aspiring to become Japan’s number one idol. Known for her charmingly unreliable personality, Makoto loves animals and has a special affinity for cats.

Her strong will and determination make her both an inspiring and entertaining tomboy character. Whether it’s a steely determination in the face of defeat or standing up boldly in complicated situations, Makoto often gives us a glimpse into the importance of self-belief on the path to success.

As a young woman, she serves as an excellent role model for girls around the world who may be struggling with identity or overcoming odds in their own lives.

With Makoto Kikuchi’s resilience and charm, viewers get to see firsthand the struggles of being an idol without giving up on her dreams, something that resonates with many young women today.

5. Seishirou Tsugumi From Nisekoi – 225 votes

Seishirou Tsugumi From Nisekoi GÇô 227 votes

Seishirou Tsugumi from the anime Nisekoi is the ultimate tomboy girl. Seishirou transferred to Raku’s school at the start of their high school life and joined her student body with much enthusiasm and confidence.

Despite her tough demeanour, she has a gentle heart, willingly helping her friends out of sticky situations and offering wise words of advice.

Seoshirou also has a great passion for Japanese swordsmanship, which she was inspired to pick up after finding out about her heritage. 

She is always more than happy to lend her strength to any situation that requires it, rarely letting even the toughest obstacles stop her from achieving success – this determination and profound courage make her one of the most admirable characters in Nisekoi.

4. Suruga Kanbaru From the Monogatari Series – 262 votes

Suruga Kanbaru From Monogatari Series GÇô 162 votes

Suruga Kanbaru is the beloved tomboy girl from the gripping Monogatari Series. Intelligent, athletic, and independent, Suruga is a fan favourite for her outsized personality and distinct fashion sense. Her indomitable spirit brightens up any scene in which she appears and makes her a great character to follow.

As an avid basketball player and loyal friend to Koyomi Araragi, she adds fresh energy to this thrilling anime series. Fans of strong female characters adore Suruga Kanbaru; her individualism, wit and capacity for tenaciousness make her a truly one-of-a-kind protagonist in the world of anime.

3. Masumi Sera from Detective Conan – 358 votes

Masumi Sera From Detective Conan GÇô 655 votes

Masumi Sera is a delightful anime character from Detective Conan who has won the hearts of many. As the daughter of a famous actress and movie director, she is confident and ambitious. On top of that Masumi Sera also has an independent spirit which makes her stand out from the rest.

Popularly known as “Masu”, her tomboyish nature adds to her charm as she often participates in activities like skateboarding and soccer with her male friends.

Even though same-aged women may feign admiration for her, she remains oblivious and receives the nickname “Ice Queen”.

However, beneath this seemingly aloof exterior lies a kind heart and sensitivity towards those in need. Her relationships are just as strong with men as they are with women; her particular bond with Kaitou Kid make them an unstoppable team whenever they work together.

2. Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High- School Host Club 512 votes

Haruhi Fujioka From Ouran High School Host Club GÇô 220 votes

Haruhi Fujioka, the groundbreaking tomboy girl from the hit anime series Ouran High-School Host Club, takes an empowered stance as she boldly strides into a world traditionally closed to her gender.

When the Host Club members discover Haruhi is actually a female, they are astounded and intrigued by her defiance of traditional gender notions.

Despite the surreal setting, Haruhi’s path to self-discovery remains surprisingly relatable. She clings to a down-to-earth demeanour while navigating high society and its many expectations. 

Haruhi’s courage motivates her to always move forward no matter what stands in front of her — even when other people question her worth or right to exist in their space. Through it all, Haruhi maintains a sense of humour and style that makes her iconic in the eyes of anime fans everywhere.

It is ultimately Haruhi’s defiant attitude and courage that allow her story to positively influence audiences around the world.

1. Kino The Story of Kino’s Journey The Beautiful World – 615 votes

Kino From KinoGÇÖs Journey -the Beautiful World- GÇô 325 votes

Kino the Story of Kino’s Journey The Beautiful World is an anime series that follows the adventures of a young traveller who embarks on a life-changing journey.

Referred to as a tomboy girl, Kino visits various countries and cultures while trying to find out the true meaning of life in this world.

Along the way, she finds new friends, faces difficult challenges and discovers many facets of her own personality. Every episode delivers powerful messages about understanding other cultures, accepting different lifestyles and questioning our own beliefs.

Filled with amazing visuals and intriguing plot development, Kino’s Journey is an anime series that will stay with you long after you finish watching each episode.

Each adventure offers Wataru Takahashi’s unique vision of the “beautiful world”, which combines complex storytelling with a wonderful soundtrack and breathtaking animation.


Closing up the article about 15 of the most adored anime tomboy girls, it’s clear to anyone who loves anime that these characters capture a variety of compelling personalities and styles. 

Viewers come to admire their charisma, fearlessness and sincerity, while they also admire their unique traits and powerful arcs throughout their respective shows.

With diverse looks, aspirations and relationships, each of these captivating tomboys fill certain niches that leave us wanting more.

With all this in mind, there is no doubt we will see more badass, strong-minded female characters similar to this list in years to come.

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