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18 Top Anime Similar to Naruto You Can Watch!

If you’re searching for an anime to binge-watch that has comparable energy and commitment as the classic Naruto series, look no further.

Our list of the 18 Best Anime Like Naruto has something for everyone – from massive shounen action adventures to thrilling sci-fi explorations, even some thought-provoking slice-of-life stories.

Created by a variety of different studios, these anime titles will entertain and enthrall every genre fanatic out there. For those seeking an emotional adventure they won’t soon forget, each anime recommended is sure to provide its own unique take on the characters and arcs we know and love so well in the Naruto series.

And since all these titles can be found online for free or with a reasonably priced subscription.what are you waiting for? Let your journey begin:


18. Basilisk


Basilisk is an internationally acclaimed anime series known for its intricate story, impressive animation and powerful emotional exploration of the human condition. Featuring a unique blend of both historical fiction and fantasy, Basilisk has inspired audiences around the world with its interesting combination of genres.

A complex story full of political intrigue, adventurous battle scenes and romantic moments, Basilisk follows the journey of two ninja clans on a quest to gain control over a magical blade.

As each clan member battles for their cause, various loyalties and philosophical views become challenged in what eventually turns into an all-out war between the two groups.

With beautiful visuals and inspiring characters, it’s no wonder that Basilisk continues to draw attention from a wide range of fans. It’s definitely one of the best anime out there and deserves its status as a classic.

17. Bleach


Bleach is, without a doubt, one of the best anime of the past few decades. It features an exciting storyline and amazing characters, making it accessible and enjoyable to watch for viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

The plot revolves around Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student who gains supernatural powers that allow him to fight hollows (evil spirits) and guardians of souls. Throughout the series, viewers are taken on an adrenaline-filled journey as Ichigo and his allies battle evil forces out to take over the world.

Not only is Bleach action-packed and thrilling, but it also contains elements of romance and comedy that add depth to the show.

16. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is an action-packed anime series that follows the adventures of a guild of mages known as the Fairy Tail. With over 60 episodes, Fairy Tail quickly became one of the most popular animes worldwide and has earned many awards and recognitions.

The story focuses on Natsu Dragneel, who shoots off in search of his long-lost friend with fellow wizards Lucy Heartfilia and Happy. On the way, they meet other strong characters, battle powerful foes and discover the mystery behind Fairy Tale and where Natsu’s parents have gone.

The main character’s journey is exciting and inspires viewers to stay positive no matter what obstacles are thrown their way. The animation for this show is top-notch and makes it a pleasure to watch from start to finish.

Its stylized worlds, characters, vivid emotions, fairy tail dragons and thrilling action scenes will keep fans glued to their seats. With themes of courage, friendship and hope running throughout its episodes, Fairy Tail serves as an excellent introduction to anime while still captivating those who are already familiar with the genre.

15. Nabari no Ou

Nabari no Ou

Nabari no Ou is an outstanding anime series on ninja culture and modern Japan. The show follows Miharu Rokujou, a seemingly ordinary high school student who discovers he possesses the power to control secret ninja arts.

He’s teamed up with Yoite, a mysterious and troubled young man who uses Miharu’s power to achieve his dream of being erased from existence. Through their adventure, they confront various powerful organizations in pursuit of their goals while also forging bonds of friendship and trust.

Both characters share equal importance in the story, making this a unique and interesting anime series that explores the dynamics of human relationships, not only between enemies but also between allies. Utilizing its exceptional art style along with iconic fight scenes, Nabari no Ou perfectly blends action-packed drama with lighthearted humour.

14. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has quickly become one of the most popular animé series of all time. Set in a world where superheroes exist and join forces to fight for justice and peace, My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya, an orphan who dreams of becoming a hero himself someday.

He is eventually chosen by one of the world’s greatest heroes, All Might, to inherit his power and achieve his goal. Led by the inspiring All Might, Izuku and a group of young students attempt to balance their normal lives with their hero education at the U.A., one of Japan’s premier schools for superheroes-in-training.

With an unforgettable cast of characters and an ongoing story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, My Hero Academia offers viewers outstanding action, comedy and drama in every episode.

13. One Piece

One Piece

One Piece is a beloved anime series of manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It tells the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a man who has set off on an adventure that transcends time, oceans, and even galaxies to become the Pirate King.

One Piece is hailed for its unique lovable characters, funny dialogue and captivating plot twists. Luffy’s crewmates form deep friendships and face challenges as they search for their legendary treasure—the fabled One Piece—while striving to reach the top of the four seas hierarchy.

In this property, you can find over 900 episodes in total divided into 20+ seasons. With each passing season, the storyline grows more complex, just pulling fans into what could turn out to be an unforgettable journey.

12. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is arguably one of the greatest anime series ever created. It features intense battles between powerful warriors and magical aliens, who all use various techniques to battle their enemies. The main protagonist, Son Goku, fights alongside his son Gohan to save the world from an array of opponents.

From Freezer to Cell, viewers get to witness an incredible cast of villains that push our heroes to their limits and beyond. Along with its exciting action scenes, Dragon Ball Z develops characters full of emotion and heart as they grow stronger with every fight.

This series helped shape anime culture for generations and will continue doing so with upcoming reboots like Dragon Ball Super Broly.

11. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

Watch out for the intense action, engaging storyline, and high-quality animation that is “Hunter X Hunter”. Based on a manga series of the same name by Yoshihiro Togashi, this anime has gained quite a following due to its unique plot and fantastic characters.

Following the protagonist Gon, who sets off on a quest to find his father and become a Hunter — an elite class of adventurers in the world of Hunters X Hunters — viewers are treated to amazing adventures with powerful adversaries at every turn.

With over 148 episodes, including remasters and sequels, there is certainly plenty to enjoy watching. Plus, if you have already watched up until episode 148, fear not — there are planned movie adaptations coming soon too.

10. Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven is an iconic anime series that has captivated audiences around the world since its original airing in 2005. Following the incredible adventures of lead character Renton Thurston, Eureka Seven offers a spellbinding narrative with immersive animation and pretty visuals.

The anime has intricate storylines that keep viewers enthralled until the very end. The amazing soundtrack also enhances the mood of each scene perfectly.

Eureka Seven follows Renton’s story as he pieces together his past and learns to face reality while coping with his mother’s death. As events unfold, Renton and his companions must battle all odds to save humanity’s future.

With intriguing characters, dynamic fight scenes, and an anti-war message at its core – it’s no wonder Eureka Seven remains one of the best animes of all time.

9. Kenichi The Most Influential Disciple

Kenichi The Most Influential Disciple

Kenichi, The Mightiest Disciple, is considered one of the best and most influential anime of all time. It has gained immense popularity globally over the years.

Set in modern-day Japan, Kenichi is an underdog story about a high school student who trains to become the strongest martial artist in order to defeat the enemies of his beloved masters at a secret dojo.

The anime follows his rigorous training under six masterful teachers and how he grows from an insecure teenager with no fighting experience into one of the strongest fighters in Japan.

What makes Kenichi so special is its ability to combine some of the manga’s most famous staple elements, such as martial arts, ninjas and gangsters, in order to create an intense action-filled drama with plenty of thrilling fights along the way. 

Despite being aired more than ten years ago, it has managed to acquire a huge fan base who appreciate the beautiful animation, believable characters and memorable fights.

8. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Dr Stone is a must-watch anime for all fans of the genre. It follows the story of Senku, a smart teenage boy who finds himself stuck in a world where all humans have been turned to stone due to an unusual phenomenon.

After waking up from his petrification, he uses his knowledge and wit to find ways to bring humanity back while trying to bring down other, less scientific elements that threaten to derail progress. He is joined by his loyal friend, Taiju Oki, as they lead humanity into a new future.

The storyline is unique, and there’s plenty of action, adventure and science-fiction fun along the way. Fans of the show will appreciate watching Senku use ancient techniques combined with modern engineering principles in order to make progress in restoring life back on Earth.

Dr Stone’s visuals are stunning, with intricate artwork that captures everything from small details to grand landscapes — this show is sure to please anime fans who want something visually engaging and stimulating as well as narratively satisfying.

7. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

For true anime fans, “Yu Yu Hakusho” is widely known as one of the most iconic series ever to be created. Originating in Japan in the early 90s, this complex show follows the journey of Yusuke Urameshi and his demon friends, who must find hidden treasures while facing many obstacles.

The three main arcs of the show focus on Demons, Sennins, and Makai Protection. Its vivid art style and captivating dialogue are sure to please new viewers while always providing veteran fans something fresh to sink their teeth into.

The characters are accurately depicted with a wide array of personalities that will make you love them or loathe them, depending on your preference. Despite being filled with violence and death, there is still a profound sense of morality scattered throughout its entirety which serves as a moral compass for viewers to follow.

6. Cells Are At Work

Cells Are At Work

Cells Are At Work is a critically acclaimed anime show that has won the hearts of thousands of fans around the world. The storyline follows a collective group of human cells, all working together in an unfamiliar environment.

From white blood cells to macrophage cells, Cells Are At Work shows us how incredibly vast and deep the inner workings of our body really are. As we follow these characters on screen, we witness the awe-inspiring scientific wonders and complex dynamics that pressure all living cells each day.

This anime cleverly combines humour and educational background information to create an entertaining and informative series. It’s no wonder why Cells Are At Work is considered one of the best ongoing anime series today.

5. The Boruto Movie: Naruto Next Generations

The Boruto Movie_ Naruto Next Generations

The Boruto Movie: Naruto Next Generations is an epic animated adventure that follows the life of a young ninja in training. With incredible characters, plot twists, and jaw-dropping action sequences, the anime has quickly become a favorite among fans all over the world.

Boruto’s innovative storytelling techniques push the boundaries of anime entertainment to new heights that viewers have never seen before. The movie also features incredible voice actors and music cues, which further amplify its classic Ninja aesthetic and themes.

Every episode of this amazing series is a treat for anime fans everywhere; you’ll find yourself immersed in its story, even if you are unfamiliar with the universe beforehand.

4. Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Soul Eater is one of the best anime ever created, featuring an exciting story that keeps viewers hooked until the very end. It follows the daily life and adventures of Maka Albarn and her best friend, a talking weapon named Soul Eater Evans.

Together, they must team up with other meisters in their school to collect 99 Kishin souls and 1 Witch soul to create a Death Scythe, which is a powerful weapon made for Lord Death.

Along with this main plot line, Soul Eater has several unique subplots and captivating characters whose rich backstories explore issues from love and friendship to good versus evil. This anime also spices things up with awesome action scenes and comical moments that never fail to make viewers laugh.

3. The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is one of the best anime series to ever grace the small screen. With its engrossing story, superb animation and memorable characters, it has captured viewers’ hearts the world over.

Set in a fictional universe, the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood follows Edward and Alphonse Elric as they search for a powerful item known as the Philosopher’s Stone. Along their journey, they discover magic and monsters while unravelling important truths about alchemy and themselves.

Whether it be mastering incredible transmutations or confronting mysterious creatures, no journey will be unchallenging for our heroes. As this remarkable anime progresses through its five amazing story arcs, our protagonists will continue to strive towards their own destinies.

2. Black Clover

Black Clover

“Black Clover” is an incredibly popular and acclaimed anime that follows a boy named Asta who strives to become the Wizard King. With its outstanding visuals, deep characters, thrilling plot points, and epic fight scenes, it’s no wonder that “Black Clover” has gained the admiration of so many viewers around the world.

The show revolves around the journey Asta makes as he grows to embrace his power and utilizes it to protect others. Despite his adversaries’ overwhelming magical forces, Asta remains determined to realize his dreams of becoming a hero and uses his newfound inner strength to stand up against powerful enemies.

With stunning animation and gripping action sequences, “Black Clover” is sure to whet any anime fan’s appetite for adventure and heroic matchups. A must-watch for fans of shonen anime, this series has quickly become one of the best anime on television today.

With its captivating storyline and thought-provoking character development, it won’t be hard to understand why there are so many devoted fans of “Black Clover” out there.

1. Inuyasha


InuYasha remains one of the most popular anime series to watch even today. This classic by Rumiko Takahashi tells the story of a young girl’s journey across time and into an enchanted feudal Japan, where she meets the half-demon InuYasha.

During their romance and adventures together, they come face to face with many powerful adversaries and must rely on each other in order to defeat them.

Together they battle supernatural entities, including demons, ogres, dragons, and witches, while searching for powerful magical artifacts known as Demon-Headed Jewel Shards, which have immense power over the worlds of both humans and demons.

Fans will also appreciate InuYasha’s diverse character growth, thematic elements and compelling storyline that keeps you engaged throughout its 167 episodes.


If you are looking for awesome action-packed anime with amazing storylines, then you won’t go wrong with Naruto. This timeless shonen classic is loaded up with epic fights and moments that will keep you glued to the screen.

It has all the ingredients needed to form an entertaining and captivating anime series – great visuals, memorable characters, and of course, an unforgettable story.

If you have already watched Naruto and enjoyed it, we highly suggest giving some of these 18 best anime like Naruto a try. From Black Clover to Soul Eater and more, every single one of them will prove to be just as enjoyable, if not more so, than Naruto.


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