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30 Adorable Anime Girls With Short Hair (Cuteness Overloaded List)

Anime has a wide range of attractive characters with different styles and personalities, particularly hairstyles. Perhaps one of the most popular looks, especially among female anime characters, is short hair.

Across all anime series, there are many iconic characters who sported a chic yet edgy pixie cut or a playful bob. If you’re looking for some fabulous references for yourself, this article is your one-stop destination.

With our extensive list of 30 adorable anime girls with short hair, you’ll never run out of ideas when styling your own locks. Let these inspiring short-haired anime girls fill your screens (and hearts) with never-ending style – so go ahead and dive in today.


30. Haruhi Suzumiya From Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya From Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya is the charming protagonist of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, a popular animated series. She is an energetic and enthusiastic girl who loves to show off her adorable short hair in school.

Her distinctive look has become known worldwide and even has spawned cosplay dresses and other merchandise related to her.

Although she often gets into trouble due to her carefree behaviour, she is always able to make friends quickly with her infectious grin and wit.

Additionally, Haruhi’s unique sense of fashion stands as a reminder that you don’t need long hair to be fashionable – short hair can be just as cute.

29. Yui From K-ON!

Yui From K-ON!

Yui From K-ON! is a beloved anime character with an incredibly adorable short haircut. Yui may be small and shy, but she has a larger-than-life personality that fans simply can’t get enough of.

She loves karaoke, making cakes, playing the guitar, and anything else guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Every scene with Yui is charged with positive vibes, and her airheaded comments give the audience plenty of top-notch comedic moments.

Despite being immature at times, Yui usually steps up when her friends need her help the most and offers them (and viewers) warm-hearted advice that makes everyone feel comforted.

The beauty of Yui’s character comes through in the way she never stops trying to become better both musically and as a person – from taking guitar lessons to standing up for her friends whenever needed – there’s no limit to how much growth this short-haired anime girl can undergo.

28. Ichigo From Darling in the Franxx

Ichigo From Darling in the Franxx

Ichigo is an adorable anime character from the popular Darling in the Franxx series. Her signature look is her bright pink pompadour and short hair, which complement her warm and bubbly personality. She loves to help others and is absolutely determined to protect her friends.

Ichigo’s short hairstyle displays her independent nature; she is confident and refuses to be told what she can or cannot do. For all anime fans who appreciate a strong female lead, Ichigo will not disappoint.

Despite facing many challenges throughout the series, she remains firm in her conviction that there are always better alternatives than violence – a great life lesson for anyone.

She offers wonderful insight into how seeking out friendship and support from those around us can provide us with strength in times of hardship.

27. Ichigo Momomiya From Tokyo Mew Mew

Ichigo Momomiya From Tokyo Mew Mew

To Tokyo Mew Mew fans, the character of Ichigo Momomiya is instantly recognizable. With her vibrant pink hair and intense attitude, she serves as a leader among her peers. As an experienced fighter, she often faces daunting odds but never gives up.

Ichigo Momomiya’s special abilities are not limited to combat, however- her magical transformation into an adorable short-haired anime girl comes with new powers of its own.

Her motherly bond with Lettuce further solidifies her status as an impressive hero; whenever faced with a challenge, IchigoMomomiya is always willing to put the safety of her friends first. Her kind heart and strong will to protect those she loves make her a fan favourite.

26. Bulma From Dragon Ball

Bulma From Dragon Ball

Bulma is an instantly recognizable character from the beloved Dragon Ball manga and anime. Her adorable short blue hair is one of her most iconic features, particularly because of how it sets her apart from other female characters featured throughout the series.

Bulma’s intelligence and sharp wit bring a much-needed balance to the story, and she often serves as a source of comic relief too.

Not only that, but she also stands out for frequently being ahead of her male companions when it comes to problem-solving or helping them advance on their quest.

With so many admirable qualities, it’s no wonder that Bulma continues to be such an influential and popular inspiration for young girls around the world.

She helps show us all that you don’t have to conform to society’s ideals in order to be accepted and loved – in fact, you can even break out of stereotypes at times and still be important and cherished by those who love you.

25. Najenda From Akame Ga Kill!

Najenda (Boss) From Akame Ga Kill!

Najenda from Akame ga Kill! is an adorable short hair anime girl that simply cannot be ignored. She has long, orange-red hair and a strong will of steel which is perfectly reflected in her amazing combat skill.

She was formerly known as The General but retired to fight alongside her people as a member of Night Raid. Popular for her brave and courageous nature, Najenda can easily win hearts with her lawless attitude and take-no-nonsense attitude combined with kindness and wit.

Her ability to evaluate her opponents quickly is impressive, and she often takes them by surprise. From her outstanding leadership skills to her knack for unique fashion styles, Najenda stands out even amongst other well-known characters in the anime world.

24. Lotte From Little Witch Academia

Lotte From Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia is one of the most beloved animés shows currently airing, and it’s clear why its worldbuilding and creativity are rivalled by few. Among its beloved characters is the adorable short hair anime girl Lotte Jansson.

Not only is she kind and loyal, but her unique style with her purple twin tails and choker makes her stand out from the pack. She’s maturing as a witch-in-training and excelling in not just magical energy tasking but everyday preteen activities as well.

She loves to travel with her friends Akko and Sucy through their adventures in Ovaverni – a virtual reality video game/world full of mysteries. Her motto for life is “read books before going on adventures”, which speaks to her studious nature even amidst all the fun.

23. Rukia From Bleach

Rukia From Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki, an adorable short hair anime girl from the hit series Bleach, has become a fan favourite. She is known for her strength and determination, as well as her short black tresses.

Rukia’s personality only adds to her charm, as she is often cool-headed but fiercely protective of those around her. Despite that, she still manages to deliver plenty of comedic moments due to her quick wit.

Apart from being the beloved protagonist in Bleach, Rukia also serves as a great example of how mysterious and powerful female characters can be without relying on physical strength and traditional femme tactics.

In addition to that, she also once again reinforces the idea of “Don’t judge a book by its cover” because though she may look fragile at times, she knows no fear when it comes to facing difficulty in order to save those who need it.

22. Fubuki From One Punch Man

Fubuki From One Punch Man

Fubuki is an adorable short hair anime girl from the show One Punch Man. Full of energy and sass, Fubuki is a fan-favourite character who is often seen in art and merchandise. She stands out with her short hair that’s cut in a cute shape around her face and ears.

Her short hair adds to her sweet and playful sense of style, which she pairs with simple clothing, including pantsuits and traditional Japanese items like a kimono.

She has bright eyes and a cheerful expression, making her instantly recognizable among fans. With abilities such as controlling ice and wind and manipulating psychic blasts, she is one of the strongest heroines featured in the show.

21. Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop

Faye Valentine From Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a popular Japanese anime show that features the adventures of bounty hunters operating aboard the spaceship Bebop.

One of the most popular characters in this show is Faye Valentine, a charismatic and sassy bounty hunter with short brown hair.

Faye’s iconic style has made her an instant hit among audiences, and she has become one of the best-known female anime figures in history.

Her no-nonsense attitude and charming wit have endeared her to fans of the show and beyond, making it easy to understand why people can’t get enough of this adorable short-haired anime girl.

But there’s much more to appreciate about Faye than just her looks; she’s brave, loyal, funny, and determined – traits unique to her character that make her truly unforgettable.

20. Heidi From Heidi Girl of the Alps

Heidi From Heidi Girl of the Alps

Follow the adventures of Heidi, a young mountain girl with an infectious grin and short hair, as she conquers the intimidating heights of her native Switzerland.

The anime series follows all kinds of exciting narrative arcs, including friendship, reconciliation, and family relations. From learning how to milk goats to making amends with estranged relatives, Heidi’s heartwarming story resonates with viewers of all ages.

Despite being childish in appearance, her determination and inner strength are admirable qualities. Combine that élan with beautiful Swiss backgrounds and music tracks by Isao Takahata, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Andre Previn for an experience unlike any other.

19. Sailor Mercury From Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury From Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury from the classic anime series Sailor Moon is an unforgettable sight. Her short hair adds a unique charm as one of the major characters in the series.

People who love to watch short-haired anime girls can get captivated by Sailor Mercury: she’s beautiful, smart, confident and a great leader.

She has special powers based on her ability to control water which she uses to save people in danger and protect her friends. With her blue-green eyes and intense gaze, she wields amazing power without sacrificing elegance and poise.

In addition to being an absolute badass when it comes to defending justice, she also manages to balance her transformation into a superhero with managing personal relationships. As a result, many viewers relate to her for her courage and grace even in tough times.

18. Rem and Ram From Re: Zero

Rem and Ram From Re Zero

Rem and Ram, twin maids from the popular anime Re: Zero, have captivated fans with their cute short hair. Though they differ in outward appearance, they are both argued to be the best girl in Subaru’s harem.

Rem’s kind and gentle disposition, coupled with her blue eyes, make her a truly adorable presence in the show. Her practical yet strong-willed nature has won over many hearts since the first broadcast.

On the other hand, Ram is fiercely loyal to Roswaal but still maintains a mischievous edge by playfully teasing Subaru. This fascinating contrast only adds to why she is loved by fans just as much as her sister.

Both characters, being endowed with such beauty and grace, stand out amidst other supporting characters throughout the series.

17. Vignette From Gabriel Dropout

Vignette From Gabriel Dropout

Vignette from Gabriel Dropout is one of the cutest and most lovable animes of all time. Her distinctive short-haired look with its deep blue hue, captivating eyes and cute smile is enough to steal any anime viewer’s heart.

The vignette was a devious fallen angel sent down to Earth as punishment for her laziness in Heaven. She enrols in a human school with her fellow fallen angels, where she spends most of her time enjoying video games, manga, and gorging candy on top of sleeping every hour she can spare.

Although she has shortcomings, like being distracted easily, she’s still loyal to her friends and is always ready to help them out when needed. Vignette jumps at the chance to be active and make new memories with her closest friends.

16. Tsukasa From Lucky Star

Tsukasa From Lucky Star

Tsukasa from Lucky Star is one of the cutest anime characters. She’s an innocently naive, pure-hearted girl with a sweet personality and an adorable short hairstyle.

Throughout the series, we get to see how her endearing characteristics and individual style are embraced by her friends and fans alike.

In any situation, Tsukasa’s positive attitude is an invaluable asset that often helps bring out the best in both people and situations. She’s also incredibly generous with her time and energy, always putting others first before herself.

Her short hair is not only cute but also easy to maintain with minimal effort – making it a great look for anyone wanting to keep their style fresh and put together all year round.

Moreover, her fashion sense allows her room to be creative while still staying true to who she is. From relaxed, casual outfits to sleek, elegant dresses, Tsukasa knows how to rock both looks with ease and confidence.

15. Rin Hoshizora From Love Live!

Rin Hoshizora From Love Live!

Rin Hoshizora from Love Live! is one of the most adorable anime characters to grace the medium. A cheerful, energetic and passionate character, it’s no surprise that she quickly became a fan-favourite in this popular series.

With her cute pink outfit and spunky short hair, many cosplayers have embraced her look and brought her to life at conventions around the world.

Beyond her appearance, though, Rin is portrayed as an incredibly competent individual who can go toe-to-toe with some of anime’s toughest characters.

14. Hinata From Naruto

Hinata From Naruto

Hinata from Naruto is one of the most recognizable and adored female anime characters of all time. Her stunningly cute appearance, with vividly blue eyes, flowing white hair and petite figure, has made her quite popular across different age groups.

She marries Naruto Uzumaki in later parts of the series, but her character encompasses many inspiring attributes even before then. A gentle disposition and willingness to try never-ending despite life’s phenomenal challenges make her so endearing to viewers.

In her true form, she upholds Kissing values that shift the perception of female anime background characters to foreground roles as unexpected heroes.

Hinata also displays considerable progress in mastering ninja techniques over six hundred episodes in the series – demonstrating remarkable growth opportunities for self-empowerment through personal development.

13. Nami From One Piece

Nami From One Piece

Nami from One Piece is a classic anime character with her iconic spiky orange hair and daring attitude. She’s earned the adoration of many fans for her strength, intelligence, and canny ability to outwit foes much larger than herself.

As one of the Straw Hat Pirates, she has become synonymous with escapades and adventures across turbulent islands in search of a legendary treasure. 

While Nami is famously known for her short hairstyle, her look changes throughout the series, showing off different facial features that come with maturity and growth throughout the show’s trajectory.

From her commanding white scarf to her stolen Clima-tact, she remains a lovable fan favourite yet demonstrates formidable strength in any situation.

Whether she’s facing down marine captains or forming alliances with other Straw Hats, she always manages to demonstrate the courage that endears herself to all kinds of viewers – young or old.

12. Rin and Len Kagamine From Vocaloid

Rin and Len Kagamine From Vocaloid

Introducing the epitome of cute, the Adorable Short Hair Anime Girl characters, Rin and Len Kagamine from Vocaloid. From their tiny voices to their twin-tailed hairstyles, these sibling Vocaloids have won the hearts of many fans.

As part of the virtual music singing software, Rin and Len have a rich history of iconic anime performances and memorable pop tunes.

With cheerful personalities depicted throughout the manga, anime and cosplaying fans worldwide, no person’s anime collection can be complete without them.

11. Akane Tendo From Ranma 1/2

Akane Tendo From Ranma -+

Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2 is an adorable short-haired anime girl that has taken the world by storm. From her iconic “Strong Female Icon” status to her bright and spunky attitude, Akane is loved by fans around the world and a fan favourite – especially among cosplayers.

With her fiery red pigtails, loyal disposition and comical escapades, she leaves fans wanting more of this lovable short-haired hero.

One of Akane’s most endearing qualities is her willingness to stand up for herself in any situation – even when facing challenges that are seemingly impossible.

Her courage and sense of justice make her immensely popular with viewers and she often plays a key role in solving difficult problems with laughter alongside her always trusty companion Ranma Saotome.

10. Sakura From Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura From Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto is the lead protagonist of the popular anime series Cardcaptor Sakura. As with many animated characters, she has an adorable look with distinctive short hair that adds to her cuteness.

Her signature hairstyle—a chin-length bob accompanied by two long side locks—is both realistic and memorable, setting her apart from other anime heroines.

Aside from being sweet and kind in nature, she displays a level of courage, determination and generosity rarely seen in characters her age.

Despite having an ordinary life full of school and family responsibilities, Sakura shifts seamlessly into action mode when mystical forces threaten the world around her.

Armed with a magical key that can seal away monsters and their allies, this petite but powerful heroine embarks on a mission to save humankind, showing no fear as she bravely takes on each challenge.

9. Ringo From Daily Life of High School Boys

Ringo From Daily Life of High School Boys

Adorable is the word that best describes Ringo, a short hair Anime Girl from Daily Life of High School Boys. She is a lively, fun-loving teen with a bright, cheerful personality. But don’t let her small stature or cute looks fool you – she’s a tough girl who can actually fight better than most boys.

With her spunky attitude and determined spirit, Ringo has gained attention from fans all over the world. Her short hairstyle fits perfectly with her bubbly nature and shows off her courage to break tradition and go against the grain.

In addition to being a mainstay in the show, Ringo has become an inspiration for many young girls who look up to her for strength and bravery. Whether it’s in school or during fights, she always manages to come out on top with a positive attitude.

8. Mako Mankanshoku From Kill La Kill

Mako Mankanshoku From Kill La Kill

The sassy yet lovable Mako Mankanshoku from the hit anime series Kill La Kill absolutely embodies the definition of adorable. With her short, black hair and irreverent spirit, she takes centre stage as one of the series’ most beloved characters.

Mako’s unique style is seen in various ways throughout the show – from her colourful fashion choices to her off-the-wall behaviour that makes viewers laugh out loud. She is often seen teaming up with series protagonist Ryuko Matoi and adding comic relief when needed.

True to form, despite appearing petite with her short hair, Mako never backs down from a fight and will fearlessly stand up for what she believes in.

Mako’s determined attitude exists no matter what situation she may find herself in, earning the respect of fans all over the world who admire her courage and strength.

7. Yuuko From Nichijou

Yuuko From Nichijou

She’s loved by millions, thanks to her signature ultra-cute short haircut, sharp wit and striking features. The cartoon character was brought to life in the early 2000s by Hideaki Anno as part of a magical animated series released by Kyoto Animation studios.

Since then she has become an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of anime fans around the world with her awesome style and ability to glow in any situation.

Many have even embraced Yuuko’s short haircut and traits which have quickly become embedded into Japanese pop culture.

As the series continued, fans began flocking online so they could experience the magical adventures that only Yuuko could offer.

6. Red Blood Cell From Cells at Work

Red Blood Cell From Cells at Work

Red Blood Cell from Cells at Work is an adorable short-haired anime girl that can hold her own against any giant-sized monster.

As one of the show’s main characters and a worker on the inside of our bodies, she tirelessly wraps up her shifts, delivering oxygen, hormones, nutrients and other important elements to many different areas and organs.

Despite coming up against far greater foes, she never gives up and always attempts to accomplish her job no matter what. Red Blood Cell is confident, determined and courageous in everything she sets out to do – characteristics that draw many viewers towards this lovable character.

5. Mafuyu Hoshikawa From Blend S

Mafuyu Hoshikawa From Blend S

Mafuyu Hoshikawa From Blend S is a petite, cute girl with short brown hair, huge-eyed glasses and a kind smile that bewitches all those around her. She holds a unique position at the café where she works.

Mafuyu has the unique ability to change her expression based on the order and requirements of the customers, instantly making them feel special. Her gentleness, charisma, and selflessness make her an adorable character both in looks and in personality.

Through her many encounters at Café Stile, Mafuyu grows into a more confident version of herself. She teaches us about friendship and starts to find happiness through small ventures and efforts that bring people together.

Every anime enthusiast who loves watching lovable characters like Mafuyu will surely find this blend of characters interesting.

4. Fraw Bow From Mobile Suit Gundam

Fraw Bow From Mobile Suit Gundam

Fraw Bow is a popular anime character from Mobile Suit Gundam. She is an adorable little girl with short hair and a charming smile.

Her unique look has grabbed the attention of fans all over the world, and her cute style has evolved into a trend amongst anime fanatics.

With Fraw Bow from Mobile Suit Gundam at its peak of popularity, more and more people are looking for artwork and merchandise featuring her.

If you’re looking for high-quality products featuring Fraw Bow, why not join the craze? Not only will you have original artwork but also access to exclusive merchandise from Mobile Suit Gundam focused on this remarkable character.

Find items such as cuddly plushies, keychains, mugs and posters that feature her adorable face when you search for ‘Adorable Short Hair Anime Girl Fraw Bow’.

3. Rei Ayanami From Evangelion

Rei Ayanami From Evangelion

Rei Ayanami from Evangelion has become an iconic character thanks to her unique look: a blue-haired, pal-skinned teenager with mesmerizing eyes.

This young girl hides a brave and determined personality behind her childlike appearance, setting an example of female strength in a male-dominated anime genre.

From her cute and angelic face to her signature short blue hair, Rei captivates viewers with both visuals and personality. Her most memorable trait is that she is strong yet fragile at the same time – a combination that manages to win viewers’ hearts.

Rei Ayanami has inspired many cosplays from fans all over the world, giving them an opportunity to pay tribute to this beloved character.

2. Shizuka Minamoto From Doreamon

Shizuka Minamoto From Doreamon

Shizuka Minamoto, better known as the beloved character from the hit manga and anime series Doraemon, is a true gem among anime fans.

Her adorable short hair looks, endearing personality and notable intelligence, make her an ideal role model for many young people.

Shizuka’s wit and quick thinking are something to be admired, as she is often seen outsmarting her enemies and solving any problem that comes her way.

Fans around the world adore Shizuka and love to follow along with her journey through the classic series. With numerous appearances on top-ranking anime lists, it’s clear that Shizuka is loved worldwide by viewers of all ages.

1. Yu Morisawa From Creamy Mami

Yu Morisawa From Creamy Mami

Yu Morisawa from Creamy Mami is an anime classic. This delightful, short-haired girl has been enchanting fans since 1983. Blessed with magical powers and a strong bond of friendship with her robot sidekick Peach, Yu embarks on many adventures.

With her optimism, huge heart, and infectious enthusiasm for life, it’s no wonder she captured so many hearts. Although the show ended decades ago, fans still love it. Her adorable short hair makes just as much of an impression today as ever before.

Adorable Yu Morisawa from Creamy Mami is one of the most beloved characters in the history of anime – one that’s made a lasting mark on many people’s lives.


Girls with short hairstyles may be the first things to come to mind when people think about anime characters, but there are so many more adorable short-haired girls out there. 

It’s safe to say with this lineup. We won’t soon be running out of our favourite short-haired anime characters any time soon. All in all, this list proves one indisputable fact – short hair doesn’t mean you lack style or personality.

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