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11 Anime Dog Gifs to Make You Feel Warm

If you love watching anime, you’ve probably been wondering what the point of anime dog gifs is. While the concept is pretty simple, there are a few reasons that you may want to share this meme with your friends.

In this article, we’ll look at why people share these funny images and tips on finding the best anime dog gifs. And, if you haven’t seen any yet, you can find some great ones on the internet.



One of the most adorable things about anime dogs is that they’re the protagonist’s best friends. Although they play different roles in each anime series, they’re still loyal to their masters and don’t bite! These animated images are guaranteed to capture the hearts of any anime fan.

They’re also very cute and are the perfect companion for otakus. Whether they’re dogs or cats, the cuteness of these adorable animals is enough to make any anime fan happy.

11. Potatoes come from Air

The character – Potato is a stray dog living in the city and is known to follow Kano frequently. His sole word can be described as “piko.” Yukito got to know Potato when he was able to steal the puppet of the other one day. That’s also the way he came across Kano.

Potato has also helped locate Kano as she wanders into euphoria and wanders about the city at night.

10. Kedama from Given

Kedama is a little Pomeranian dog that Mafuyu Sato owns. He is part of his house.

Kedama, regardless of either genetic or weight, looks round in appearance. He has tiny triangular ears with a triangular shape.

Kedama has big blue eyes and a big nose at the end of his snout. He’s an ostrich with white coloring and a small pink tongue.

9. Tetsuya 2 of Kuroko no Basuke

Tetsuya #2 (tetsuya Er Hao Tetsuya Nigo anime dog) is Tetsuya Kuroko’s pet dog. He is looked after by Kuroko as well as the Seirin team. He’s been a bit of the club’s character. Kuroko also refers to him as #2.

Tetsuya #2 behaves like an anime dog. He pees all over the place and barks frequently. He appears to be an extremely clever dog, able to sense the emotions of his Seirin group and bark whenever appropriate (i.e., when they win the basket).

He begins to become attached to Kuroko immediately and hangs around Kuroko. It’s unclear whether or not it was deliberate; however, he also pooped on Kagami’s shoes.

Then Kagami finds a gash in his shoes, and should he have continued practicing with it, he could have been injured. He decides to accept Tetsuya #2.

8. Apo of Space Brothers

Apo is Hibito’s favorite cartoon dog (a pug) who is a fan of hot dogs. He is also the best alarm clock on the planet. Apo is named in honor of the Apollo moon missions.

Apo appears like every other pug with a fawn, but the heart-shaped dark spot is located just above the front of his leg on his left.

Apo has a warm relationship with everyone he meets. Apo is the most affectionate of Hibito, along with Mutta. Mutta even has called Apo his lucky charm.

On several occasions, Apo also caught Serika’s attention, which Mutta was awed by.

7. Roen is from Dance with Devils

Roen is the main character in Dance With Devils. Roen is the loyal guardian and servant of Lord Maksis and was once the pet of Rem Kaginuki.

A long time ago, Roen was part of the demon clan called Cerberus. In the past, powerful demons would attack weaker ones to make a point of enjoying themselves.

One day, the clan of Roen was attacked, and all of them were killed, but not Roen himself, who got saved by Lord Maksis.

Since Roen was so thankful to be saved, he vowed to serve Maksis throughout the duration of his existence. After Maksis had been sealed with Mikukier, Roen was distraught. When Maksis was dying, the saga began. He asked Roen to look after the things he left on Earth (Ritsuka).

But, Roen misunderstands this as Maksis trying to get the Grimoire returned to Roen. Then, Roen served the Arlond Family to secure the Grimoire.

6. Shiro-Kun is from Hozuki no Reitetsu

In the beginning, Shiro was Momotaro’s companion from Japanese folklore. However, he is now in animal hell, supporting punishment to those who were known to have abused animals during their lives.

Hoozuki employed him after Momotarou was sent into Hell to take on one. However, he was forced to surrender. The ape Kakisuke and Rurio were also defeated and are now working with each other to fight in Animal Hell. He’s a great companion with Hozuki.

5. Sadaharu from Gintama

Sadaharu (Ding Chun Sadaharu) is a member and pet of the Yorozuya; however, it is not equivalent to their mascot.

Kagura typically takes his care. However, to the astonishment of Kagura, Sakata Gintoki may have to take him for walks. Kagura is also the planet’s savior, stopping the invading cockroach population from aliens in Episode 29.

He is quite a big white-furred anime dog sporting an orange collar. The eyes are black and dark gray, are around 170cm (5 7 inches) tall at his highest, and weigh around 300 kg (661 lbs).

Throughout the show, He is seen in different disguises and has been presented in various styles to make fun.

4. Makkachin is a character from Yuri on Ice

Makkachin (Japanese: Makkachin) is Victor Nikiforov’s dog and his constant friend.

Makkachin was Victor’s dog for a long time when Yuuri wasn’t yet a young child. Makkachin was the poodle that inspired Yuuri Katsuki, who later acquired Vicchan.

If you need a new solution to your joy, then take a look at these shows or rewatch them.

Also, other shows will make you laugh.

3. Ein in the Cowboy Bebop

Ein (Ain) is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is often aware of what is happening within his vicinity.

Throughout the entire series, Ein answers the telephone and steers a car. Also, he uses the SSW and plays shogi, uses a “Brain Dream” gaming device, and performs other tasks that a dog could not do.

The telecast only hints at the possibility that Ein’s brain might have been altered; the manga portrays Ed accessing the data stored in Ein’s mind through an interactive virtual reality interface with whom she engages in a conversation with the human owner.

Ein can “speak” to other species as shown during Session 17, “Mushroom Samba” (he is talking to a cow, using an unsubtitled bark of “Thanks,” to which the cow can subtly moo to the side with “Oh, it’s no problem”).

A dog from the anime initially likes Jet; However, once Ed joins the crew, he becomes a fan too. He is with Ed when she is released from the team.

2. Tadakichi-san from Azumanga Daioh

Tadakichi-san (Zhong Ji san) is called “Mr. Tadakichi,” Chiyo’s beloved dog. A gentle and mild Great Pyrenees, he’s huge enough to allow Chiyo to sit on his back and wealthy enough to let her.

Sakaki is particularly fond of him because he lets her touch him without biting her, which is something Kamineko has not done in the past. Chiyo describes him as a polished man. Sakaki often fantasizes about riding Tadakichi as Chiyo does.

Chiyo goes for an evening walk, and when Sakaki Chiyo have become close friends, Sakaki is often with Chiyo. The reality that the Pyrenees originate from France is something that Osaka has spoken about several times.

When Maya discovers Sakaki after having traveled to Okinawa, Chiyo suggests that Sakaki should stay in her home until Sakaki has her own place (since Sakaki’s mother has an allergy).

Chiyo and her pals were a little worried about how Maya and Tadakichi would have a relationship, and yet, for no reason, since they both respected each other.

When Chiyo relocates to America after high school, Tadakichi-san moves along with her, staying at the home of a couple of the family’s close friends.

1. Koromaru in Persona 3 the Movie 1 The Season of Birth

Koromaru is an albino Shiba Inu. When Koromaru joined SEES, he received an Evoker for dogs of anime and a metal collar that he wears around his neck. He wears a red bandage on his left front leg, a tiny white t-shirt, and tiny wings that look like angels in his rear.

For Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Ken is still wearing his custom Evoker neck and wings. However, he also wears the orange jacket Ken used to wear in Persona 3’s events.

Persona 3 is his preference rather than a white shirt. Also, he wears red goggles.

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