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12 Most Cute & Handsome Anime Cat Boys of All Time

For all of the anime cat boys out there, this article has all the perfect information for you. Let’s take a look at twelve of the best anime cat boys of all time.

Get ready for some serious feline fun as we explore these characters and their distinctive charms. If you’re interested in finding out which cat boy made it onto our list – start reading now to find out. With a little bit of luck, we’ll discover your favourite character too.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s embark on this fantastic journey together:


12. Rokumon From Circle of Reincarnation

Rokumon From Circle of Reincarnation

Rokumon from Circle of Reincarnation is one of the most beloved anime cat boy characters around. His story follows him as he makes his way through a maze-like world known as the Circle of Reincarnation.

Along the way, Rokumon meets some interesting new friends and foes, all while learning more about who he truly is and what lies beyond his previous experiences.

Fans of adventure-filled stories, especially ones with cats at the centre, can find themselves quickly wrapped up in this classic tale.

This heartwarming, comedic series has been gaining traction both in terms of its popularity and recognition, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to get into the world of anime.

11. Aoyagi From Loveless

Aoyagi From Loveless

Aoyagi, a main character from the anime series Loveless, is an endearing cat boy and the perfect example of the unique style of Japanese Anime.

He has distinct cat-like features, such as striped markings on his cheeks and light blue eyes with thin pupils that give him an air of mystery.

His quiet, introverted personality pairs perfectly with his shy body language, making it easy for fans to root for him as he adventures through the world of Loveless.

While Aoyagi is often timid and reserved, he also never backs down when protecting things he cares about and shows loyalty to his friends despite their often very different personalities. His courage and strong bond with those around him make him a beloved character that many anime fans have come to love.

10. Hiroshi Inaba From Cutical Tantei Inaba 

Hiroshi Inaba From Cutical Tantei Inaba 

Satirized anime Cat boy Hiroshi Inaba from “Cuticle Tantei Inaba” has been stealing hearts since his debut in the Spring of 2021. Following the events from the original manga, anime fans have been highly anticipating this series as a light-hearted adventure.

Assembling a ragtag group of cats and humans alike, frontline Hiroshi leads the crime-solving team on their mission to uncover paranormal mysteries across Japan.

With the immense success of its predecessor, its honest themes of friendship between cats and humans highlights what life is like with both species present at home or out in the streets.

Hiroshi’s adventures play on an intriguing backdrop of mysterious doings around Japan, pitting our hero centre stage in episodes filled with suspense and laughs that give way to an impactful moment at the end of each season.

9. Aion and Rom From Show by Rock!!

Aion and Rom From Show by Rock!!

Aion and Rom are new characters in the hit anime series Show by Rock!!, featuring an anthropomorphic cat-boy band called Plasmagica.

For fans of musical-themed visuals, Aion and Rom offer a turbo-charged dose of excitement – they take their place alongside the eclectic cast of furry rockstars in an unforgettable adventure of nonstop animation action.

Their journey is sprinkled with tunes that range from infectious classics to contemporary pop-punk sensibilities. Packed with fast-paced scenes and a kinetic pace, Aion and Rom bring a new flavour to the show’s already engaging peaks.

The pair stays true to their nature as well, incorporating references to animals and cats with witty dialogue, eye-popping colours, and cute gestures throughout the episodes.

8. Cheshire Cat From Pandora Hearts

Cheshire Cat From Pandora Hearts

Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts is one of the most beloved anime cat boys of all time. His mysterious and wily personality has made him a fan favourite for years, captured in his signature grin.

He appears as an ally, helper, and friend to protagonist Oz Vessalius, offering advice and guidance throughout the series. His enigmatic aura gives him a certain appeal to viewers as he remains an enigma in many ways, rarely revealing much about his true goals or past life.

Despite often being mischievous and causing mayhem, Cheshire has a kind heart underneath it all – sacrificing himself toward the end of the story to save those he stayed with through thick and thin.

He’s commonly portrayed with green eyes, dishevelled white hair, and pale skin which makes him stand out even more against other characters.

7. Boris Airay From Wonderful Wonder World

Boris Airay From Wonderful Wonder World

Boris Airay, from Wonderful Wonder World, who starred in the popular anime series, is quite the character. With his orange eyes and white fur, this mysterious whisker-faced protagonist has created a growing fanbase amongst anime enthusiasts.

Boris embodies classic cat boy qualities–from being quick-tempered to displaying mischievous behaviour. Striving for adventure, Boris is always ready to take on insoluble problems with ease.

He also displays prowess in combat due to his powers which are both unique and magical. His signature skill of using air bubbles to solve puzzles is sure to excite not just children but adults alike.

6. Schrodinger From Hellsing

Schrodinger From Hellsing

Schrodinger is the enigmatic Anime Cat Boy from the hit manga/anime series Hellsing. With a unique voice and style, it’s no surprise that Schrodinger has become so popular with Anime fans around the world.

His distinctive features, including his big ears, tail and whiskers, have made him easily recognizable by fans of all ages. His character is highly complex and unpredictable, making him an interesting subject for discussion.

Schrodinger has also been praised for being a powerful symbol of strength and courage in Hellsing. He has an amazing capacity to transform from a cute furry animal into an unstoppable warrior – emphasizing the importance of resilience in times of adversity.

5. Kuro From Servamps

Kuro From Servamps

If you’re a fan of cats and anime, Servamps is a series you don’t want to miss out on. One of its captivating characters is the dashing cat boy named Kuro.

He can be spotted with his jet-black fluffy tail and unique blue eyes that are said to grant him the power of an ancient vampire. His alluring, charismatic presence can draw in any onlookers looking for an exciting anime adventure.

As one of the protagonists, Kuro plays a pivotal role in the Servamp’s mission, using his wits and charm to achieve every difficult task he sets out for.

Commanding authority with power beyond belief, Kuro never fails to impress fans with his unwavering loyalty and relentless passion for protecting his friends no matter the cost.

4. Loki From Fairy Tail

Loki From Fairy Tail

When it comes to the vibrant world of anime, Loki from Fairy Tail is a colourful standout. An intelligent yet mischievous cat boy with a penchant for trouble, Loki often serves as an agent of chaos within the popular action-adventure series, wreaking havoc by using his vast magical powers.

Possessing great mastery over both Celestial Spirit Magic and a type of astral projection limb manifesting known as Take Over: Sorcerer’s Mode, Loki routinely finds himself caught in the fray of exciting battles between Fairy Tail wizards.

What sets him apart is not only his lengthy tail which resembles that of a cat’s but also his joyfully mysterious personality. While mostly seen jovially teasing or playfully mocking those around him, Loki has an emotional depth that endears viewers to him and makes memorable moments possible.

3. Tsukiyomi Ikuto From Shugo Chara!

Tsukiyomi Ikuto From Shugo Chara!

Tsukiyomi Ikuto from Shugo Chara! is an anime cat boy that many fans can’t help but love. His spunky attitude, cool style, and strong sense of justice make him a favourite amongst viewers. Voiced by the talented Junko Takeuchi, his character is one of compassion and courage. 

Despite coming from an affluent family, he runs away to follow his own ambitions and eventually joins a group committed to protecting young dreams called the Guardians. 

With Hikaru Midorikawa as his rival and Mahou no Kuni (magical world) as the backdrop for the series of adventures, Ikuto captivates both new and old viewers alike in this must-watch title.

2. Kyo Sohma From Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma From Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma is a fan favourite from Fruits Basket, the beloved anime series. He is the former cursed cat of the infamous Sohma family who slowly learns to break away from fate and escape the rat curse that had oppressed him for so long.

Oftentimes misunderstood and hostile, Kyo appears as a grumpy and distant character in comparison to other characters in the series.

Despite his initial gruff exterior, he quickly reveals himself to be a loyal friend with an endearing tenderness underneath it all. His sincere affection for his friends warms even the coldest of hearts, earning him a special place in anime fans’ hearts around the world.

However, despite his easygoing nature, Kyo still harbours deep feelings of insecurity due to his past experiences of being ostracized by the Sohma family and rejected by those unaware of his tumultuous family lineage.

Ultimately though, it is these deeply felt complex emotions that allow fans to relate to him on a deep level and cheer him on as he continues along his journey of self-acceptance.

1. Kai and Riku From Show by Rocks!!

Kai and Riku From Show by Rocks!!

Kai and Riku, the beloved characters from Show by Rocks!! They are some of the best anime cat boys to ever grace our screens. They bring a level of light-heartedness and humour to any room they enter, captivating both adults and children alike with their adventures into the world of music and rock’n’roll.

But don’t be fooled by their cute exterior – Kai and Rick’s personalities are as unique and varied as their looks. Their sugar-sweet silliness is constantly tempered by moments of thoughtfulness, making them lovable to audiences around the globe.

With every episode, we fall further in love with these two beloved friends – how could you not? Join Kai and Riku on their journey across a rainbow spectrum and explore music, friendship, acceptance and what it means to fight for your dreams.


As we wrap up our list of the 12 best anime cat boys of all time, it’s clear that these characters have made a great impact on the audiences they were created for.

Even though each cat boy brings something unique, we can all agree that having one or two in your character lineup adds an extra level of excitement.

From their charming intellects, moral perspectives and funny antics, anime cat boys offer something truly inspirational and empowering – no matter which character you prefer.

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